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Let me be Captain Obvious: it’s been a while since I posted here. Taking care of a newborn is a very time-consuming task, as it ends up. On top of that, I’ve been presented with a great opportunity at work, but it requires me to prepare for and pass a licensing exam. Needless to say, those two commitments are top priorities right now, and knitting/sewing/crafting are not. I imagine future posts will be rather infrequent, matching my limited crafting time. This saddens me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. How about a cute baby picture as a way of cheering up?

Baby Gregory, 2 months old

It won’t take me long to update you on what I knit this summer, because I’ve only worked on a few small things. Mainly I’ve been knitting projects from 60 Quick Baby Knits (my review here).

First, before Gregory was even born, I finished the Fair Isle Hat using some Cascade 220 (not superwash) that I had in the stash. I wasn’t super pleased with the finished product, to be honest. The hat is sized for a 6-12 months old, according to the book. I knit the hat without modifications, and so the finished circumference of my hat matched the one listed in the book. However, the hat fits my giant 24″ noggin. Hmm. I’m setting it aside until a proper (non-baby) recipient comes along.

Next, I started the Preppy Cardigan using some Berroco Vintage. It’s my first time using this yarn, and I love it. The color is fabulous, it feels so silky and smooth, and knits up into a lovely fabric. The price tag is very reasonable, and it’s machine-washable. For this pattern, it was a great substitute because my gauge using Berroco Vintage was exactly the same as the specified Cascade 220 Superwash. However, once I finished the yoke of the cardigan, I realized something was off: it seemed that the neck opening was too small, and the yoke too deep. I got in touch with the editor, and indeed the pattern has errors in the yoke section. I have a draft of the revised version, and I will need to start from scratch to incorporate the corrections.

Nowadays I’m working on the Sweet Pea Cardigan also using Berroco Vintage, and I have only praise for this pattern! The construction is very clever, full of great shortcuts, and the instructions are crystal clear and error-free! I am nearly done with the knitting.

I picked up some yellow ribbons and buttons to complete the project. I haven’t figured out yet how to add the ribbons, but I’ve been folding them this way and that, and have some ideas. Hopefully sewing on the ribbons won’t hold me from finishing the cardigan!


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  1. quinn

    Congrats on your new career opp – hope the training/licensing goes smoothly, and the new path is an interesting one.

    Lovely the new baby picture – he looks so sweetly happy πŸ™‚

    I’m going to check out that yarn – been getting away from superwash in my sock-knitting (which is about 95% of all my knitting these days), but every now and then it’s nice (or necessary) to have that feature in a finished garment. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Mia

    I have an 11 month old and *still* find it hard to knit like I used to!!! It is a big adjustment, but worth it in the end. My friends with older kids say it does get easier to re-dis overtone own life as the kids get older and more independent. Baby Gregory is really beautiful! Congratulations!! And hang in there…

  3. margaux

    **MWAH** too those cheeks! Too cute! Life is always giving us different avenues, I know you will be back πŸ˜‰ good luck on the new project!!

  4. Nancy

    Things do have a way of changing as we enter different phases of life. (I just retired, and am adjusting to that.) Congratulations on your new opportunity at work, and on the adorable baby! I know you will do a good job balancing things in your new life, and eventually knitting and other crafting will be a part of it when time permits. I have always enjoyed your blog.

  5. pattie

    He’s beautiful!!!

    I miss your blog entries but totally understand the time crunch. The time with your babe goes by too quickly to waste time on your blog.

    Interestingly(or not) I am using the same book to make several items for a rash of babies in my family, including a new grandson for me. I have a different experience with Vintage however. I find it quite splitty and ravel-y. The things I’m making from the SW 220 are far nicer than those from the Vintage. I think Encore would be a better choice than the Vintage for me.

    Good luck on your work opportunity, and have fun with the baby.

  6. honeysuckleblue

    That’s a cute little one! I really like the sweet pea cardigan. I may have to try that one out. Don’t mind us, spend all of your time with the baby – they’re only this tiny for such a short while πŸ™‚

  7. kmkat

    I love the Sweet Pea! Just found out this week a co-worker is expecting a baby in January — perfect!

    A little warning on the Vinage: it may be machine washable, but put it into a pillowcase or something first. I made myself a couple pairs of warm winter socks from it, and they looked. shaggy after being thrown in the washer and dryer. That said, it is a great yarn to work with. I think I’ll use it for the Sweet Pea, too.

  8. Phyllis

    What a precious child! Please do not hold back posting pictures of him b/c you do not have knitting to show! Good luck on your studies, and post when you can.

  9. Luise

    Gregory is beyond adorable; pictures of him are perfectly acceptable substitutes for knitting progress, esp. given your job opportunity, which I suspect I’d heartily support, given what I know of what you do. Good luck on all fronts — a more than worthwhile juggle. All good wishes.

  10. Carolyn

    He is gorgeous! Enjoy this time because it goes so fast…roman turns one on saturday! Thank you for not making me feel bad for not blogging. Too busy mothering:).

  11. Brynne

    Aww! Awesome baby! Have you washed your Vintage projects yet? The reviews on Ravelry (which I read after knitting the sweater) have me afraid to do anything to my kid’s rainbow striped sweater that he designed himself. He’s four, so eventually it’s going to need to be washed…

  12. Mary K. in Rockport

    Totally adorable child. Good things seem to come in bunches, don’t they! Please just stick a picture and a few words up from time to time, so we all can get our Grumpy and Company fix!

  13. Kathy

    Great to hear from you and totally understandable that you’ll be here infrequently. I always check in, just in case.

    LOVED seeing the picture of the little one. Man he is cute! The knitting is great, too. πŸ™‚ The cardigan is really terrific and I even like the hat. That’s so weird that it is so large.

    Thanks for keeping us updated, and good luck on the licensing exam!

  14. Seanna Lea

    Yes, a cute baby shot is always a wonderful substitute for a handknit.

    As for the errataed pattern: You are a wonderful knitter. Many knitters (rookie and veteran) cannot look at a project in progress and see that there must be an error. Better to lose a small amount of knitting than to finish the entire thing and realise it doesn’t work.

  15. Tricia

    Oh he is just too cute for words! I swear to you that crafting time does come back! I have 2 boys under the age of 3 and nap time and post bed time I clean and craft. I promise you , it all gets better in terms of time.

  16. Elaine

    He’s simply beautiful! Take whatever time you need for him and your career; we’ll be here when you can get back. (I seem to remember someone saying, “each day happens only once…….” )

  17. Sarah

    Baby Gregory is adorable, and looks like he is thinking and maybe scheming up some mischief!

    I really understand your time constraints, but please post a photo every now and then, I check everyday for more cute baby pics!

    Good luck on the licensing exam!

  18. Lois B

    Congratulations! on the new job offer and the beautiful baby. I’ll miss reading your blog but first things first. You may not have knitted much but what you make has such a professional touch. Beautiful projects.

  19. Gail

    What a sweetie! and yes, babies are time consuming bundles of love, lack of sleep, and time for one’s self.

    Good luck with life’s endeavors, savor the cute moments!

  20. StellaMM

    Gregory looks just like you! Lovely photo of your beautiful boy. I am so impressed with the knitting you have done. Enjoy this time. I can’t imagine what studying for licensing at the same time is like! Whew!

  21. Sheila

    Gregory is as cute as a button!! Do hope your job works well for you – If no knitting – please sends us a few pictures of Gregory! I do believe he looks like you. Has your Grandmother seen him yet?

  22. Amy

    Sorry to hear there will be less postings from you – I’ve enjoyed them so much! Gregory is a handsome young man – thanks for the photo. πŸ™‚ Love the sweet pea cardigan!

    I hope your job opportunity goes well, and good luck with the licensing exam.

  23. Kathy

    Well, those are very valid (and in one case, very cute) reasons not to knit and blog as much. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Enjoy where life’s adventures take you next.

  24. Lillie

    What a cutie! Is he grumpy? I was a totally grumpy baby! I think that’s what initially drew me to your blog – the name. The nurse came in after giving me my first bath saying to my mom, “Yo baby sho don’t like her bath.”. Sure enough, my mom got me home and said I turned purple with rage when the first drop of water hit me. πŸ™‚

  25. Shel

    I agree with some of the earlier posts – we are happy if you just post some pictures of that adorable young man you graced the world with from time to time. There really is nothing you could knit that could be cuter than him – and I have to guess that with such a cute model you have been using your camera more on him. I know my blog has more posts of my boys than of my knitting. Enjoy your baby and, if you get a chance, post a picture and lets us all enjoy him too. πŸ™‚

  26. Judy Foldi

    I once took a 12 year hiatus – hope yours is not that long. The baby is VERY cute! He will look adorable in that cap – or not in it. Enjoy!

  27. Lisa McK

    I wouldn’t give up on Baby Gregory wearing that cute hat — I share hats with my toddler daughter, and I have since she was about 1. It might look a little shlumpy on him, but I’ll bet it’d still be cute. I love it when kids wear knitwear that’s a little too big.

  28. Amy S.

    Oh, what a cutie! Far be it from any of us to begrudge you your passage through the life cycle. I for one will be perfectly content with an occasional baby pic until you find yourself crafting again. And don’t hurry!

    Also, gorgeous cardigan and thanks for the feedback on Berroco Vintage, which I’ve been fingering covetously in the local shop. The colors are amazing, aren’t they?

  29. van

    Good luck on your new position! Your baby is so cute. I’ll miss you and your post. But being a Mama is most important.

  30. KarenV

    Beautiful baby. Such bluuuueee eyes.

    Congratulations on the opportunity at work. Sometimes opportunities don’t present themselves when it is convenient for us. I hope you are able to muster through with your little one and the licensing and advance in your job as you’d like. The Sweet Pea cardigan is beautiful. I have a scarf in the works with Berroco Vintage. Love it!

  31. Christine

    Your priorities are well founded, tho’ we WILL all be waiting for your return. That son of yours is obviously crackling the air with genius, and he will task all your abilities to keep up the joyful challenge of being his mother!! Just don’t let him roll off the couch into your sock needle basket and get “poicked” by a size 0 DP. I’ve been there, and it was a traumatic day, thankfully with no lasting consequences. Keep your needles up high. The smarter he is, the higher. Perhaps in the rooftop shed…

  32. Heather

    Wow I just love how you take the errors in that pattern in stride. If it were me I would have thrown the pattern down in tears!

    And also–sending Gregory a big pinchy pinch!:)

  33. liz

    Baby Greg is so cute – and hasn’t he grown tons already? It might seem that each day is 48 hours long at the moment, but your readers are right as it will go by in the blink of an eye – before you know it he will be driving, graduating, and be all grown up πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on your opportunities at work – I have enjoyed reading you for years. Thank you for the pleasure you have brought me and the knowledge you have shared.

  34. Elaine

    I know you may never even read this; I know that you’re posting infrequently; but I also want you to know that I stop by almost every day to get my “adorable baby” fix!! He’s just beautiful!

  35. Gordana Muraja

    Hi! I must say I miss your posts but I wish you a great time with your little and big Mr. Sweetness. You can knit and blog all your life but you can enyoy Gregory’s first months only once in a liftime. So I wish you all GREAT time together and all the happines in the world!

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