A new Koolhaas for myself

Many moons ago, I knit matching Koolhaas hats for me and my mister. This winter, I found myself reaching for my Koolhaas quite frequently, but always found it to be just a bit too shallow. My current self thanked my former 2009 self for writing a detailed blog post, because in it I had noted:

I think my hat came out just a little bit too shallow. I know 5 repeats, which I used for Walter’s hat, would have been too deep. A longer stretch of ribbing, or 4.5 repeats, would have been perfect for mine.

And so, I set out to knit a second Koolhaas for myself, this time working 4.5 repeats, as I had noted.

Yarn: 1 skein of Rowan Silky Tweed, which is now discontinued. I hunted down a skein on Etsy in a color which perfectly matches my winter coat – score!

Needles: US 6 and US 8 circs.

Even though I finished this hat in March, I still got a lot of wear out of it. But I’ve put it away now, delighted that our perpetual winter seems to be over :).


5 thoughts on “A new Koolhaas for myself

  1. Shelda

    I am always delighted when I find useful knitting notes. It happens all too infrequently, even though I tell myself I’m going to document “everything.” I do have wonderful notes about most of the pairs of socks I’ve knit over the past decade and a half, but not so good notes about lots of other things. I spent about an hour today trying to find any note anywhere about what needle I used for a swatch sometime back in 2013. Never did find it.

    Glad your Koolhaas note was there for you! And glad the perpetual winter seems to have gone the way of all things. The hat looks great.

  2. Natalie B

    Hi, what’s the project featured in your blog header? I don’t see it on your Ravelry project page. TIA!

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