Years later, Sweet Pea Cardigan

As best as I can tell from my blog archives, this little project is almost 6 years in the making! I think I originally started it as a gift for someone expecting a baby girl, but jumped ship when I just couldn’t get the picot-edge front band to look nice, no matter what I tried. I think the problem was mine alone, as there are plenty of perfectly flat picot bands on Ravelry – I’m not sure what happened!


Years later, with a little girl of my own, I finally found the impetus to finish the project, once and for all.


I ended up taking out the picot-edge band entirely, and instead knitting an attached i-cord, leaving a few stitches free for the buttons. I used the Silverfox Bonnet pattern for the i-cord directions – very clear, and very simple to skip some stitches for the buttonhole openings.

The pattern left a purl space for sewing on ribbons, but sewing seemed so tedious to me after 5.5 years. So, I just wove through one ribbon to fill that space; it was very simple, and got the job done.

After all was said and done, there are still a few fit issues. The sweater is pretty snug across the chest because I took out the picot band, which would have added a good 2″ or so. The sleeves are very boxy for even toddler sausage arms. The hood is huge – huge on the wearer’s head, and heavy enough to weigh down the sweater in the back.


But she sure looks cute wearing it, right?!?

Pattern: Sweet Pea Cardigan from 60 Quick Baby Knits (I wrote a review of this book 6 years ago, if you’re interested!). I couldn’t find my original notes from this project, so I don’t know what size I knit.

Yarn: Berroco Vintage, a yarn I love to use for kids’ knits. I used about 2.5 skeins for this project, in the colorway wasabi, which appears to be discontinued now.

Needles and Finished Dimensions: I’m pretty sure I used US 7 needles, because I got my standard Berroco Vintage gauge of 5 spi and 7 rpi. The sweater is: 21? chest circumference, 8.5? sleeve length to underarm, and 13.25? shoulder to hem.


5 thoughts on “Years later, Sweet Pea Cardigan

  1. Marishka

    She’s gorgeous! With sweater even more so!! Most importantly she looks comfortable in it.
    2. I like your version better, more modern. Seems to me your front balances the quite large hood better. Longer sleeves are in (aren’t they?), perhaps always so for children.
    3. Shot in the dark from inexperienced knitter: would the picot work in a more delicate gauge yarn than the body of the sweater?

  2. Liz

    Wonderful pattern and she definitely looks adorable wearing it. I’ve had trouble with hoods being too heavy in the past. Then, I found a pattern for a cardigan that had the option for a smaller “decorative” hood which was great since I like the look but don’t usually wear the hood!

  3. Amy

    I made the 18 month size and made a few mods as well. Granddaughter lives in CA, not sure if she has ever actually worn this, but it’s a cute pattern. For some reason, your hood looks proportionately bigger/longer than mine, but drag from hoods is definitely why *I* don’t wear them!

  4. knittingmitty

    I think those pea pod embellishments are adorable, and your daughter definitely looks adorable wearing the sweater! That hood really is massive, though.

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