When did I first notice the Semele pattern? I think it was when my friend Bonnie finished her beautiful one back in 2013, haha! I, myself, first tried the pattern about two years ago, using a laceweight yarn. It didn’t go very well. The shawl was coming out limp and skimpy, and I had a really hard time reading my knitting and chugging along without a chart.

Then a little while ago I decided to try the pattern again, this time using a sportweight yarn. It was a world of difference! The fabric felt great in my hands, and I memorized the chart in no time at all.

Pattern: Semele by Asa Tricosa.

YarnLouet Gems sportweight, 100% superwash merino, in fern green (80-2393), about 3.5 skeins, 775 yards.

NeedlesUS7 Addi Turbos, my favorites.

Finished dimensions: For scarves, I typically aim to make them about my height (64″), because I find that a comfortable and not-overwhelming length. I tried to do that with this Semele, too, but failed epically. This Semele is 98″ long, and 21″ wide. I don’t know how I overshot by 150%, but there you have it. It sure is cozy!


5 thoughts on “Semele

  1. Carolyn

    What a gorgeous shawl! I love that color green. I also like that you made it extra long. I bet it’s superbly wonderful to wrap around yourself in the winter!

  2. elaine

    It is gorgeous! Beautiful job knitting! I, too, like it in the sport weight, & will try it – thank you for sharing!

  3. Amy

    Looks fabulous! I certainly like the looks in a heavier yarn than the lace weight you tried. Definitely looks like a comfy, snuggly shawl. Did you follow pattern directions for number of repeats, etc, and it just “grew” because of the yarn you used?

  4. leela

    I’ve got one on the needles in lace weight. It’s going to be beautiful, if I ever get it finished. Last time I worked on it was… maybe three years ago.

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