More two-color brioche

Recently, I started a new two-color brioche project. I loved knitting the Champagne Bubbles scarf, and couldn’t wait to work with this technique again, but my latest project is proving much more challenging. I’ve been documenting my progress on Instagram:

1. Using a cable needle to merge 8 stitches into 1! 2. Running a lifeline. 3. Dropping down several stitches to fix a mistake (it didn’t work!). 4. Running another lifeline! 5. Securing stitches which missed the lifeline! 6. Running a dental floss lifeline, thanks to Clara Parkes!


One thought on “More two-color brioche

  1. Amy

    So curious….what pattern are you making?

    Sorry to hear all your woes. I definitely would not try to drop and fix a brioche mistake like I would on any other kind of knitting (ok, I wouldn’t do it on lace, either). Yay for lifelines!

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