Another honeymoon blanket

In the weeks leading up to Sonya’s birth, I picked up and finished a very old UFO: a “honeymoon blanket” that was last mentioned on this blog in December 2011.  I’ve knit a few of these blankets over the years; they all have the same basic ingredients:  a multi-colored cotton yarn by Katia, and mitered squares which are knit one onto the next.

When I picked up this particular UFO, I was surprised and embarrassed to discover that 97% of the work had been done.  The squares had all been knit, and ends woven in.  Just the center seams needed to be completed, and a border added.  We all have projects which linger in near-completion for 3 years, right?!?

The details are the same as the first Honeymoon Blanket I completed back in 2008.  This time, I used Katia Jamaica in 4004.  The border is Gedifra Korfu in 2068.  It’s slightly thicker than the Jamaica, so I picked up 5 border stitches for every 6 stitches of the blanket’s body to make up the difference in weight.  I ended up knitting each edge of the border separately, and then making a tiny little seam in the corner.  The knitting was much more manageable this way, and also I could knit each row instead of purling every other round.

This is the back of the blanket, which is tidy enough, I think.

I bound off the last row of stitches, seamed the last corner, and wove in the last end literally a few hours before my labor with Sonya started.  Something had compelled me to finish this project that night (and also to do all the laundry).  Now washed and blocked, I look forward to using this colorful blanket with my baby girl.

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11 thoughts on “Another honeymoon blanket

  1. Leslie in MA

    I would say you were meant to use this blanket for Sonya. May you each enjoy it in good health and happiness for many years.

  2. cathy Goldman

    That is a beautiful Blanket and Sonya is going to love the bright colors….Congratulations and enjoy your baby as I am sure you are!!!!!

  3. Mary K. in Rockport

    Very tidy (the back), and yes, I do (have unfinished projects that languish for years.) Someday, the mood strikes, and I finish them.

  4. kmkat

    Bright colors are great for babies!

    I am intrigued that you have made your honeymoon blankets all in stockinette; when I tried to do that the *squares* became misshapen, sort of rhombi-ish. That makes sense because row gauge /= stitch gauge in stockinette but does in garter. Because I preferred the look of stockinette, I fudged it in the sock yarn afghan I am making by doing 3 rows of stockinette and one garter ridge. Those squares ended up square.

    Thinking further, I remember seeing something a few months ago that showed the difference in row gauge that the needle type can make ::googles frantically:: Ah, here it is:
    What kind of needles did you use?

  5. Amy

    Congrats on finishing your honeymoon blanket. The back does look lovely – nice job of weaving in, etc.! Unfortunately, I also have a multitude of UFO’s (some very near completion) that are quite old. One of the drawbacks of Ravelry, I guess, is that I can see how long something has been sitting around in its unfinished state. 🙁

  6. scottygrrl

    Nothing wrong with “old” UFOs. We get around to them eventually – sometimes they’re waiting for just the right recipient!

  7. Elaine

    Hmmmm, I think I have one of those 3/4 done blankies languishing somewhere…. You have motivated me with your gorgeous blanket. Sonya will LOVE it!

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