A new book for the new year

Happy New Year, my friends!  I hope 2014 treated you well, and I am looking forward to a happy and healthy 2015 with my family and all of you!

The new year is a time for fresh beginnings, and perhaps, like me, you are looking forward to challenging your knitting and trying something new.  I recently came across two new books that I’d like to tell you about, the first of which is Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Nancy’s first book focusing on the brioche stitch, Knitting Brioche, about five years ago (how time flies!).  You can read that review here.

Nancy’s newest book shares some of the elements of the first.  For example, she continues to use a unique language and charting system to label brioche stitches.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the first book to review these: the system is discussed in detail in this book, as well.

However, Knitting Fresh Brioche focuses exclusively on two-color brioche knitting.  The remarkable thing about Nancy’s work is the way she uses shaping – increases and decreases – together with the two colors of yarn to create unique stitch patterns.  More than 100 pages of the book are devoted to a stitch dictionary of these patterns.


In addition to the stitch dictionary, the book has 12 patterns, all scarves and shawls.

I noticed that many of the projects use single-ply yarns, or yarns with some silk content.  I think the texture of these yarns brings a nice definition to the brioche stitches, and allows the scarves to drape beautifully.  Click on a picture to view bigger:


Perhaps one of these patterns has intrigued you, and it will be your first project of 2015?!?


4 thoughts on “A new book for the new year

  1. Joanna Ryan

    That looks very interesting. I just knitted a shawl using the first book as a guide to my first brioche project. Fun! The second book seems awfully adventurous!

  2. Jeanne B.

    Well, I have not been here in 100 years (lost in Facebookland), but when your blog popped up in my Bloglovin’ feed, I popped over to see what’s what. And though I am amidst a crochet binge at the moment, that red/orange/purple scarf sent me right over the edge. MUST. HAVE. So it would seem my next foray into fiber techniques will be to conquer the brioche, and to make my own red/orange/purple scarf.

    Also, I don’t know if your banner changes at random, but if not, I love love love the variegate stripes in that sweater hanging from the clothesline. They look like they’ve been painted.

  3. Carolyn

    Very interesting. I bought the first brioche book but I have to say there wasn’t a single pattern in it I wanted to knit, so I passed it on. Some of the patterns in your post from the new book are lovely though – I particularly like the ones that look like huge cowls. May have to splash out!

  4. Dominique

    I am waiting for my book to be delivered. I really want to explore brioche stitch in 2015! And there is a KAL starting for one of the patterns in the book. On Ravelry it is the Willow KAL, and Nancy is there too.

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