Starting Betty Lou

When looking for a new baby pattern to knit, I almost always first browse my copy of Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits (my review/preview here). Even though I’ve knit a number of patterns from this book already (some as samples and others, later), I seem to find something new and interesting every time I flip through.

The latest little thing is the Betty Lou Lace Cardigan. Adorable! I’m knitting the smallest size and it’s going by quickly. So far I’ve made one modification: substituted the original lace pattern with Gull Wings from BW #1. The original stitch pattern from the book was a real pain in the butt to knit, and tended to bias, so I followed FlickaFish’s lead on Ravelry and substituted something simpler. It seems I’m not the only one :).

The yarn I’m using is fingering weight 100% merino from Louet in the eggplant colorway. A reader gave that to me many moons ago when she decided she didn’t really like it. Well, I think it’s working out fabulously in this project! The book states that 4 skeins will be needed, but I think I may get away with using only 3. Then again, I’m not sure how much yarn those pom-poms will eat up. I’ve never made a pom-pom before, actually, can you believe it? I think a pom-pom maker is in my future ;).


27 thoughts on “Starting Betty Lou

  1. Lisa R

    Making pom-poms is so much fun! Make sure to use lots of yarn, though. The more the merrier! If you don’t use enough, the pom-poms turn anemic and pathetic looking.

  2. Melissa

    I would definitely invest in a pom pom maker. I’ve tried to make my own or use a deck of cards but they always come out wonky and then I’ve wasted a ton of yarn on a messed up pom pom (and they do use of ton of yarn).

  3. Andrea

    Hmmmmmmm. Am I allowed to remark that this pattern is definitely girly-looking? Does that mean you have found out?

  4. Jeannine

    First of all, congratulations! Hope all goes well and wish you a lovely pregnancy.

    That’s a very lovely colour and a cute little cardi too. Did you realise your gull wing sub makes it almost a February baby jacket? Really like the top on your version tho, possible even better that the original February baby. Curious to see how it will look fully finished.

  5. domestic extraordinaire

    Congrats on your pregnancy (I read back a bit) Love the sweater!!

    I don’t use a pom pom maker, although I have several, I use a cereal box that I cut a small part out of and fold in half (the length that I want the pom pom) and wrap wrap wrap (but not too tight) and wrap wrap wrap some more. then I slide it off (or cut the cereal box if it’s too tight on there-the beauty of the cereal box) tie it tightly in the center and fluff and cut to shape.

  6. marilyn

    I love the sweater! But please dont’ waste your money on a pom pom maker. all yuou need is a piece of cardboard (yesterday I read a Ravelry knitter who used folded a business card to use). And yep, they eat the yarn, and are a pain to wind, but they are oh so cute.

  7. Seanna Lea

    I’ve done the pompoms with the two cardboard circles and they work fine! It’s how I made a Jayne hat for my husband with one (two if you count the one Saru-chan destroyed) super obnoxious pompom on top.

  8. Judy

    Love it! A pom pom maker definitely makes the process easier and more consistent. I really like non-baby colored baby stuff!

  9. Catie

    Just so you know, the pompom maker you linked in your post is the best one I’ve found. Makes great poofballs. Beautiful pattern! (and congrats on the baby!)

  10. Gillian

    I agree with Donna about cardboard donuts. Plastic pom-pom makers may be misnamed as they don’t do any of the work.

  11. marti

    Good luck with those pom poms. I have 2 types of pompom makders and…still I am pompom challenged.Beautiful sweater.

  12. Robin

    I just made my first pom pom this Christmas and my advice is, when you are tying the middle together make it tighter than you think you should. My first pom pom I was wimpy and ended up with a handful of short yarn pieces.

    Beautiful sweater.

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