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The third of 3 FOs

The sad thing is that just as I’m catching up and sharing the last of these 3 recent FOs, I’ve already finished another project. It’s so difficult to keep up!

These pictures are from February 28th, so Sonya is just shy of 5 months old here.

PatternWee Cria by Ysolda. This is the second Ysolda pattern I’ve knit (Wee Envelope was the first), and I have to say, I really like the way Ysolda’s patterns are formatted and written. A++. In this particular pattern, I really liked watching the top of the sweater form from the two shoulder rectangles, as well as the slipped-stitch buttonband, which lies flat, as promised.

I knit the 4th size, 9-12 months, though this sweater’s chest circumference ended up being much smaller than expected, so it fits Sonya nicely at 6 months. I changed the sleeve caps a bit to make them less poofy – both because I didn’t want them poofy, and because my yarn was very limited. For the buttonholes, I worked the “reinforced eyelet” from Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook.

Yarn: Regia Bamboo, color 1066, rescued from a long-ago UFO, Sidewinders socks. I only ever finished one sock, and found myself frequently petting it and thinking, this yarn would make a fabulous sweater for a baby. So, when I came across this pattern, I frogged the finished sock, and recycled the yarn.

Because I had exactly 2 balls of yarn, no more and no less, I tried to get as much mileage out of the yardage as possible by knitting the sleeves last after weighing the yarn to divide it equally. The sleeves are thus about 3/4-length, which is actually pretty convenient for a baby, because they always drag too-long sleeves in food and such.

Needles, gauge and finished dimensions: I didn’t note the needle size, but it must have been something small because the gauge is 8 stitches and 11 rows per inch. Yup, it’s another fingering-weight baby sweater! The sweater dimensions are: 17″ chest circumference, 11.5″ shoulder to hem, and 3″ armpit to sleeve cuff.

I had a difficult time finding just the right buttons. These pink ones are “craft” quality, but the color matches nicely, and the size was right. I knit faux pockets, and they are lined in purple sock yarn, though you can’t see that from the photos.

The second of 3 FOs

Continuing the tradition of ridiculous(ly cute) hats for my baby Sonya, I knit her a cupcake hat!

These pictures are from January 25th, 2015, so Sonya is nearing 4 months here.

Pattern: Cupcake hat from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty-Bitty Nursery. I’m pretty sure I knit the smallest size. Memory is hazy.

Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton in 3193/Tender and 900/Antique.

Needles: I don’t remember, but I remember needing to go down quite a few needle sizes for the ribbing, otherwise it looked sloppy.

Here are all the silly hats together. Gregory’s too. Really, silly hats are an excellent reason to have children, don’t you think?!?


The first of 3 FOs – Louise Cardigan

I’m months behind in sharing some FOs with you. Months! The benefit of working through a back log of FOs is that you’ll see pictures of Sonya from a while ago, and be able to see her grow between projects. Without further ado, here’s a project I finished about 2 months ago.

This project was completed on January 11, 2015. Sonya is 3 months old in this photo.

Pattern: Louise Cardigan from Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits. I knit the smallest size with lots of mods based on Ravelry feedback, mainly widening the sleeves and neck opening to match the generous proportions of the body.

Yarn: Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino in Sugar Plum, recycled from a long-ago UFO. I used less than half a skein, about 265 yards.

Needles, gauge, and finished dimensions: I didn’t note my needles and gauge, for some reason, but the yarn is fingering weight, and the cardigan is very light, so my gauge was probably quite close to the 27 stitches per 4″ that the pattern calls for. The finished cardigan is 10″ from shoulder to hem, and the sleeves are 6″ from cuff to armpit. (I didn’t note the chest circumference before giving this to the intended recipient.)

I think the flower buttons mimic the picot edge around the neck opening beautifully. For buttonholes, I worked the “reinforced eyelet” from Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook. That book is my everything.