Wide stripe sweater!

My main reason for knitting this adorable sweater was to replicate (and slightly enlarge) a lovely purple cardigan that Julia of Knitterly Things passed along to Sonya many years ago. You’ve certainly seen Sonya wearing it on my Instagram, and that sweater is now extremely well worn.

Pattern: Julia originally used the Eole pattern. I pretty much winged this striped version, and, unfortunately, at one point, had to re-knit a huge chunk of it as a result. I also got a bit of help from the LLani pattern, because I wanted the second version to be a little less poofy in the sleeves.

Yarn: I used handspun Sock Hop yarn (color “Free Bird”) which I’ve been hoarding for about 10 years (yeesh!), and pink Koigu (color 2233) which matched it perfectly. I decided to make wide stripes, which has its pluses (you can really see the color of the handspun transition and develop) and minuses (10,000 ends). The sweater used up about 300 yards of Koigu and 390 yards of Sock Hop.

Needles and finished dimensions: I used US 3 needles for a gauge of about 6 spi (fingering weight sweater, oh my!). The finished sweater is: 25″ chest circumference, 6.5″ sleeve length to underarm, and 13″ shoulder to hem. It’s definitely smaller than the Carbeth I recently knit for Sonya, so I put it into rotation immediately. She wore it to school today; today’s high was 85 degrees Fahrenheit, my crazy child.


When did I first notice the Semele pattern? I think it was when my friend Bonnie finished her beautiful one back in 2013, haha! I, myself, first tried the pattern about two years ago, using a laceweight yarn. It didn’t go very well. The shawl was coming out limp and skimpy, and I had a really hard time reading my knitting and chugging along without a chart.

Then a little while ago I decided to try the pattern again, this time using a sportweight yarn. It was a world of difference! The fabric felt great in my hands, and I memorized the chart in no time at all.

Pattern: Semele by Asa Tricosa.

YarnLouet Gems sportweight, 100% superwash merino, in fern green (80-2393), about 3.5 skeins, 775 yards.

NeedlesUS7 Addi Turbos, my favorites.

Finished dimensions: For scarves, I typically aim to make them about my height (64″), because I find that a comfortable and not-overwhelming length. I tried to do that with this Semele, too, but failed epically. This Semele is 98″ long, and 21″ wide. I don’t know how I overshot by 150%, but there you have it. It sure is cozy!

Rainbow kitties

I took Sonya to Joann’s several weeks ago to get buttons for this stripey sweater (still WIP-status), and somehow we came home with several cuts of fabric. First, she chose blue fabric for shorts, which became these Honeybuns Shorts. Next, she asked for “rainbow fabric.” We quickly walked the aisles, but didn’t see anything quite right. Eventually we came across a rainbow cat fabric, and it was love at first sight <3. She wanted shorts, but it’s just a woven printed cotton, so not quite sturdy enough for shorts, in my opinion. She said she’d be OK with a shirt, too.

I looked for the simplest possible shirt pattern – no buttons, no snaps, and not too many seams; a peasant-style blouse with raglan sleeves seemed like the best option. I purchased Burda Style #9438 (which, by the way, did not list finished dimensions or the size of the intended wearer on the back of the enveloped), traced the smallest size, and sewed it up. It came out far too big, as you may have seen on my Instagram stories.

Reluctantly, I decided to draft my own pattern using two of Sonya’s shirts with a similar silhouette. “Reluctantly” because I find this zero fun, and have no time for it. Anyway, it took some work and several tries, but eventually my pattern looked legit… -ish. I did have to go back to Joann’s to get another cut of this crazy cat fabric, because not much remained after my Burda attempt, haha! On the plus side, I had gleaned enough from following the Burda pattern that my homemade attempt went much more quickly and smoothly. While I cannot comment on the quality of my self-drafted pattern, I am confident in saying that the sewing and finishing of this shirt is A+! (I used both my sewing machine and serger.)

Details: the shirt is about 26″ chest circumference (Sonya’s is about 21″), and 13.75″ from top of shoulder to hem; this is about a size 3T. Shirt took about 3/4 of a yard of fabric, plus a length of 1/4″ elastic.

I rescued the fabric from my ill-fated Burda attempt, and used it to make a headband for Sonya and a zippered pouch (from Splityarn Caro) for my cat-crazy work friend!

Me: “Sonya, you look so beautiful, let me take a picture of you!”

Sonya: “I look beautiful here and here (points to head and body), but not here (points to pants). So can I have cat pants and cat shorts?”