More two-color brioche

Recently, I started a new two-color brioche project. I loved knitting the Champagne Bubbles scarf, and couldn’t wait to work with this technique again, but my latest project is proving much more challenging. I’ve been documenting my progress on Instagram:

1. Using a cable needle to merge 8 stitches into 1! 2. Running a lifeline. 3. Dropping down several stitches to fix a mistake (it didn’t work!). 4. Running another lifeline! 5. Securing stitches which missed the lifeline! 6. Running a dental floss lifeline, thanks to Clara Parkes!

First cross stitch

A friend mentioned cross stitch, and a week later, I had completed my first project! Wow! I’m not sure why it captivated me so much – there have been plenty of other crafts which started out with a lot of excitement, only to fizzle away a few days or weeks later.

I think being able to start right away was the key to success. The initial investment was very affordable and accessible – I bought the pattern on Etsy, and picked up all the supplies at my local Joann’s the same day. If I had to wait a few days for items to arrive in the mail, I might have gotten distracted with another project, and never gotten around to the cross stitch.

Details: Christmas Ornaments by Satsuma Street on Etsy. Worked as written using 28 count Evenweave and DMC cotton embroidery floss (with a few minor color substitutions because Joann’s didn’t have the exact colors specified).



I used to do a little counted cross stitch when I was a little girl, but the variety and beauty of patterns and supplies available here in the U.S. doesn’t compare to what I had growing up, and allows for amazing, inspirational works of art. It should have been obvious to me, but I don’t think I noticed it until my friend mentioned it and linked to Satsuma Street. And now, I’m hooked!