Linen towel and washcloth

While in-between some big projects, I decided to whip up a quick linen towel and washcloth. Linen is a great change of pace; it’s strong, not stetchy, and holds its shape wonderfully to create a very textured fabric. The feel through the fingers is very different than wool, and even different than cotton. And Euroflax linen, in particular, from the lovely folks in Louet, is a standard go-to for many knitters because it’s so lovely!

Pattern: Slip Stitch Dishtowels by Purl Soho, “three-and-one tweed pattern” worked over 75 stitches (as written) for the towel, and over 51 stitches for the washcloth.

Yarn: Louet Euroflax in cream (rescued from this 10-year old UFO – love how blogs keep us accountable!) and French blue, about 275 yards/102 grams and 90 yards/33 grams (total, of both colors) for the towel and washcloth, respectively.

Needles and finished dimensions: I used US 3 needles, as specified in the pattern, and the finished dimensions after blocking are is 11″ x 18.5″ and 8″ x 8″.

I made a nifty mod along the right edge of the fabric – where you switch colors – to create a tidy edge for the border. I put the steps in my Instagram stories. I hope you got to see it!

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2 thoughts on “Linen towel and washcloth

  1. A

    I’ve wanted to make these towels for years! I gather the IG “stories” aren’t visible to those without accounts? Ah well. Is the mod slipping the first stitch (or last stitch) after (or before) changing colors?

  2. Vanessa

    Looks lovely. Checked for your Instagram story after receiving your email today. It may still be there but I wasn’t able to find it.

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