An actual baby in an actual handknit

Here’s my boy wearing his Twisted Tree Cardigan. I finished that sweater before he was born, and I can now say that I got the sizing all wrong… Oops! The sweater was too big in the spring, fit perfectly in the summer, and now is bordering on the tightness of a bodysuit. I think he’ll get a few wears out of it before I put it aside.

In other news, we are in the process of moving, from one Boston suburb to another! All my yarn, fabric, and supplies have been packed away already, and I cross my fingers that there’s no last minute crafting emergency :). Once we’ve moved and are all settled in, I can’t wait to share with you my latest little project, which I’m knitting for a friend’s daughter.

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20 thoughts on “An actual baby in an actual handknit

  1. Amanda

    Bummer about the sizing! This issue is why my younger sister never had to wear my hand-me-downs – she was born in September, and I was born in February (several years apart), so my winter clothes only fit her in summer! :-/

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    A little book lover – that’s great. And it’s sweater weather in New England for sure; the sweater is still warm even if a trifle snug.

  3. Leslie

    Babies do have that habit — they grow at the most inconvenient times for their wardrobe. It’s lovely as is he – you do such nice work!

    Having just moved from our house of 24 years I am sending you my sympathy and patience as well as many good wishes for happiness and no untoward surprises at the new place.

  4. Sara

    gorgeous baby, gorgeous sweater! And bonus points for “peek a who”, my son’s FAVORITE book for a long, long time. He could NOT get over the mirror page. Peeeeeeek a, peeeeeek a, peeeeeeek a YOU!!!!! hilarious every time. 🙂

  5. =Tamar

    He can wear it with the zipper undone for a while longer, and you may be surprised. After about age 2 or 3, kids tend to get longer rather than bigger around.

  6. Lolly

    Awwwww, so precious! I’m currently knitting a baby sweater for a March baby, and I’m thinking I need to make the 1 year old size so the little creature (no gender as of yet) can wear it through the next winter.

  7. Jo

    gregory never ceases to charm. The sweater is charming–sorry that the timing didn’t work out better.

  8. Amy

    The sleeves look about right, and it only looks a little snug in the body. You could probably have him wear it over a shirt, unzipped, and it would be fine for awhile longer. Sorry you didn’t get much use of it – guess you need another baby! :p

    Gregory is adorable, as usual. Seems to be quite the patient model!

  9. janna

    The sweater is adorable, as is Gregory! And good luck on the move – I moved a few weeks ago, and thought I had very carefully packed all the knitting stuff together — but I can’t find the tin box full of circs. 🙁 (Obviously, I am not yet all unpacked!)

  10. Ellen B.

    The baby AND the sweater are adorable! Maybe, if you re-block the sweater….totally soak it and then really stretch it out for drying, it might just fit a few months more! Give it a try! That sweater is just too perfect to sit in a drawer!

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