Just like mommy’s and daddy’s

This year, I finally had the time to knit Gregory his own Christmas/Holiday stocking. His first Christmas, he was six months old, and I was still in a newborn daze. His second Christmas, we had just moved, and the last thing on my mind was extensive knitting. Now, on his third Christmas, life has settled into a busy, but predictable, pace. Gregory is finally starting to understand the idea of gifts and giving. We finally have a fireplace, a proper place to display these hand knits. It feels right that he should now have a stocking as special as mommy’s and daddy’s, for his own stocking stuffers. Bonus: I actually finished Gregory’s stocking before the Holidays, which I can’t say about my own and my husband’s stockings ;).

Pattern: Judy’s Colors, Fire and Ice Christmas stocking kit.

Yarn: Raumagarn 3-ply wool yarn.

Needles: US 4 Susan Bates 16″ circular needle and dpns.

Happy Holidays, dear readers, and best wishes for 2014!


12 thoughts on “Just like mommy’s and daddy’s

  1. Kathy

    You’ve just made me feel better and given me hope that i’ll eventually get s something Christmas y for my own 6 month old son!

  2. amy

    Thank you! And same to you!

    Love the stockings, and congrats on finishing Gregory’s before the holidays – quite a feat, in my book!

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