Fire Truck Roll Neck

August was filled with travel, family, and home improvement emergencies – and not a whole lot of knitting/crafting. But here, at the onset of September, I find myself with five concurrent projects, knitting, crochet, and sewing. And three of them have deadlines!

Today I’m going to tell you about a sweater I’m knitting for a friend’s son (as a favor).

This is the Fire Truck Roll Neck by Gail Pfeifle of Roo Designs. Not something I would have chosen to knit of my own accord, so all the better that it came across my lap – I see it as a chance to use some long-forgotten skills, like intarsia. I am knitting the 6 year old size. I am using Cascade 220, which is a great yarn for intarsia, because it blocks beautifully.

This is with all the ends woven in and trimmed, but before blocking. I am hoping the design looks even better after blocking! Following my previous experience with the buffalo sweater, I plan to steam block the fire truck design before seaming. In fact, I might steam block the whole thing (as pieces, before they are seamed) rather than the dunk-in-water method.

I am modifying the pattern to have set-in sleeves. To be honest, I had some trouble making this modification at first, mainly because I haven’t knit for “big” boys before and don’t have a good sense of scale, amount of ease, etc. Websites listing “standard measurements” were all over the place for this age group. Then, I finally came across a long-forgotten book in my knitting library: The Rowan Story Book of Little Knits. This book has some lovely patterns for children 3-10 years old. One pattern in particular, Jay (click to view), is working perfectly as my guide for set-in sleeves: the 5/6 size of Jay has the same chest circumference and length as the 6 yr size of Fire Truck. The yarn gauge is also identical. So, I’m basically following the shaping instructions of Jay together with the design of Fire Truck. It’s working beautifully!

A picture of my toothy boy and his mama:


12 thoughts on “Fire Truck Roll Neck

  1. korinthe

    That is so sweet — and I have a nigh-two-year-old whose favorite thing is WOO WOO FIRE TRUCK (when it isn’t SCHOOL BUS)!

    I’ve been planning to knit him a sweater this fall, might just have to work this motif into it! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Gina

    He’s so Big!! and very cute. Do you knit often for people as a favor? How do you handle folks asking you to knit for them? It’s something that I never know quite how to handle. I think people think we whip this stuff up in minutes and yarn costs pennies. Just wondering….

  3. Tana

    I’m sitting here reading this post and my 6-year-old son is looking over my shoulder in complete awe. Now I have to knit one of these, too.

  4. Amy

    Beautiful sweater! I have a couple of those sweaters, and I’ve been reluctant to start them due to an incredible lack of intarsia skills! I’m sure the little guy for whom you knit this sweater will be thrilled, as well as his mom. 🙂

  5. Kathy

    Couple of cuties, to be sure. You are very nice to make that sweater – and with alterations – as a favor. It will be loved, no doubt. Happy September knitting, sewing, etc.!

  6. June

    OMG, I feel like I’ve learned a litany of firetruck songs in the past few years. And I don’t even have any boys! Cute sweater.

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