Potholder fronts and backs

I never bothered to go into the details of how I am planning to make double-thickness potholders using the Pinwheel Rose pattern. Actually, I straight out lied when I said, “My current plan is to knit two identical ‘rose bases’ which will be held together with the outer bits of the edging you see in the photo (the inner bits will be on one side of the potholder only).”

The reality is that, because the rose is not symmetrical (see how those petals and eyelets swoop to one side?), the front and back of the potholder should be mirror images of one another. I didn’t specifically say that because I thought, who would be reading my post that carefully? Who would be thinking about how the potholder will be put together that carefully?

Haha! Apparently I was wrong, and someone dinged me on it :). Attentive and astute readers get two thumbs up from me :).

So. Yes, the fronts and backs of the potholders will be mirror images of one another. The pattern doesn’t have instructions for both, but I was somehow able to extract one from the other.

I decided that the clockwise swirls (green above) will be the backs of the potholders, and the counterclockwise swirls (white above) will be the fronts. (Side note: the white rose above is gently blocked, which is why it looks flatter and bigger than the green.) At this point I’ve crocheted all five fronts, and I’m at three plus a little bit as far as the backs are concerned.


I have to approach the finishing of the potholders with some foresight, because as more and more edgings are added, it will be increasingly difficult to get in there and easily crochet. I might first attach the rosette, then crochet all 8 “inner” sets of edgings leaving long tails, and finally finish the “outer” edgings, attaching the front and back of each potholder in the process.

Please note that I’m clearly delaying this rather tedious finishing process: I haven’t tried my plan on even a single set of potholders yet :). I’m just blissfully crocheting fronts and backs until, uhm, there are no more fronts and backs to crochet. At which point I suppose I will have to (reluctantly) deal with the finishing.


14 thoughts on “Potholder fronts and backs

  1. Emma

    That’s smart. I’m sure I would never be able to mirror the pattern, much less crochet it in the first place. šŸ™‚ Good luck! I’m sure your potholders will turn out great.

  2. Katie

    You shoulda played it off like a test: “Astute reader, you caught the carefully-placed-omission and WIN!” hahah

    the colors are really pretty – it’s going to be a great finished product

  3. kalieris

    Hahaha, I love crocheting, but hate finishing, so almost all of my projects go that way. I crochet every possible thing there is to crochet, and then eventually I go back and finish. Still have fully crocheted but unfinished hat and scarf sets from December sitting in my Drawer of WIPly Doom.

    I love the pattern, and am really impressed with how quickly you’ve gone from being a “beginning” crocheter, to messing around with the patterns and reworking them to suit your purpose. (I know, I know, you were an advanced knitter when you started crocheting, but it’s still been very cool to watch you become adept at this too. Gives me hope that when I eventually start knitting someday, I won’t totally suck, lol.)

  4. Laura

    Okay, I realize the back side of a crochet stitch looks slightly different from the front, but it’s really not the “wrong” side. Is there some other reason I’m not seeing that you need to work a mirror image for the back?

    What I noticed from your previous post was that you planned to “knit two identical” crochet pieces! Yup, you can tell you’re a knitter first.

  5. GerryART

    This I gotta have a ring-side seat on this main event !

    I love your colors and I just know your plan will work slick as can be.



  6. Rose

    Those colors are gorgeous. I’m thinking you may be to blame for my recent leaning toward crocheting something! šŸ™‚

  7. Meg McG

    In the interest of being astute you say you are going to “knit” two roses when you actually mean “crochet”. I blame Preganacy Brain Syndrome šŸ™‚ they are lovely potholders.

  8. Sanni

    If it makes you feel better: it’s better that the pattern holes do NOT line up on both sides. If someone actually uses these pretty potholders, aligned holes would expose the hand to a burn.

  9. margaux

    you are one talented crocheter! dude, I wouldn’t even know where to begin on that. šŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing the finished potholder!

  10. Seanna Lea

    Your potholders are looking pretty good. I am working on my potholders for 2012, because there is no way I’m going to finish all of the single crochet in the next couple of weeks.

  11. Diana Troldahl

    I probably would have made front and back identical, and just used the reverse side as the outside of the back.

    I know the fronts and backs of the crocheted pieces aren’t identical in texture, but that wouldn’t have bothered me very much for a potholder :-}

    (I also like wearing mis-matched socks, for variety.)

    Then I would have crocheted them around the edges, and only last add the decorative inward swirling surface crochet.

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