Little textured sweater

I am about 1 month away from having my baby, and it seemed like the right time to knit her a little sweater.  I really loved how the striped raglan sweater I finished a little while ago for my friend came out, and decided to knit this project as a kind of fraternal twin – I used the same yarn colors, and the same stitch counts/dimensions.  Bonus of this approach:  I already had all the yarn in my stash, wound and ready to go!

Pattern:  Top-down raglan with a stitch pattern at the yoke of my own creation.

Yarn:  One of my all-time favorites for baby knitting:  Berroco Vintage, in mochi (off-white), dark denim (navy), sunny (yellow), and fennel (heather green).  I used US 5 and US 7 needles.  I used less than 1 skein of the yellow, and just a little bit of the other three colors.

Finished dimensions:  18″ chest circumference, 6″ sleeve length to underarm, 10.5″ shoulder to hem.  I was aiming for about 3-month size (for this winter – my baby is due at the beginning of October), and I hope I came close.

It’s interesting how the exact same set of yarn colors can look so different depending on how it’s knit up!

About the stitch pattern:  I wanted to come up with something that would allow the colors to flow one into the next, but without needing to strand anything.  This stitch pattern accomplishes that – it’s just a clever combination of slipped stitches, knits, and purls.  Each color is used for 3 rows, which you don’t see very often, for a reason (it’s usually 2 or 4)!  Three rows means that if you carry the yarns up the side, as I did, sometimes you work a row from the right side, and sometimes, from the wrong.  That can get confusing, especially because there are increases to be made every other row.

But with a little practice, you get used to it, and I think the results are well worth it.  The fabric ends up having a nice texture to it, and you’d never know that there wasn’t any stranding, or any post-knitting finishing, like weaving in lengths of yarn.

I like the stitch pattern so much, that I’m currently working on a complementary sweater for Gregory:  same textured yoke, but a different main color and finishing.  Details TBD, though I better hurry up if I want to finish before baby girl is here!


8 thoughts on “Little textured sweater

  1. Quinn

    What a charming cardi, and the colors are beautiful! I love the yoke pattern – reminds me of hand-painted details on cottage furniture, for some reason. Is that stitch pattern available somewhere, or is it something you created? It’s very interesting, and would make a perfect detail on lots of knitting projects,

  2. Kay L

    Kathy, that yoke pattern is wonderful! I love the colors you decided to use and I’m positive your little girl will look beautiful wearing them. Will you be posting a pattern for how you knit up the color rows?

  3. Brenda

    I love the stitch pattern and the sweater. I would also love it if you published the pattern. Can’t wait to see your two little ones in their complimentary sweaters!

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