Cotton hexagon blanket

A little while ago I showed you a hexagon blanket that I was knitting. Well, at the end of 2014, I finally finished it!

Pattern: of my own design, inspired by the Sand Dollar Wrap in New Vintage Lace and the Basalt Tank in Knitting Nature.

YarnBe Sweet Bambino Taffy in the Spearmint Gum colorway, 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo, 9 skeins.

This yarn is very soft and lovely to work with, but if you remember, each skein was composed of 5 colors, tied together with a square knot.  If that kind of thing would irritate you as much as it did me, I have some alternate yarns I can suggest. I was determined to work through this stash yarn, however, and so ended up weaving in a bazillion ends after piecing together the same color from 9 different skeins of yarn, boooo!

Needles, finished dimensions: I used US 7 needles, and the hexagons ended up being approximately 3.75″ along each edge. I made a few half-hexagons so that the blanket is straight along two edges, and jagged along the other two. The finished blanket is approximately 30″ x 33″.

After mattress stitching together the hexagons using a smooth, fingering weight superwash wool, I worked three rounds of single crochet along the edges. I really do like the finished product, despite the hassle with the yarn!


8 thoughts on “Cotton hexagon blanket

  1. June

    Well, it wasn’t what you originally intended, but it still came out very nicely. Brava!

    How did you do the joins? I’ve got a future project (cotton/microfiber) with many knots, and I’m thinking of combining the magic knot with braided join, but I’d love to hear what you did!

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    That is really very nice looking. What a labor of love, to break up each skein into its component colors and weave in the zillion ends! Fortunately, it seems it was worth the effort.

  3. Mitty

    That is so, so attractive. The arrangement of colors is lovely. Your persistence with all those knots and ends has really paid off!

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