Finished Sand Layers shawl

So, this turned out very nicely!

Pattern: Sand Layers by Lisa Hannes/maliha designs. I knit the pattern exactly as written, and it was great. The last few sections, when each row had 400-500 stitches, were kind of a drag, but I plowed through.

This was my first time knitting one of these uber-crescent shaped shawls, and I wasn’t totally sure how to block it. I see most people just plop them down on a towel, but I wanted to stretch it a bit, so ended up threading the meaty, middle portion of the shawl on blocking wires, and leaving the tail ends free.

Yarn: magenta is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn; gray might be, as well, but I’m not 100% sure. Both yarns are from my stash!

I was worried a bit that the magenta would bleed onto the gray after a reader mentioned it, but although there was some dye lost during blocking, it wasn’t a lot, and it didn’t settle on the gray, phew!

Needles: US 5 and 6 Addi Turbo circs, exactly as specified in the pattern. Finished size is about 17″ deep and 56″ wide over the meaty part.

Whenever I see a pattern using more than one color, especially one like this, where the yarn will be broken and there will be ends to weave in, I always second-guess myself and wonder whether I should just pick something one-color. But weaving in ends on this wasn’t bad at all. I also think this shawl would look great knit in a gradient of colors (though the outer-most sections would consume significantly more yarn than the inner ones, so the mini kits so popular nowadays won’t quite work).

Rainbow socks for a little guy

Gregory’s socks only took about 75 yards of yarn, so the skein issues didn’t stop me from finishing.

He absolutely loves them, and next up he’d like me to knit him a pair of rainbow mittens! He does say they have “spikes,” and only wears them on top of regular socks, so it looks like someone inherited his mom’s wool sensitivity, sigh… (I ordered him some cotton rainbow socks for layering purposes.)

Pattern: generic socks worked over 36 stitches with an OMG heel. I reached for this heel because I knew it wouldn’t interrupt the striping, and because I didn’t want to bother with traditional short rows. Worked out perfectly!

Yarn: Regia Stripemania Color 6-ply yarn in 6367/rainbow. As I mentioned, I only used a tiny fraction of the skein.

Needles: US3 metal dpns. My gauge was about 6.5 spi.

These were such a quick project. Remember a few years ago we were all into Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (OMG, that book was released more than 10 years ago! How?!? I guess more than a “few” years ago, ha), except none of the projects were truly “last-minute”? Well, these socks were incredibly fast to knit given the slightly thicker yarn and small feet of the recipient ;).