There’ll be other opportunities for nupps

I love nupps. It’s been a whole year since I knit my grandma’s Crown Prince Square Shawl, and frankly, I’ve missed the little buggers! Recently I once again leafed through Knitted Lace of Estonia and decided it was time to select my second nupp-tastic victim.

This is Miralda’s Triangular Shawl. The interesting textural stitches drew me right in.

I also really liked the delicate frilly edge, though I have to think carefully about the very best way to block, so as to retain the frilliness.

No part of the shawl would be noteworthy without mentioning the amazing yarn: Ball and Skein Sophia, 80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon, 450 yards per 160 gram skein. I think Sophia uses the same base yarn as Spirit Trail Fiberworks Paivatar, which I used to knit my mom’s Toe The Line shawl: they feel very similar to me.

I picked up 2 skeins of Sophia in the Loree colorway at this year’s Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair. I noticed that the 2 skeins are ever-so-slightly different in color. Instead of alternating them every 2 rows, I decided to knit chunks/stripes of the shawl pattern using one skein, then the other.

But wait a minute, where are the nupps? I ended up omitting the entire nupp section! I found myself really bothered by the way it was centered (or not centered) relative to the point of the shawl. I also felt zero motivation to re-chart and figure out a better way to include that section ;).

So, out it went! Instead I’m alternating the textural motifs, with the full knowledge that another opportunity to play with nupps will come my way sooner or later anyway :).


16 thoughts on “There’ll be other opportunities for nupps

  1. Kathy

    What an excellent way of modifying a pattern. Unlike you, I actively seek ways to AVOID nupps (which is a really melodramatic statement, given the plethora of things that can be knit without nupps). I find it a little odd that Nancy Bush would design an offset panel. Of course, I haven’t look that closely at the pattern and maybe that is some Estonian design element?

  2. P J Evand

    Creatively getting lost?

    I enjoyed knitting this one myself – I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in 1293 (‘not brown!’).

  3. Anna

    I’m planning to knit that shawl myself soon. The texture appealed to me. The way the square comes together in the centre had bothered me a bit, since it looks off, but I hadn’t thought what to do with it yet.

  4. Rebecca

    Wow! Just got back to knitting my Miralda (just on the 1st border now) and what should I see but your post! Love the color of the yarn – mine is in Madeleine Tosh lace Ms. Taylor – and haven’t gotten up to that pesky offset part…hmmmm…maybe I’ll go nupp-less as well…anyway, thanks for sharing! Looks super! Cheers…

  5. BB

    I’m fascinated by the same book and love that shawl; yours is gorgeous x 1000. I’ve worked nupps in another pattern from the book 3 ways and have yet to find a way I like enough to use for future projects.

  6. Seanna Lea

    I think I would have just removed the yarnovers (and knit plain the corresponding decreases) in just the section you circled. So it would have the pleasing double diamond angled on each side of the center line and that was it. Now I want to pull out my needles and try it!

  7. Jennifer

    Isn’t it actually centered- but as a square instead of a diamond? I think it would show better blocked flat properly (as opposed to on the model). But you’re right in that it doesn’t meet as a diamond in the center.

  8. Pam

    May I just say that you are a continual inspiration to me. I knit mostly small things that require little of my attention (so I can read and/or chat and/or look out the window) and so rarely venture into Grumperina-knitting territory (except for copious kids’ knits) and yet I LOVE seeing what’s possible. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Joan

    The first thing I thought when I saw that picture in your blog was “Oh good, Grumperina will neaten that un-symmetrical business up and I’ll be able to benefit from it”. Lazy, moi? But your solution is good too!

  10. Samina

    First, thank you for the lovely LL yarn you sent me. I was one of the winners of your blogaversary contest. The color is even prettier in my hand than it was on screen. Now I have to find something lovely to knit it up with!

    Second, thanks for mentioning this pattern. I’ve got about 850 yards of fingering weight yarn that I’ve had a hard time coming up with a good lace pattern for it. I think you’ve found it for me. I have this book & completely forgot to look in it. You rock, again!

  11. Darinka DAlessio

    Excellent choice to omit the patterning with the nupps. That center section is strangely wonky. Beautiful, lush green!

  12. Virginia

    Yeah, that non-centeredness thing bugs me. I am fully in support of eliminating it. But I’m sorry you missed out on the nupps.

    And wow, it’s been a year since that shawl? Crazy!

  13. Robin

    That center section is what’s deterred me from knitting this shawl. Is yours more of a shawlette or did you extend some of the other pattern rows?

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