Time for wool

It was close to freezing this morning, so I had to dress up Gregory appropriately:

He’s wearing his Knitting Pure & Simple Babies Neck Down Cardigan, and a hat that Danielle knit for him using the Top Down Bonnet with Anime Character pattern (I’ve used that pattern as well before).

The sweater is nice and roomy, and I agree that it should fit him well when he’s about 12 months old. With rolled up sleeves, it fits nicely now, too. He’s almost outgrown the hat, however. Fortunately the Anemone Hat should fit nicely through the rest of the season :).


19 thoughts on “Time for wool

  1. Seanna Lea

    Perfect. I love Gregory in his woolies. He certainly looks warmer than I felt during my morning commute. Probably means it is time for me to make more woolies for myself.

  2. Amy

    Honestly – do you ever get a bad photo with that adorable kid? I can hardly take my eyes off him long enough to look at the knits! Sure says something about his good looks. 🙂

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