I had fair warning about Berroco Weekend: a friend mentioned that it was splitty, another chimed in that splitty yarn and crochet don’t mix (tell me about it!), and a slew of cautionary tales on Ravelry left me hesitant, to say the least. But sometimes you have to go with your gut.

It is perfect.

I surfed the web time and time again, touched every yarn at the yarn shop, but kept coming back to Weekend. Something about its squishy, beady texture, its incredible yardage and reasonable price tag, its true worsted-weight thickness (I don’t want to be knitting crocheting this blanket forever!) kept luring me back. I’m using a Brittany Birch crochet hook (size H-8, 5 mm) and I have yet to split the yarn even once :). I’m getting 6 squares out of every skein of yarn, and I’m exercising a lot of restraint to not go totally nuts and crochet all 15 skeins before I even leave for vacation.

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33 thoughts on “Restraint

  1. Maureen

    Beautifully (and perfectly!) done…I love the “sunny” color and design…a perfect match! Can’t wait to see it finished! Have fun!!!

  2. lauren

    Aren’t these squares just really really fun to make?! I can’t wait to see your final product here. And about the hook – what are brittany’s hooks like? Does that have something to do with your lack of frustration with the splitiness of the yarn I wonder?

  3. Jane

    Nice colour choice. It’s a very satisfying block pattern isn’t it? I’m making one with the circles in colours and grey for the last 2 rounds as a wedding present for a friend. Super fun and awesome. I may have to make another for myself.

  4. Giselle

    This square pattern is gorgeous! This is the first thing that could persuade me (with lots of arm-twisting, err, not) to try crochet again. What is the pattern, is it available on Ravelry? This is just beautiful, such a wonderful texture and the effect of the design! Gorgeous!

  5. Diane

    I may have to try this myself. Haven’t crocheted a blanket/throw in years. The yarn’s beautiful (and I checked the link) and washable too. Question – in the pattern in the Ravelry link they called for a size J hook. Any reason you switched up and was it a bit tight (with the cotton) working this up with one size down hook?

    PS – the birch hooks are nice to work with!)

  6. Sara

    Beautiful work! I’ve been stalking that pattern on Ravelry forever and *almost* made it in the Weekend yarn back in June. I might just have to be a total copycat and move that back up in the queue.

  7. sparklypia

    Pretty color! I had never seen this yarn until my old roommate was in town this week working on a Feb. Lady Sweater in it. I must say, I agree with all your positive comments, but she’s a fairly newish (this is her first sweater) knitter and it was a bit splitty for her.

  8. Ellen Gormley

    Thank you for the lovely comments about my pattern. You should see all the terrific, fun, creative things that people have made from the squares. Purses and totes, pillows and bracelets. The pattern is easily memorized but has texture and portability. I think this is why the pattern is going over well.

    All the best,

    Ellen Gormley

    aka GoCrochet

  9. Julie

    The density of the crochet stitch is really lovely, and I can see why you settled on Weekend despite all advice to the contrary. What a beautiful blanket you’ll have when it’s done (and I’m betting that will be before you leave for vacation!).

  10. LoriAngela

    I’m drawn to this much more than the potholders. But, sigh, can no longer crochet. Please (!!) revel in your restraint and save your hands.

  11. Taffy

    I have a question. What is DK? I see it in patterns but have never understood just what it meant.


    P.S. I love your blog!!!!

  12. Susan

    I just started this blanket myself! I went the opposite direction, using a soft wool/alpaca blend (Valley Yarns Stockbridge), so my pinwheels

    are a little blurry, but I just love making these squares. Yours look fabulous.

  13. Seanna Lea


    I buy yarn all the time without paying too much attention to the recommendations. Even a splitty yarn is sometimes just the perfect thing for a project.

    Of course, I then pay too much attention to technology recommendations.

  14. veganprimate

    According to a tidbit I came across in Alden Amos’ Big Book of Handspinning, commercial yarn is often underplied. That is what makes it splitty.

    Yarn is typically spun clockwise and plied counterclockwise. When knitting western, the yarn is wrapped around the needles counterclockwise, so there is less of a problem, but in crochet (or eastern knitting) the yarn goes around clockwise, which is effectively taking out some of the ply twist. If the yarn is firmly plied, there shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s underplied, that’s a recipe for disaster.

    Anyway, now that you’re a spinner, you can take advantage of that information. If you know you will be using the yarn to crochet with, you can spin it counterclockwise and ply clockwise. Or you can spin the singles clockwise as is the custom and use them without plying. Or you can just ply firmly. A lot of handspinners underply b/c they ply for a balanced skein as they are spinning. But they don’t take into consideration that in the finishing, some of the twist dissipates into the water, so it’s good to overply a bit. My skeins twist around after plying, but hang straight after finishing.

  15. Andig

    I love the yarn. I too have a tendency not to listen to people when they say they don’t like a particular yarn. Maybe I am stubborn like that. 🙂 I think it really depends on the hook you use as well. This blanket is going to be gorgeous! Enjoy your vacation.

  16. Bee

    I know the feeling of “restraining” myself before going on vacation. Also, there is something about crocheting that lends itself to finishing 15 skeins before you have left home. Love your blog posts!

  17. PaulaRed

    going to have to re-learn crochet. I downloaded this pattern after I saw your square!!! Beautifully done, as usual.

  18. Ana

    I absolutely love Berocco Weekend. I only had the yarn split on me when I wasn’t paying attention to what I was knitting.

  19. Andrea

    I’ve never tried this yarn but I may have to look for it on my next LYS run. It looks like it will make a great blanket and I love the color!

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