Non-wooly sock yarns

Updated 6/8/2014.

Since I last updated this page, some of the yarns listed here have become discontinued, and other new ones have come on the market.  Fortunately, with the advent of Ravelry, searching for sock yarns which do not contain wool has become more straightforward.

Listed below are some yarns which:

  • do not contain any animal fiber (meaning, no wool, mohair, angora, alpaca, etc.)
  • ideally, are thin enough to make socks which can be worn with regular shoes (7 spi or more per 4″ in stockinette); some of the yarns listed below are thicker, though
  • are at least 50% natural fiber (not 100% acrylic)
  • have the potential to make good, patterned socks (come in solid colors, have a smooth texture, have something in their composition to retain shape)

(Below the list is the Hall of Fame of sock yarns which have been discontinued.)

The List

Cascade Fixation, 98.3% cotton, 1.7% elastic. This remains one of the best options for non-wooly sock knitting. Esprit, 98.3% cotton, 1.7% elastic. As far as I can tell, this yarn is identical to Cascade Fixation.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy, 96% cotton, 4% elite

Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, 59% bamboo, 25% cotton, 16% elastic nylon

Knit One, Crochet Two Wick, 53% soy, 47% polypropylene

Lana Grossa Elastico, 96% cotton, 4% polyester

Silk City Bounce, 75% cotton, 25% nylon

Hall of Fame (discontinued yarns)

Artful Yarns Candy, 64% cotton, 32% acrylic, 3% nylon, 1% elastic

Classic Elite Star, 99% cotton, 1% lycra

Crystal Palace Bamboozle, 55% bamboo, 24% cotton, 21% elastic nylon

Fortissima Cotton, 75% cotton, 25% nylon

GGH Sprint, 75% cotton, 25% polyamid

Greenwood Fiberworks hand painted cotton lycra, 96% cotton, 4% lycra

Jaeger Stretch, 96% cotton, 2% polyamide, 2% elastic

Katia Mississipi 3, 60% cotton, 40% acrylic

Pingouin Corrida 3, 60% cotton, 40% acrylic

Rowan Calmer, 75% cotton, 25% microfiber

Socks That Fit cotton, 95% cotton, 5% spandex

Zen Yarn Garden, 75% cotton, 25% nylon