Even more Yulie fun: contest extended!

Thank you, everyone, for your enthusiasm about the Yulie hat! As any other designer, I’m very critical of myself, but I have to say, this one is quite special. It’s soft, it’s bouncy, it uses so little yarn, and it’s reversible!

I’m writing here today to tell you about some changes I’m making to the contest I launched on Monday. Due to legal concerns with the contest, I’m modifying some of the details. I apologize for any confusion; please know that any issues stemming from this are due to my ignorance of the law and nothing to do with any malicious intent on my part.

My number one concern is to keep the knitting community happy, and to make sure that no one feels wronged. I want to keep all the knitters happily knitting along on their Yulies :). To that end, I’ve decided on the following modifications to the contest:

  • Everyone who has purchased a Yulie pattern will be refunded their money. This will be handled via PayPal. You will receive an e-mail and see the funds in your PayPal account by Monday, October 18th, 9 p.m. EST. Edited to add: I think I managed to refund everyone tonight, so if you don’t see the refund in your account, please contact me, and we will figure it out. Absolutely no worries :).
  • The Yulie pattern will now be a free pattern for everyone, for the lifetime of the pattern! I didn’t want only the folks who participated in the original contest to end up with a free copy, so there you have it :). You can download it HERE!
  • The contest for Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb will be extended! Everyone who purchased a pattern is entered, and everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered, too! If you do both, that’s fine, but I will count only one entry for you. Leave a comment before Tuesday, October 19th, 9 p.m. EST to enter. No purchase is necessary ;).

I hope this resolution is satisfactory to everyone, and I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern as much as I did (uhm, twice!). Remember to leave a comment, and I will announce the winners next week.

UPDATE: the contest is now closed! Thank you, everyone, for your entries! Winners will be notified by e-mail and announced on the blog shortly.


299 thoughts on “Even more Yulie fun: contest extended!

  1. Carrie

    I was going to buy the pattern regardless, but that is very generous of you! It looks fun and will make lots of great gifts. Those slouchy hats look weird on me, but I have lots of friends and relatives who will look really stinking cute in it!

  2. Diane

    I actually didn’t want to enter the contest ’cause with my first grandchild on the way I have enough baby knitting to last me to who knows when! (I am putting off knitting for me for a while) but I just wanted to say I CANNOT believe anyone would have said anything to you about this! Hope it wasn’t a knitter. Your Yulie Hat and other things are always absolutely beautiful and inspirational, and I love reading your blog when I get home from work. But I cannot imagine anyone getting their “ball winder” out of joint over a fun contest you were running. I mean there were contests on other sites where you had to purchase a certain brand of yarn, then knit something up with it to be entered in those contests. Don’t know what the difference is? God bless you for being so nice and awesome all the time. I hope you don’t mind me saying so – but you look adorable in the Yulie in the photo above!

  3. Amy

    So sorry to hear that what was intended as a fun contest (and probably sales promotion) ended in giving away your cute pattern. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this with us all.

  4. Shaye

    thank you for the generosity of giving away the pattern, i’m excited to work with it! i would have bought it eventually, but thank you for offering it for free!

  5. Sue

    I’ve loved all of your patterns–they are so easy to follow, and I never get frustrated. Thanks for the contest and the chance to win the yarns. My daughter’s friends will look great in your hat.

  6. Rebecca

    Hallelujah! Thank you so much for the pattern. My student’s budget consists of exactly $0 for patterns, but the hat is so pretty. I’m so glad I’ll be able to knit it now!

  7. Elizabeth

    I’m with Rebecca. Students absolutely love free patterns. It’s a shame how many great patterns I pass up because I don’t want to start pattern binging.

  8. Maggie

    Thanks for offering your pattern for free. I appreaciate all designgers and it is very generous of you. I would love to win the yarn to knit this wonderful hat. Thanks again. Have the best day ever.

  9. Abi (Lavababy)

    Great pattern thanks so much for sharing. Hope all this legal stuff hasn’t ruined your joy of this pattern and of blogging!

  10. lauren

    Oh – the legal issue with the previous incarnation of the contest totally didn’t occur to me before, but I suppose it’s a legitimate point. I hope whoever pointed this out to you did so nicely! And I’m absolutely loving the pattern so far, btw. It’s working perfectly with that random silk I have. Hooray!

  11. Brenda

    Thanks for the great pattern, and sorry that there were legal issues with the sale of the pattern. I meant to buy it to enter the contest, and then got busy this week so never got around to it. I’m glad I have a chance to win, and a chance to knit the hat!

    I hope you have fun at Rhinebeck!

  12. lori

    so many details to keep straight! it’s a lovely hat, and a gift to everyone that it’s available for free. thank you!

  13. Adrienne

    Happy for the extension and sorry for your trouble. Love to see your innovative designs. Smooth sailing from here, I hope!

  14. Dawn

    Sorry that a good intention turned out to be a problem but I think that offering the pattern for free is very kind and I will enjoy knitting and wearing this lovely hat.

  15. denise f in c'ville, va

    thanks for the refund, but can i make a donation to the grumperina blog instead? say in the amount of $4?

    don’t know what the deal was, but a good pattern is worth paying for. contest or not.


  16. Liz T.

    Well, I hurried to the computer (before the hubby!) to order my pattern and what a surprise! I’m thrilled to have it, but I would have been happy to be able to purchase it for such a great price! Thanks so much, Grumperina, for all your time, energy and generosity for the benefit of all we knitters!

  17. Jessica Ryder

    Sorry for the complications your facing with your contest. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we’d hoped for. The pattern is awesome. and the contest is exciting

  18. Cath Pete

    Thanks for the refund but it really wasn’t necessary as far as I’m concerned. That was a very generous thing to do.

  19. woolcat

    Well, it is very generous and classy of you to extend the contest and offer the pattern for free, rather than just cancelling the contest altogether. Thank you!

  20. Sarah

    I was planning to buy this pattern eventually because I love it, but I’ve got so much knitting to do before the end of the year that I didn’t know when I’d get around to it! I don’t know what happened with the sale of the pattern, but thank you so much for offering it for free! That’s very generous of you!

  21. Jessica

    I was wondering if someone would bring that “no purchase necessary to enter” thing up. You are kind and generous. Having once attempted to write a pattern, I extra-muchly appreciated yours!

  22. Tiffanie

    Whew! You really know how to show that knitters (as individuals and as a community) are wonderful.

  23. Bobbie in AK

    So sorry to hear of any legal issues that may have arisen due to the original contest. I love this hat – it’s so bright and cheerful. Anything reversible is a bonus. Thank you so much for the free pattern!

  24. kimchi

    How generous of you! I was thinking of buying the pattern anyway, but really, thank you!

    It’s a great hat!

  25. Lisa

    what wasn’t legal about paying for a pattern?? and who would complain about it? I am so sorry that some people just can’t be happy with a fun contest. How ridiculous.

  26. Glyn

    Thank you for the pattern! I love it! I’ve never tried the Lion & Lamb yarn, but have been wanting to; this will be a perfect opportunity!

  27. Josiane

    That’s very generous of you to offer that pattern for free. Thank you for sharing it; I’m thinking it will be a fabulous way to use some lovely handspun yarn. 🙂

  28. Laurel

    As others have said, I’m sorry you had to give away the pattern. I too would have purchased it eventually (after my moratorium on spending). However, I am looking forward to knitting it up sooner rather than later!

  29. Leigh

    This a great hat pattern! It will look fantastic on my little sister (who generally looks adorable in hats) if I have time to make it before the holidays – thanks so much for offering it for free. If I’m typing while your contest is still open, then my fingers are crossed for the berry and light gray yarn for her.

  30. GinkgoKnits

    Sorry to hear that your good intentions backfired on you! It does look like a lovely hat — and I love the idea of using up smaller amounts of yarn.

  31. Gail

    Wow — thanks for your generosity — with the pattern and the contest.

    What happened though? is there some reason why you can’t sell your own design and have a contest?

    Hope all is well …

  32. Lauren

    Goodness, I’m sorry it didn’t turn out like you’d hoped, but I’m happy to be able to knit your lovely pattern.

  33. yarnsnob

    Sorry to hear that you had to make these changes, the pattern’s awesome and you should be able to make money off. Thanks for offering it for free, that was very generous.

  34. Red

    How generous of you to share your pattern with all of us! You’re always so conscientious and detail-oriented; I think that’s what makes your blog so wonderful to read!

  35. Susan

    Many thanks to you for your generosity in making the pattern available for free! I love knitting hats, and I’m intrigued by the idea of doing one that is reversible. Thanks! The yarn colors are so pretty, too. Winning any of them would be a great prize.

  36. Talia

    Love this hat. I’ve finally got the right length hair to wear it too! Sorry for the trouble with the legal issues. boo.

  37. Anita

    You are a very creative knitter. Thank you for the lovely pattern, and a chance to win some wonderful yarn.

  38. Alice

    I’m knitting it right now! It’s looking great so far from Malabrigo in Velvet grapes. I know I can count on your hat patterns to be winners every time!

  39. quinn

    It’s nice of you to give away the pattern! I’m going to make a donation to a charity as a sort of “thank you” 🙂

  40. Trish

    Oh no. I love this little hat pattern. What a shame that the legal red tape had to interfere and now you have to give the pattern away. You have good knitter karma coming your way.

  41. Amanda L

    Aww, such a bummer that by trying to do something nice you got flack! It’s very generous of you to make the pattern free rather than end the contest.

  42. Laura

    Like many others, I had plans to buy this anyway (I love this style of hat, and that stitch pattern is just too awesome). I’m grateful for your generosity in giving it away, and I hope the process of making that decision didn’t cost you too many headaches. I always admire your work.

  43. Cheri

    I’m sorry you couldn’t continue to sell your pattern. I agree with a previous commenter that you have good knitter karma coming your way!!

    Lovely hat pattern and I love the pink and grey color choices.

  44. Rachel

    I’m sorry to hear that you had issues with your contest, but at the same time I am glad I now have to opportunity to enter!

  45. Allison Cohen

    Thanks for offering the pattern for free! It’s totally worth the money you were charging though!

  46. Heather

    Thanks for your generosity! I’m sorry your hat contest didn’t work out the way it should have, but am happy for the chance to enter.

  47. Sarah

    This is such a cute, clever hat, and I love that it is reversible. I am also thrilled about the yardage necessary to knit it. I think I want to spin the yarn for mine. That will by my consolation prize if I do not win the LL yarn. Yes, poor me ; )

  48. Suzanne

    I would happily have gone without a refund! The law is not always friendly….But I am so excited to have Yulie. Thank you soooo much.

  49. Jane

    Oh thankyou for the pattern. My weekend is now complete – baseball play-offs, college football, and I have the correct needles and a reason for

    a visit to my LYS.

  50. Linken

    I agree with what others have said. You have chosen a classy way of dealing with it. Thank you for being so, well, calm and matter of fact. (I’d be up in arms *grin* if it were me in the same situation!) Happy Fall Knitting!

  51. Melanie

    Thank you for the free pattern and the chance to win! I was lusting over this hat after I saw it (even though I look weird in hats) but I might knit this to give hats another chance!

  52. Jessica

    I love the way the stitches look in this pattern, especially that brick colorway–what a beautiful hat!

  53. Cinnamon

    Well, what ever the legal issues were, I hope they are all put to rest. The hat pattern is lovely, and think it will be a gorgeous item to knit.

  54. Majtessa

    Thanks so much for the pattern, the generous contest and a wonderful inspiring blog! Would love me some Lion&Lamb. 😀

  55. bloepper

    i dread to think what sort of legal machinations you’ve been threatened with, and by whom, but i’m glad of the chance to enter the competition. thanks.

  56. Bekky

    Wow that must have been a fun pile of legal argument – truly sorry you had to deal with it. The pattern is lovely, I am knitting Lubov at the moment, will you be writting a post about your thoughts and inspiration for that design?

  57. BerlinBat

    I agree with others – you have a classy way of dealing with this! Added together with the beautiful pattern results in a super-linear admiration effect!

  58. Little Miss S

    There is seriously some knitting karma going your way. And a lot of grateful thoughts from a lot of happy knitters out there – I’m definitely one of them. Hope you have the best Rhinebeck-weekend ever – so jealous.

  59. Shirley

    Thanks so much for the cute hat pattern. I am always searching for patterns to use handspun which I think will look nice with your pattern. Sorry about the legal stuff (which I don’t understand!)

  60. Michelle

    Huh. I’m really curious what happened to make you change your contest. But, wow, thanks for making it a free pattern!

  61. Nina

    Think I might have commented on the wrong post.

    Thanks for making this hat avaliable, so cute. And the pink/ pewter colourway is great.

  62. Kathleen

    You are a thoughtful blogger! I appreciate the changes to the contest. Count me in!

    katbetty on Ravelry

  63. Michele B

    I’ve been wanting to try Lorna’s Laces for a while now. What a perfect opportunity! Thanks.

  64. Seanna Lea

    I know the law is a confusing thing, but it never would have occurred to me to object to buying a pattern to get in on the contest (even though most contests say no purchase necessary). It’s a beautiful hat, and I would have bought the pattern when I was done working my way through a million zillion socks.

  65. Bonney

    Hey!! You’re very kind to offer the pattern for free. It’s a great hat and I’ll be making several for gifts! I love the color combinations you chose!

  66. Diane

    Thanks for offering the pattern for free. Its a really cute pattern so I probably would have bought it eventually. Sorry the lawyers came after you though!

  67. Tara

    What a generous offer! I love the hat & while I look horrendous in hats . . . I too have several family members who love ’em.

    I’m looking forward to making a few of these for gifts.

  68. Abby

    Thanks so much for the free hat pattern! I don’t usually look good in slouchy hats, but since it doesn’t use much yarn, I think I’ll give it a shot!

  69. Tiffanie

    thanks for sharing your pattern. I was contimplating a new hat pattern for some xmas gifts and this will go great with some mitts I am making. I love the reversability. Thanks again.

  70. Cathy

    Such a great pattern – not a lot of yarn or time committment and an interesting and reversible result! Thanks for your hard work!

  71. Amy P

    I think you’ve handled this beautifully. Thanks for your grace, and I’m sorry that a simple thing turned complicated for you.

  72. Karen

    I loved this hat the first time I saw it. I was planning on buying it soon, I had to wait because I had already purchased a couple patterns and yarn this week and I sort of try and spread out my purchasing so my hubby’s head doesn’t explode! So thank you for this lovely pattern and your wonderful giveaway.

  73. Janie

    This is so very nice of you to do! I’m also working on your scarf pattern from Brave New Knits. Thanks so much for the great designs!

  74. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for a great pattern! Wish I was going to Rhinebeck…have a super time and thank you for being such a generous knitter. I always look forward to your blog entries and hope someday to be able to spot you in Boston – I live in salem and they let me out sometimes…


  75. Kandace

    oops. Of course I meant ‘the HAT is adorable’. That’ll teach me not to post without previewing first. Duh.

  76. Pam

    I’m sorry you had some stress around the contest, and I really appreciate you offering the pattern to all (including me, yippee!) – very gracious, and very appreciated. It’s a given: please enter me. Wouldn’t a Yulie in coral and gray look amazing!?!.

  77. Diana-NYC

    You look smashing in this photo! Nice work on Yulie and looking forward to seeing more of your upcoming shawl.

    Best Wishes.

  78. emily

    I am so sorry to hear about the legal matters regarding your context and lovely pattern. However, this truly is a testament to your character, as I’m sure many would have just nixed the contest and kept the pattern for profit. You are an inspiration!

    The pattern is lovely : )

  79. Debbi Jones

    Thank you for your generosity in making this adorable pattern free. I’m not sure what the controversy was but your response was gracious and good-natured, just as I’m sure was your intent with the original contest. I hope whatever it was doesn’t detract from your joy in this fun pattern!

  80. Kathy

    Grrrr… I don’t understand what the legal issues are, so perhaps I shouldn’t get annoyed, but I don’t think it’s fair. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to make a contest out of something you created? Well, enough negativity. Beautiful pattern. I’m intrigued by the pattern. I doubt that this will look right on my weird head, but I’m going to give it a try, all the same. Thank you.

  81. ereuyi

    Thanks so much for offering the pattern, though I’m sorry to hear about the legal trip-up.

    I’d love to be entered in the contest.

  82. Susan

    I’m sorry to hear about the legal issues with your contest. It’s extremely generous of you to offer the pattern for free – thanks!

  83. Natalie

    Aww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you had hoped. That’s frustrating. 🙁

    Thank you, though, for continuing on with the contest. The hat and yarn are really lovely and I would love to put them to good use. 🙂

  84. patsy

    Thanks so much for posting the pattern. I am into making hats again and appreciate having a new pattern to try.

  85. Cameron

    What a beauty! I love that it’s reversible, even though it means I will have to improve my end weaving skills.

  86. Carol

    This is just the sort of slouchy beret pattern I’ve been looking for. I would have paid for it, and now I’ll definitely download it. It’s already in my Ravelry favorites list. Thanks!

  87. Mary Ellen

    Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness – YULIE is definitely in my queue just in time for the holidays!

  88. Chris

    Thanks for making the pattern free! I had thought I might buy it in a couple of weeks when I had an idea of what I wanted to knit for Xmas but now since it’s free, I can add it to the crazy long list of stuff I want to make! Thank you so much!

  89. PICAdrienne

    I was planning on buying the pattern soon, because this is totally a hat DD#2 would rock! I am thrilled to get it for free, but really disappointed for you. I am confused by the legalities of this. Good luck to you, and have fun at Rhinebeck.

  90. heather

    I was just catching up on my blog reading and thought oh cute hat, bummer missed the contest give away but at least I can still get the hat pattern for later. I am on a stash busting ’til 2011 adventure.

    Then I get to this post so there is still hope to have it for this winter.

    However, in response to your generosity with the pattern (instead of pulling the contest all together and giving the yarn away to friends) I am heading over to ravelry to buy the Birds in Flight pattern. It is the least I can do in return for the free hat patten and I have oodles of sock yarn stash.


  91. ponka

    Thank you! Odessa was the very first hat I ever knit, and I think this one will probably be the 50th =)

  92. Kristen E

    It’s unfortunate that the pattern now has to be free – I think most of us would be perfectly happy to pay for it! I was certainly intending to. Thanks for giving it away, but I hope it doesn’t hurt you in any way. :/ Winning the yarn would be nice, though! 😉

  93. Sara GL

    Thank you for this contest but sorry about the legal issues. I am now actually working on your Budgie baby sweater. It’s gorgeous and although I’m not a beginning knitter, I am learning a whole lot from your detailed and beautifully written pattern. Your patterns show much thought and effort and are worth every penny!

    Great hat pattern too and lovely colors, even the smarties version!

  94. rainbowmixer

    Gosh, that is very generous of you to offer your pattern for free. It looks like a great hat, I’m going to give it a go, which I would have got round to eventually, y’know, after this darn thesis!

  95. Tracey Kay

    thanks so much for the pattern. i’m sorry that your fun and generous contest created legal issues that made you change how you distributed it. but i’m very happy to get a copy of the pattern and a chance to win yarn!

  96. jenn

    legalities aside… i think this is a very generous thing you are doing! Cheers to you and thank you for offering such a fun giveaway! I think a couple of yulies are going to make some great christmas gifts!

  97. van

    Free patterns are great, and yours are always well-written and beautiful. I can only imagine how much work you put in designing and writing up your patterns. As much as I love free patterns, I’d love it better to see talented designers like yourself making money on your work. I’m sorry that you can’t sell this pattern due to some legal stuff.

  98. Marie

    I missed the post where the hat was offered for sale, just found the free download, then read your post about issuing refunds and scratched my head for a bit before my confusion was cleared up in the next post. I’d love to win some Lion and Lamb anytime!

  99. Sue

    Sorry about conflicts with sales and the contest. This is a cute pattern. Am about to begin your Lubov scarf and think it will be wonderful.

  100. sue

    Thank you for the pattern. It really looks like a winner. I hope you have fun wearing your own version at Rhinebeck.

  101. blueskies

    Just another example of why we are your fans! You didn’t “have” to do this because of some external law, but did it because of your internal beauty and sense of fairness and justice. Thanks!

  102. NinaZ

    Thank you so much for releasing the pattern for free! I’m on a yarn diet, so I would love to get the yarn to knit this pattern.


  103. Nicole

    Hi, I would like to enter the contest…I wasn’t going to buy the pattern, but now that it’s free, I might try it!

  104. Jen

    Thanks for making this a free pattern! I’m on a yarn diet due to lack of employment at the moment, so I’d love a chance to win some.

  105. Jenny

    Thank you so much for offering this pattern for free! As a designer myself, I know what a struggle it is to decide whether to offer your pattern for a price or for free, so thanks for offering for free! I was contemplating buying the pattern with my paycheck this Friday, but now I can’t wait to make one of these! Yay!

  106. Amy

    No clue what legal issues you ran into, but sorry you had to deal with that.

    How about those of us who want to DONATE the money for it? Is that legal or against some rule?

    I’m more than happy to donate to support the cause!!

  107. marilyn

    I can’t imagine what happened, but it seems that you are going above and beyond whatever is required. It’s such a great pattern too! I’m sorry you’ll be losing the money on it, but very excited to have it for free, since that one less step makes me much more likely to knit it!

    I’ve often wondered why you don’t design more things. i think you’re great at it. of course. is there anything you so that you’re not great at?

    obviously, this isn’t kissing up since it’s a random draw.

  108. KnittySue

    Bummer..sorry for the legal issues…makes me wonder if designing a new pattern to sell is doable (i’m unemployed). Your such a gracious and talented person I’m hopeful this won’t deter any future designs you are working on..I love your style,patterns helpful hints and advice (just referred to your cabling without a cbl needle this week) and I thank you for it all.

  109. stephanie rj

    What an impressive way to resolve the issue – you are a kind and classy person. Love the hat and the yarn!

  110. Melissa

    Thank you for the pattern! I’m always looking for new hat ideas, especially ones that don’t need tons of yarn. This will fit the bill nicely.

  111. Valerie in San Diego

    Though I can see what happened, I’m sad that you ended up losing all your profits for this lovely little hat. I hope someday you publish a book and we can all make it up to you by buying several copies 😉

  112. Phyll in Central Florida

    Thank you very much for the pattern. This hat is so cute & it’s inspired me to pick up my needles for a new hat. Can’t wait to see what my handspun looks like in this one!

  113. Diana

    Thanks for offering the pattern for free. I can’t wait to make one….or ten….of these. Great pattern!

  114. Nise

    What a gorgeous happy little hat! I missed what happened, but I’m sorry you had some issues with this one. Thanks for always being so inspiring and generous!

  115. Carole Geronimo

    I love the beret/hat pattern and so sorry to hear about your “legal” issues. Pattern makers deserve to be compensated for their skill in designing and it is very unfortunate that you ran into the contest conundrum, i.e., not requiring any entry fee, etc. I would love to go to Rhinebeck but my yarn stash is already at over 560 data entries and counting. good luck in the future. Thank you for your generosity.

  116. Christen

    I was going to buy this pattern next week. My first grumperina purchase! I’m almost sad I can’t. But guess what? Your next pattern for sale is all mine. Or I’ll see what else you’re selling so i can buy it. I think all designers should be encouraged after putting so much work into making a pattern. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see a book one day?! I love it!

  117. Kath

    The hat is adorable and Im not even a hat person, but this one has something special.

    Thanks for your generosity in offering a free pattern!

  118. April

    What a great pattern! I, too, thank you for being so generous with ALL of your free patterns. You have a great mind for design and awesome math skills – no need for you to become a lawyer as well =) Sorry for all the legal weirdness.

    Can’t wait to try out this hat!

  119. Rachel

    I work in a retail store, and we always have to be super-careful when we do giveaways – we can’t, by law, require any sort of purchase in order to enter. And just when I thought I had all the rules down, we tried to do a raffle for a local charity, and someone called the state department of gaming and ratted us out for not having a gaming license, even though 100% of proceeds were going to the charity. So I feel your pain – sorry it turned out to be a mess, and thank you for opening the contest to everyone!

  120. jam

    Got the pattern, cast on with some of the yarn I’ve had for ages– some of the stuff I couldn’t find a use for and couldn’t bear to give away.

  121. Lisa Rogers Lowrance

    Thanks so much for releasing this pattern and adjusting the contest. Go you! 🙂

  122. lkmemphis

    I’ve never knitted with Lorna’s Laces, but I love your work and patterns, so keep on putting that great info out there. You’re a great resource for the knitting community.

  123. Ginger

    Cute hat! I’m not sure if I can pull off the slouchy hat look, but I’m sure I won’t have a problem finding a willing recipient.

  124. Kelly G.

    I need some major luck on this one! I really really want this hat! 🙂 Thanks for offering it, you’re the bestest!

  125. Jennifer

    That yarn looks scrumptious! My cousin would love that had 🙂 I can’t wait to make it for her!

  126. Maryanne

    I think it’s extremely generous of you to take the noble way out of this confusion (not to mention giving away yarn you paid for!), but am sorry you had to be put in that position. Although I am always happy for free patterns, it should be the designer’s choice whether or not to charge.

    Anyway, this looks like a great pattern, and I’m eager to try it.

  127. Magi

    Thanks for the great pattern which I can make to fot my huge head!! I don’t know the yarn you used but it looks really pretty.

  128. Julie

    Thanks very much for extending the contest. I meant to come back and buy the pattern on Thursday but forgot. And thanks very much also for making the pattern free!

  129. Mitty

    I always wear a beret–looks good and preserves my ‘do. But most patterns are too close-fitting. This one looks just right. Thank you!

  130. MamaMidwife

    Thank you for sharing the pattern for FREE and opening up the contest this way!! Looking forward to knitting it! (And excited to *maybe* win some yarn to knit it with!!!)

  131. Abby C.

    Thanks for offering such a cute pattern free! I’m sorry you had some trouble – hope everything is straightened out now!

  132. chana

    Lovely pattern! Wonderful yarn! Thanks so much for the contest, I’ve just downloaded the pattern and the beret may well be a gift for my daughter. If I can resist keeping it for myself. Or maybe I’ll just knit two…..

  133. Rebecca P

    I’ve been testing out different hat patterns to use up some of my yarn and this looks like it will be a winner. Thanks for the contest and for making the pattern free!

  134. Melissa S.

    Thanks for offering the pattern for free! It is lovely. I would love the chance to knit one up in the colorways you have pre-selected. This would be my first colorwork project 🙂

  135. blogless grace

    So cool! My niece saw the bright magenta one and immediately demanded one “Just Like That!!”. She lost her hat earlier this fall (personally I think it is in her toy box.) Lovely pattern.

  136. Kelly

    Wow! Such a wonderful pattern. Your generosity, thoughtfulness and humor are why I’ve been reading your blog for many years. Thank you.

  137. gina

    thanks for the pattern! i was planning to buy it anyway… but didn’t get around to it in time for the previous contest, so i’m glad for the opportunity 🙂 sorry for the legal mess!

  138. Robin F

    I almost missed all this due to puter issues. Glad I didn’t. Bless the library for free computer access.

  139. allison

    This is such a fabulous pattern, and I’m very excited to make a Yulie of my own! Thanks for hosting a giveaway on top of offering us all a great design.

  140. Caitlin

    This is such a great pattern! My practical side loves that it is reversible and uses a small amount of yarn, and it is gorgeous to boot! Thanks for offering it for free and for the yarn giveaway!

  141. Karen Lauterwasser

    Hi! How did you know I was cruising for hat patterns! Sorry to hear that your good intentions were foiled by the law. I must admit that having a chance to enter a drawing for something from Lorna’s Laces tickles me pink (and most other cheery colors, actually). Looking forward to knitting Yulie soonish!

  142. Maartje

    It’s a beautiful pattern and I think I’m adding it to my Christmas knitting list. My sister would love it.

  143. Mikatana

    I love the stitch on this hat. I, too am adding to my Christmas Knit list. Just to be clear, I am not saying WHICH Christmas…10 or 11? October went by waaayyyy too fast!!

  144. Amy V

    This hat looks lovely. I have it in my queue. I really like your stuff in Brave New Knits. Thanks for this giveaway.

  145. Peg

    You were trying to do something fun; and someone must have gotten in a snit. So sorry you had difficulty; probably made you more grumpy! I love the pattern, and would have willingly paid for it. Thank you for your kind way of dealing with the situation; I hope I will find other patterns that I might purchase at some point.

    I love any yarn from Lorna’s Lace; and would be thrilled to win. Thanks for offering such a special gift.

  146. Kim S

    I love the pattern, and would have willingly paid for or made a donation in lieu of — so I will add the funds to my American Cancer bucket! You have such neat ideas. I wish I could have made Rhinebeck, but will definitely plan on next year, your pictures were so enticing.

  147. tabitha

    Wow! Thank you Kathy. I had just decided that I must have this pattern. Imagine my surprise to find that it was not a freebie. You rock that hat too.

  148. JudyO

    I love the pattern, thanks for offering it for free! I’ve enjoyed knitting your other hat patterns and I’m really looking forward to knitting this one!

  149. Ginny

    Love the hat and I’m grateful to you for making it available to us. I realize that knitting something is one thing, but writing it up and all is quite another matter. Thank you for all the time you put in to it.

  150. Linda

    Thanks so much for offering the pattern at no charge. I am excited about knitting a Xmas gift from the pattern!

  151. Enjay

    I don’t need to be entered into the contest, I just wanted to thank you for making your pattern free even though I had plans to buy it next payday. I’m going to make one for my daughter for Christmas. 🙂

  152. Lyssa

    yay free pattern! boo legal issues! I hope that it’s all cleared up with the least problems possible. 🙁

    and thank you for continuing to share your knitting enthusiasm. 🙂

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