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Silverfox cardi

You know how they say, never go to a supermarket when you’re hungry?

I started knitting the Silverfox Cardigan for Sonya in the middle of February, when there were still several feet of snow on the ground. Being in a winter state of mind, I chose the 6-month size, thinking that she’d wear it on chilly mornings in May and June.


It seems that spring bypassed us entirely this year, and now that the cardi fits, we have already entered summer. So, when will Sonya actually wear this cardi? I’m not sure. I might save it and give it away as a gift to some lucky little girl in the future.

Pattern: Silverfox Cardigan by Lisa Chemery for Frogginette knitting patterns. I knit the smallest size (6 months). I love this cardigan – its texture is very rich, the cables are eye-catching, and the i-cord edging finishes it off nicely.

But I found the pattern difficult to follow, both in terms of formatting of the directions (as in, the way the text appears on the page), and abbreviations. It also had some unusual style choices, like starting the sleeve cables at the yoke instead of having them run down the entire sleeve. I made that mod, and a few others, like keeping the direction of raglan decreases uniform, and widening the neck opening a bit.

cables down the whole sleeve

Yarn: One of my favorites for baby knits, Berroco Vintage, in Blue Moon (51191), about 1.5 skeins. This beautiful blue colorway has a pink halo that I just love!

*Seriously, this yarn is the best for baby knits. I cannot tell you how many times I machine washed Sonya’s yellow Berroco Vintage sweater this winter, and it shows NO wear, NO pilling, NO loss of color.

Needles: US 5 and US 7. Another reason I love Berroco Vintage is that it gives me a reliable 5 spi and 7 rpi on US 7 needles, making it a great choice for so many patterns written for that gauge.

Finished dimensions: 20.5″ chest circumference, 6.75″ from cuff to armpit, and 12″ shoulder to hem.

gorgeous cables

The cables are really quite lovely, so much so that I went ahead and purchased the matching Silverfox bonnet pattern… except I won’t be knitting a size that will fit Sonya smack in the middle of summer!

Sonya is less than impressed with donning a wool sweater on a hot spring day.

Mineral sweater: one of the best projects I’ve ever knit.

I declare the Mineral sweater by Wondrlanding one of the best projects I’ve ever knit!

Just look at how adorable this sweater is! And the orange-yellow yarn is so happy-making! My favorite, too: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

The pattern was a delight to work. A little while ago, Laura Chau wrote a blog post about writing pattern instructions in table format. I am totally on board with this approach, it makes so much sense to me. The Mineral pattern is written in this way, and even though there are 8 sizes, the instructions are so easy to follow. Love it!

PatternMineral sweater by Wondrlanding. I knit size 3 (for a friend’s daughter), adding a tiny bit of A-line shaping and length to the body, so it can be worn as a tunic first, and then as a top.

Yarn: one of my favorites, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, in sunshine, about 4.5 skeins. This is a heavier yarn than called for in the pattern, so I had to rework the numbers a bit. No regrets, though, I love this yarn, and it’s perfect for this type of garment.

Needles: US 3 and US 4. Using US 4 needles, my gauge was about 6 stitches and 8 rounds per 1″ of stockinette knitting in the round. (about 24.5 sts per 4″)

Finished dimensions: 22.5″ chest circumference and 14.5″ from shoulder to front hem.

Not much more to say! How about a recent picture of Sonya, who is already 7 months old!

A new Koolhaas for myself

Many moons ago, I knit matching Koolhaas hats for me and my mister. This winter, I found myself reaching for my Koolhaas quite frequently, but always found it to be just a bit too shallow. My current self thanked my former 2009 self for writing a detailed blog post, because in it I had noted:

I think my hat came out just a little bit too shallow. I know 5 repeats, which I used for Walter’s hat, would have been too deep. A longer stretch of ribbing, or 4.5 repeats, would have been perfect for mine.

And so, I set out to knit a second Koolhaas for myself, this time working 4.5 repeats, as I had noted.

Yarn: 1 skein of Rowan Silky Tweed, which is now discontinued. I hunted down a skein on Etsy in a color which perfectly matches my winter coat – score!

Needles: US 6 and US 8 circs.

Even though I finished this hat in March, I still got a lot of wear out of it. But I’ve put it away now, delighted that our perpetual winter seems to be over :).