Handspun baby tunic

There’s nothing sweeter than using a special skein of handspun for a little baby something-or-other.

This is Ripe Persimmon hand dyed, handspun, superwash merino/cashmere/nylon yarn that I purchased from the Pigeonroof Studios Etsy shop. Beautiful and deliciously soft, let me tell you.

I decided to use it to knit The Elizabeth Tunic (Ravelry link), using a little bit of cream Louet merino as a contrast.

So far, I really like the way the pattern is written. It includes special little touches, like short rows to raise the back of the neck, and a tab for the buttonholes so it overlaps the buttons nicely. I’m adding a few modifications, but I’ll tell you about those at another time because I’m still sorting out exactly what stays and what goes.

This little tunic will be for a friend’s baby: the little girl is due around the same time as my own bundle of joy. Speaking of which, he is definitely making his presence known, especially when compared to the last picture you saw of me.

I’m about 32 weeks pregnant at this point, just 8 short weeks to go! Strangely, my (so far generally unimpressive) nesting instincts have not expressed themselves in any crafty fashion. I have two baby sweaters which have been lingering untouched for months now, and no particular desire to start anything else. Go figure. Pregnancy is a strange, strange state.


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  1. Madeleine

    What a gorgeous start of a sweater! I too found myself utterly disinterested in knitting towards the end of my pregnancy, though I forced myself to finish a few things before my twins arrived. Then when they were born, as you can imagine there was no knitting for a while. My only advice is get a lot of rest and only do what you feel like doing while your little one grows inside you.

  2. Linda

    You look so happy and you are smiling! Yay! It won’t be long now. This is the best time of year to bring a little one into the world.

  3. MeredithJean

    LOVE your yarn and the start of the cardi. And what a neat bump you have with 8 weeks to go!

  4. Maureen

    You look absolutely beautiful…what a glorious time of year to have a baby! This must be such an exciting time for you…enjoy every minute!

  5. Fae

    Pregnant women are so cute and you are no exception. That little jumper will be adorable, by the way.

  6. Kathy

    Blessings to you in your final eight weeks! Your little fellow is so fortunate to have you for a mom – whether or not you finish his sweaters. 🙂 I just made a set of cotton bibs from the Mason-Dixon books that I’ve given many a new mom as a gift, and they are quick, mindless, fun-to-make, practical and wonderful to use. Maybe you’ll get in the mood for something simple like that in the next two months. HA. 🙂 AND, I agree with all the other comments. You are one mighty pretty pregnant lady!

  7. del

    Awww, you look so happy and cute!

    Sometimes nesting happens at the last minute; that’s how it was for me anyway.

    That yarn you’re using is amazing.

  8. Seanna Lea

    You have the best color sense. I love how vibrant that red is without being super flat and monochromatic.

    You are looking terrific. I’ve got some wishes for continued good health heading your way!

  9. Bonnie

    My sister also lost interest in knitting while pregnant. Strange. I hope you continue to feel well during the remainder of your pregnancy!

  10. Mrs. Brooke

    Wow, where have I been?!?! I didn’t know you were pregnant. Congratulations!

    I generally did most of my “baby crafting” in those last eight weeks because I would just feel so huge and not want to get up and do anything, and creating blankets and hats was more productive than lying on the couch and watching television.

    I just got my first boy last year and he is the most snuggliest little creature I’ve ever beheld…you’re in for some serious loves 24/7. Best wishes on these last few weeks!

  11. Adrienne

    Relax and enjoy this wonderful time. My daughter started a blanket at the beginning of her pregnancy and also lost the desire to knit until right before the baby was born. She was knitting during labor and finished up the very last bit right after the baby was born. Best wishes to you. (^_^)

  12. Jen H

    Congrats on the baby! I just had mine three months ago, and the nesting urge really didn’t hit until the last 2-3 weeks (well, we’ll call it “nesting” since some of the stuff was baby related). In fact, the day before and day of the delivery, I was crafting like a mad woman. Coasters, stuffed animals, a blanket, and WIP bags. And I baked a fantastic bundt cake. It suddenly hit me that I wouldn’t have much time for this once the little one arrived. Ain’t that the truth!

    Enjoy this last bit!

  13. sallya

    You sure have that pregnancy “glow” — look all lovely and beautiful. I remember that I got into a mad crafty stage during my last month of pregnancy when I was to bulky to do anything else. It may happen to you…

  14. Pat

    Let me join the chorus: You look great! My “nesting” consisted of me moving furniture around muttering and fuming(OK, ranting) because my husband hadn’t gotten around to it. Usually the next day labor began, if not that night.


  15. Trista

    This is really sweet. Thanks for sharing your baby bump! I think you look great, and by that I mean happy and healthy, which I hope you are.

    Have you seen that new show ‘Pregnant in Heels’? It’s very funny- rich pregnant women of NYC who mostly don’t have a clue about what they are going to do with a baby. It’s actually pretty sweet to see the changes in them after their babies have arrived.

    I wish you the best at this amazing time of becoming somebody’s mother!

  16. margieinmaryland

    You look great!

    THanks for sharing your “WIP”. I’m sure I speak for many of your readers when I say that I’m looking forward to seeing the FO.

  17. Diana

    You look beautiful. I had absolutely no desire to knit at all during my last pregnancy. I had to force myself to knit a couple of newborn sweaters just because I knew that I would want them after she was born. Thankfully, I’m going to guess that you are friends with a lot of knitters, let them knit for your baby while you put your feet up and do whatever feels good to you!

  18. Margaret

    I, too, lost all knitting desire while pregnant. My explanation is that I was too busy creating a baby to spend energy on other crafts :-).

  19. Allison

    You know, during the couple of years it took us to get pregnant, I knit baby sweaters for almost every friend I had: gorgeous, elaborate, loving sweaters. By the time I finally got pregnant with my first (and also with my second), all I could muster was a bottom-up raglan in stockinette stitch in the biggest yarn I could find. Pregnancy DOES do strange things to a person. Best wishes to you!

  20. Rachel

    I’m usually such a lurker, but I must come out of the shadows to say you look so lovely pregnant! I felt like I went from bloated to beached whale and completely missed the cute belly phase. IMHO, you seem to have gotten all of the cute belly phase and missed the other two completely! Wishing you and your family the best, and specifically for you, a quick and (relatively) easy delivery!

  21. Kate M

    You look great. I wound up not finishing a couple of little sweaters I started for my little guy when I was pregnant too. On the up side, they grow out of their clothes so fast when they’re tiny.

  22. Liza

    Nesting is overrated, never had it myself, mostly read a lot of books – none of which were baby books.

  23. Jennifer

    Firstly, congratulations!

    Secondly, I had no crafting mojo whatsoever with either of my pregnancies (boys now 2.5 years and 8.5 months). Fortunately it came back, though in a slightly altered state.

    As far as nesting goes, meh. We still have a few gallons of paint unopened in the old baby’s closet and he still sleeps in a white walled room. So far he hasn’t complained…

    You’ll do great.

  24. Sandy

    Congrats on your pregnancy!! I’m due mid-August and have yet to CO for a baby thing so you’re doing better than me 😉

    Your friend will love that little sweater. It’s turning out beautifully!

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