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Simple Yet Effective Cowl

PatternSimple Yet Effective Cowl by Tin Can Knits. Great pattern. The combo of knit and purl ridges makes the cowl scrunch down nicely. Rather than purl, I wrapped-and-turned when time came for the purl sections, knit them, and then wrapped-and-turned again for the next section. Rinse, repeat, no purling, at all!

To knit this cowl, I cast on 110 stitches, and then worked a decrease about ever 1″, so that the cowl is somewhat slimmer at the top.

YarnBrooks Farm Ellie, 50% wool/50% silk. The cowl used about 60 grams of yarn, slightly more than 200 yards. If my memory serves me correctly, this yarn is from Rhinebeck 2010!

This is a wonderfully textured, luxurious, thick and thin yarn. It can’t handle much more than stockinette or reverse stockinette, but I have been eyeing Amy Herzog’s recently-published Deep Current Cowl as another pattern which might work for this yarn (since I have plenty still in my stash). The deep, saturated, tomato color is absolutely stunning.

Needles and finished dimensions: US 7. After blocking, my gauge was about 4.5 spi using these needles. The cowl is about 23.5″ around the bottom, 20″ around the top, and 9.5″ deep. I think it could have potentially been a bit deeper, maybe between 10-12″, but definitely not smaller than 20″ around the top, or else it wouldn’t fit over the head.

More two-color brioche

Recently, I started a new two-color brioche project. I loved knitting the Champagne Bubbles scarf, and couldn’t wait to work with this technique again, but my latest project is proving much more challenging. I’ve been documenting my progress on Instagram:

1. Using a cable needle to merge 8 stitches into 1! 2. Running a lifeline. 3. Dropping down several stitches to fix a mistake (it didn’t work!). 4. Running another lifeline! 5. Securing stitches which missed the lifeline! 6. Running a dental floss lifeline, thanks to Clara Parkes!