So long, Windsor Button

I received the saddest news today: Windsor Button is closing its doors. This store is very near and dear to my heart, and I instantly wrote Susan, the owner, an e-mail:

Dear Susan,

I just received your newsletter that Windsor Button will be closing. I cannot believe it. It was, by far, my most favorite yarn & sewing shop in the Boston area, and the one most convenient for me. Your yarn and notion selection was always spot on, and I loved that you were able to maintain such a large inventory – even a bag of yarn was not typically a problem. The staff was always very helpful (and left me alone when I knew what I wanted or was just browsing). I have such fond memories of the items I’ve knit using yarns purchased in your shop – countless potholders using Cotton Classic, a hat for my son using Berroco Comfort and a sweater using Berroco Vintage. I also loved that you carried Sublime yarns and pattern books – soft and adorable. Your button selection has rescued me so many times – you always had just the perfect ones.

I am just so heartbroken that Windsor Button is no more. You will be missed.


Kathy, aka Grumperina

Windsor Button is holding a clearance sale beginning Monday, February 11th at 10:00 a.m. I might stop by: one last opportunity to tell the employees how much the shop will be missed.

I’m so very sad :(. Windsor Button has seen me through so many projects. Here are a few, a trip down memory lane for sure.


25 thoughts on “So long, Windsor Button

  1. Sally

    Oh, I share your sadness! I’ve only been to Boston once, for a Public Library Association conference. I stayed at the Parker House and visited Windsor Button twice while there and savored every minute. I’m so sad that such an institution won’t be there next time I’m in town. 🙁

  2. Maureen

    I’m heartbroken that Windsor Button is closing!!! I remember going there with my Mom and later dragged my children there for years – I could find any button in that fabulous shop! And yes – their yarn selection is beyond wonderful!I’m truly heartsick!

  3. Sue

    Oh, I’m so sad! Windsor Button was my favorite shop in the 1980s when I live in MA, and I shopped there as often as possible when home to visit family in the area. I was last there over the 2012 Fourth of July week, and the staff was as lovely as always – very pleasant shopping experience, not to mention the pretty yarn that went home with me. Windsor Button will be missed!

  4. mick

    This is so sad! I taught myself to knit while living in Boston, and Windsor Button was my LYS of choice. They had a fantastic selection of yarns and notions, and the staff was always so kind. I’ve still got some yarn from there floating around in my stash, I think. What a loss for Boston!

  5. Terry

    Thank you for letting us know. I don’t get to Windsor Button as much as I used to when I worked in Boston, but it’s always been one of my ‘go to’ places whenever I am in Boston. So sad to see it go. That whole section of town used to be filled with fabric stores; alas, one by one they have all disapeared. With Filene’s basement also gone there is little reason to head to the financial district anymore (unless, of course, you work or live near there).

  6. Karen

    Sad– it joins the wonderful North End Fabrics, which used to be down the street, and where I once worked!

  7. Amy

    While I never shopped at Windsor Button on my very few trips to Boston, I am saddened for you. Several of my “go-to” places (but certainly not as impressive as Windsor)have significantly reduced their button offerings. It’s getting very difficult to find buttons to go on my handknits. 🙁 I’m sorry you are losing what sounds like a wonderful store – and my sympathies to the owners of Windsor. Too many stores are closing their doors.

  8. kbsalazar

    Horrified! While I had other yarn shop choices, Windsor was the Ur source for every button, notion, or sewing need – especially those things too exotic to be put on a blister pack by Dritz. Where to now? So sad. -k.

  9. Judy Welles

    Oh no! Filene’s basement is closed??? How can that be? It’s what holds Boston together! My parents met when they were both trainees at Filenes. They would be spinning in their graves if they knew this.

    And now Windsor Button as well. Where will it end?

  10. Rainy Daisy

    Oh, I am heartbroken! I used to work there, and it is still one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I loved helping people learn new things or find inspiration for their next project. It was so much fun playing with buttons and seeing how they change a garment. I’m going to email Sue now too….


  11. Diana

    Oh no!!! So sad, where will I buy my buttons now? Who will pick up the torch? It’s true Downtown has taken a dive. A lot of the great Boston stores are disappearing.

  12. Mary K. in Rockport

    Hear, hear.

    It has been rumored that excessive rents have forced Windsor to close, but I don’t know if that’s true. Windsor’s satellite stores have been gone for years, unfortunately. If a rent issue is the problem, maybe they’ll re-open somewhere else?

  13. janna

    This makes me so sad! I will be in Boston in spring for a conference, and had planned on getting to Windsor Button, even though I wasn’t sure how I could make that happen….

  14. NiCaam

    My LYS in Teaneck NJ (The Skein Attraction) closed its doors nearly 3 yrs ago, while I bought a lot that I normally couldn’t afford if it weren’t for the clearance pricing during the last days I’d still gladly give it all back to have that little shop again.

  15. Marlena

    I’m so sad to hear this! After A Good Yarn closed in Brookline, Windsor was the next best LYS since it’s right near my work and campus. Where am I going to go now?!

  16. F

    nooo, how much longer will they be open? I read about them here, and finally got to visit back in December. I had been planning to wait until I was up in Boston again to get buttons for my next (not yet even started) sweater.

  17. Sarah

    Oh no! When I lived in Boston I always bought all my wool, needles, buttons & patterns there! I loved going there. You’re right, the staff was always cool, even when my budget only allowed for knitting one pair of mittens.

    So sad…Windsor Buttons, you will be missed.

  18. Seanna Lea

    I heard this earlier this week. I wish they were able to find a new location and move their store rather than closing. I can understand the landlord wanting to renovate. It has needed it for a while, but it is still sad.

  19. Hanna

    Oh no! I was just there a month ago (used to live in Cambridge for grad school and was back for a bit) and was so happy to ramble around Windsor Button like always. What a shame.

  20. Becky

    I know! I am so upset, and I don’t even live in Boston anymore!! It’s the best part of downtown…. except for maybe Brattle….

  21. WendyBee

    Oh, I hate it when favorite independent retailers close. I worked one summer for a family fabric/yarn shop, which has since closed, and I miss it terribly. Every time an indie closes, I worry that the choices and variety will be further constrained to chain store imports. A real loss in so many ways. This story furthers my resolve to shop indie/local!

  22. Beth

    That is sad. I hate seeing all these independent specialty stores closing.

    Just this a.m. I was going thru a folder of papers and found the business card from Windsor Button from a trip about 4 years ago…spooky!!

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