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Emergency Hat

Koolhaas sadness

(Hand for scale.) I've knit 3 #koolhaashat: one was lost, one was too shallow to wear comfortably, and this is the third. Yesterday night while folding laundry, I noticed something had bled pink/red all over a few items; thankfully, a fitted sheet and a hand towel took up most of the dye. I was puzzled, since no new items were in the wash, until I uncovered this little guy amidst the items. The yarn is Rowan silky tweed, neither machine washable, nor dryable. The hat can still squeeze on my head, barely, but is probably better suited for my son (who is not at all into hats, go figure ????). This was my favorite hat, in a perfect color matching my jacket (which is how it ended up in the wash in the first place, I think it had been tucked into the jacket sleeve, and the jacket got washed). I need to raid my stash and knit another hat, pronto!

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