Quick post: Temari Kimono Jacket

Just a quick post to show you what I’m knitting next:

This is the Temari Kimono Jacket from the Scrumptious Baby Collection, published by Fyberspates Luxury Yarns, designed by Kyoko Nakayoshi. I poked around the web, and found that the cheapest and most convenient way to purchase this pattern for me was to buy the book on Amazon. I am using Louet Gems sportweight in #26, crabapple. I’ve used this yarn tons before, and this particular color as an accent here and here.

I just loved this little sweater from the moment I saw it, and instantly had just the right recipient in mind. The construction is not trivial, but clever, which is always a win for me. The only HMMM moment I’ve had so far was about grafting down the center back. As you can see, I chose a three-needle bind-off to join those pieces together, because grafting caused a half-stitch step that showed when the bodice was picked up. But of course the three-needle bind-off shows, in and of itself, but at least everything lines up perfectly. Which option would you have chosen?


11 thoughts on “Quick post: Temari Kimono Jacket

  1. tiffanie

    The vertical line on the center back is a clever visual complement to the horizontal line across the front. Looks great to me that way.

  2. sweet jane

    If the back is just stockinette, I would do kichener. If it has the same bubble pattern as the front, I’d do 3-needle. What age is the recipient? For little ones that spend a lot of time laying down (naps, carseats) I avoid clothing with “stuff” like snaps or buttons. I think 3-needle BO would also be worth avoiding.

    sweet jane

    (SlipStitchAndPass) rav

    (More cute toddler pics! He’s the same age as my youngest!)

  3. Maryanne

    I was just looking at a pattern for a baby bolero constructed this way and wondering about how much that half-stitch jog would bother me. I thought about using Judy’s magic CO and rewriting the directions to be worked from the center out. It may still leave a half stitch, though; I can’t visualize it. This might be a learning exercise for another day…

  4. Mary K. in Rockport

    I don’t know what size you’re making, but if it’s for an infant who will be lying down, I guess I would have grafted to avoid that linear lump down the back.

  5. Seanna Lea

    I probably would have done the grafting. I might have pulled it out at the end and done the 3 needle bind off anyway, but I tend to like the clean look of grafting enough to ignore the small flaw with the half step.

  6. Amy

    If I could hide the half-stitch jog, I would have grafted. However, the 3 needle bind off is faster and just as neat. 🙂

  7. Joanna

    I tried to comment on the adorableness of your boys, but I missed the comment deadline. So I will do it now. They are adorable!

  8. Kathy

    It looks like it’s knit side to side, so I’d have kitchenered the back. Not an original idea – I used it on Mythos. I also used it to graft a circular scarf one time. 🙂

  9. Julie in San Diego

    hi, cute baby jacket. my grafting is not so tidy, so i vote for the 3-needle. i might have put it on the outside, as a deliberate design element. if ya gotta do it, make it look like it’s on purpose.


  10. =Tamar

    Oh, cute. I’ve wanted to see how that stitch on the body looked in real life. About the half-stitch showing: couldn’t some version of the ways to avoid a color-stripe jog have been used to disguise the half-stitch?

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