Thank you, everyone, for contributing to my new Frequently Asked Questions list! Exactly as I expected, some questions were asked more frequently than others, and that’s how I determined what to answer! The five winners of the knitaversary contest have been chosen and notified, and a little later I’ll show you the prize each one selected :).

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I think on only one previous occasion I had an FO post, and then a follow-up post featuring that same FO, modified: when I finished the Brilliant Retro, scorched zipper and all, and then later replaced the zipper with one that matched better (and wasn’t fried!).

Well, here we go again!


Look, I even wore the same outfit for you guys! And considering it was something like 98 degrees on the day this photo was taken (my shiny face confirms the temperature), I think that alone qualifies me for sainthood :).

To recap, the vest ended up being too long for my mom in its original form, so I made a plan of alterations, dissembled, removed close to 6″ in length without frogging the whole thing, and stitched the vest back together. And here it is!

I also made the armhole bands a little narrower, and added a few decreases so they don’t stick out like epaulets :).

Compared to the dimensions I measured immediately after finishing, I can see that the vest grew in length (and shrunk in width) during the few months that my mom had it. No wonder it became just too long for her to wear comfortably! Here are the new measurements:

Widths: about 47″ across the bust, 45″ at the waist, 46″ at the hips. Remember, I didn’t alter the width at all! But all those numbers are 2-4″ smaller than the freshly-finished version! Length: 15.5″ from armpit to hem, and another 8.5″ armpit to shoulder (25.75″ total, a reduction of 5.25″ off the original finished length).

The vest sits much better on me than the original version, and I hope that’s the case for my mom, too (she and I are about the same height).


30 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Amy

    What an amazing transformation! The new look is *so* much better. Hope your mom looks as lovely in it as you do (hot temps and all).

  2. Nina

    Wow that turned out great! Fabulous job with the alterations. I love the color of the vest-it looks like it would go with most anything.

  3. Heather L

    Wow…what an excellent job! It’s so great that you have the determination to do all this fixing and refinishing…sometimes I find I really lack patience for that kind of thing. I’ll use you as inspiration next time!

  4. Elaine

    WOW! What a beautiful job you have done!! I like it much better than the original, in fact. Sainthood, it is.

  5. Charlotte

    You did a great job “downsizing” the vest. It looks great on you so I’m sure it will be equally as attractive on your mother.

  6. AnnieKnits

    Nice work! I don’t know if I’d have the patience to perform that kind of surgery, but it also seems like a fun challenge. Will you be posting a photo of your Mom wearing it?

  7. Seanna Lea

    You did an excellent job. I’m amazed (not that you could do it, but at how easy you make it sound with your methodical approach) and really feel like I should take this to heart and unpick out a waistband I did on a skirt ages ago and make it really fit.

  8. Kris Van Allen

    I just finished reading through your FAQ…interesting! Regarding steeking, I thought I’d mention: I don’t make sweaters either. And I’m kind of a “jump in and go for it” knitter. The first steeking I did was on an afghan, based on the Blooming Cotton Scarf ( and the honeycomb pattern…and the steek was over 5 feet long! I used a crochet reinforment, cut, then picked up stitches the length of the blanket,and made a garter stitch folded over cover for the steeked edge. Love it!

  9. Faille

    I do have one question that I never got around to posting before… Your blog title says “and goes to local yarn shops and home depot” but we never hear about home depot! So tell me, what do you do there??

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