First cross stitch

A friend mentioned cross stitch, and a week later, I had completed my first project! Wow! I’m not sure why it captivated me so much – there have been plenty of other crafts which started out with a lot of excitement, only to fizzle away a few days or weeks later.

I think being able to start right away was the key to success. The initial investment was very affordable and accessible – I bought the pattern on Etsy, and picked up all the supplies at my local Joann’s the same day. If I had to wait a few days for items to arrive in the mail, I might have gotten distracted with another project, and never gotten around to the cross stitch.

Details: Christmas Ornaments by Satsuma Street on Etsy. Worked as written using 28 count Evenweave and DMC cotton embroidery floss (with a few minor color substitutions because Joann’s didn’t have the exact colors specified).



I used to do a little counted cross stitch when I was a little girl, but the variety and beauty of patterns and supplies available here in the U.S. doesn’t compare to what I had growing up, and allows for amazing, inspirational works of art. It should have been obvious to me, but I don’t think I noticed it until my friend mentioned it and linked to Satsuma Street. And now, I’m hooked!


5 thoughts on “First cross stitch

  1. duni

    So cute! So easy! I also cross-stitched as a kid, but got a bit more into needlepoint for awhile as an adult (my mom and aunts all needlepoint). I like that too, but my dreams outweigh my color theory and I have a hard time making things as detailed as I want them with the attention span I give them. (I want completelycauchy-level color depth in 2 nights’ work. Not gonna happen.)
    I took up knitting about 15 years ago and it is more instant gratification for me than needlepoint (ha!), but I long to get back to stitching. Probably should have asked for a good lamp for xmas…
    Any how- the ornament is lovely, I have favorited Satsuma Street and about 5 other similar shops, and I’ll see what I can pull off in the new year. Cheers!

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