Potholder Swap 2013

When I heard that there would be a Potholder Swap 2013 (on Ravelry, on Flickr), I could not resist joining. Sure, I’m absolutely swamped at work, my toddler keeps me busy at home, and I even have some deadline knitting to do, but how could I say “no” to potholders?!? Plus, this year, we are required to crochet only 3 potholders, which made participation possible for me.

Usually it takes me a long time to select a potholder pattern, with lots of “auditions” and trial and error. This year, I simply didn’t have time for that, especially since I didn’t even start until two weeks ago and the potholders are due on April 1st. I’m so lucky to have come across a pattern that worked almost right away!

This is the Eight Pointed Flower pattern, and it’s wonderful. Quick and easy to make, but with some great details.

First, there is a bit of dimensionality to the pattern – only four out of the eight flower points are embedded in the potholder fabric. The other four float on top and are secured with just one stitch. Second, the eight points themselves are created by crocheting a very full flower, then joining the sides of the petals at the halfway point to make it lie flat. Very clever, which this knitter/crocheter loves.

I didn’t need to modify this pattern at all, other than to add two more rounds to bring the potholder to the official allowable size – very nice when one is so short on time. For yarn, I used my potholder favorite, Tahki Cotton Classic, some from the stash, and some from the Windsor Button closing sale that I told you about last time.

Now I only need to crochet a solid back, join front and back together, and add a loop. I’ll probably pick something simple from 200 Crochet Blocks for the back.

The toddler has exhibited a huge interest in knitting, crocheting, and yarn balls lately, and during this impossible winter I’ve even let him (and the cat) run around with yarn once in a while. It’s a huge mess, but when you can’t go outside, it kills time and that’s a win. Here he is putting together a puzzle just a few days ago.


10 thoughts on “Potholder Swap 2013

  1. Quinn

    Love those potholders! Very different 🙂

    And when I saw a new post from you in my reader, I had to check right away…

    yup. Still the cutest kid on the innernet.

  2. Lissa

    I’m not usually a big fan of crocheted squares, but I love the color combinations you chose!

  3. Mary K. in Rockport

    This is such a cute age – you can just see cognitive power growing right in front of your eyes. (I love your potholders, too, even though I don’t crochet.) And thanks to your post, my Boston daughter scooted over to Windsor Button and got me some Noro Silk Garden on sale.

  4. Seanna Lea

    I need to double check that mine make the size requirement. If not, I will have to dig through the stash to find an appropriate yarn. Most of my cottons have already been placed in the donate bag.

  5. Amy

    Every time I see your potholders, I think I should make some – but I never do. Yours are lovely! You choose great patterns and colors.

    Love those puzzles – great eye/hand coordination, beginning math skills, etc. He’s getting so big! Love to see updates on him – thanks for including him in your post. 🙂

  6. Carol

    Very inspiring, both colors and pattern. Thanks to your blog work I am not afraid to rip. Not so fearless as you, but seeing the necessity and going ahead. Glad you got the crochet and knitting mixed up when you first started out and fiirst mastered knitting. Appreciate your attention to detail. And “hello” to sweetums Gregory.

  7. Mary

    I just read your previous post, and I am so sad that I won’t be able to visit Windsor Button when we come to Boston at the end of May. Too late for sure, for a last minute purchase — like buttons for the sweater I am knitting.

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