Happy Halloween!

Over the past month, I’ve been busy with a number of knitting and crochet projects, but a sewing project recently demanded all my attention.

I didn’t intent to sew anything for Halloween. I ordered this Kermit costume for Gregory, and thought, that’d be that. However, while the bodysuit of the costume fit him (a bit snugly), the hat was impossibly small.

A new froggie hat was needed – crafty mommy to the rescue! I bought a remnant of lime green polar fleece at Joann’s, and started with a free sewing pattern, the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap Pattern and Tutorial. I modified the pattern quite a bit, since it’s written for jersey, and I used polar fleece. I also scaled the pattern to make an adult version of the hat.

And so, though I didn’t plan for it, we were a whole froggie family for Halloween! Gregory wore the entire outfit while trick or treating, and I wore the matching hat. It was loads of fun!


6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Mary K. in Rockport

    Very cute – a triple selfie! I love the way the helmet is twisted so there is a single eyeball atop Gregory’s head. Halloween is tons of fun when you have a small child.

  2. Judy S

    Very cute! You may be surprised where that hat ends up; check my blog to see what happened to one of my creations many years later……

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