Happy knitaversary to me,

Happy knitaversary to me,

Happy knitaversary, dear Grumpy,

Happy knitaversary to me!

And many more!

Time sure flies – it was about 6 years ago that I learned how to knit, but it seems like it was only yesterday! My knitting has changed so much since then. In some ways, I’ve gone back to basics, embracing the pure joy of knitting oodles and oodles of garter stitch and stockinette. In other ways, I continue to challenge myself, mainly by pushing the boundaries of finishing techniques.

But just as six years ago, knitting continues to be “my thing.” I know how to sew and crochet, and I even fiddle with stencils and photography and jewelry-making on occasion (and lately, spinning!), but nothing holds my interest as knitting does. This brings me to the point of this post, and to the knitaversary giveaway that I’ll be holding for the second year in a row!

For many years I had a 100 things about me page. I took it down a few months ago because my interests and attitudes had evolved, and the information was totally outdated. But I haven’t gotten around to updating the page!

And now I’m asking for your help! Help me fill the page! What better time than one’s knitaversary to reflect and update the info?!? I’m not aiming to create another list of 100 facts, but more of a Frequently Asked Questions list. Submit a question (or two, or three…) that you would like me to answer on the FAQ page, and you could win a prize!

The rules are simple:

  • Leave a comment with a question(s) that you would like to see on the FAQ page. Your comment can contain one question, or two, or three. They can be related to knitting or not. The number of questions in your comment doesn’t affect your chances of winning a prize.
  • Each comment counts as one entry, so please, only one comment per person.
  • I will randomly select 5 comments to win a prize! I know it’s my sixth anniversary, but I pay for the prizes directly out of my pocket, so I can only offer 5 prizes.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your question(s) end up in the FAQ – each comment counts as an entry!
  • Please use a working e-mail address. If I can’t get in touch with you, you can’t win!
  • Comments will be closed the evening on Thursday, July 8th.

Comments have now been closed.

Side note: Keep in mind all the different visitors who make their way here – feel free to ask those questions to which you already know the answers if the information would be useful to a first-time visitor.

So, what are the five prizes?!? I thought of some new books which left a lasting impression, as well as old standbys that are always a hit, and came up with the following:

  • A copy of 60 Quick Knits. A lovely compilation, which I reviewed here.
  • A copy of Reversible Knitting, a stunning new look at the architecture of knitting, which I reviewed here.
  • A copy of Vintage Baby Knits. I had to throw in something baby-knitting related, of course! In addition to containing absolutely adorable patterns (my book review here), this book is a treasure trove of sizing information, and I used it as a reference for literally every single baby knit I completed this year!
  • A basic digital scale which goes up to 500 grams, and has a 0.1 gram accuracy. Of all my scales, this is the one I use most frequently!
  • Two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the winner’s choice of color. Years and many pairs of socks later, this continues to be my absolute favorite sock yarn.

Each winner will have his or her pick from this line-up: if all five winners want a digital scale, I will arrange that ;). The items aren’t coming from my stash or library (God forbid! No one touches my library!), so I’m very flexible.

So, good luck and thank you for helping me fill up my new FAQ page! I look forward to your questions!

P.S. You know, this is a little bit unfair: you get to do all the fun stuff – ask questions and win prizes – while I’ll be left putting all the information together into something cohesive, heh :).

Comments have now been closed. Thank you so much for your questions! The most frequently asked ones are now in the updated FAQ! Winners of the contest will be contacted via e-mail.


381 thoughts on “Six

  1. Daisy


    Happy Knitaversary!

    If you could take one book, one yarn (any amount) and one set of needles, which brands or articles would you take to a desert island?

  2. AnaMarie

    What is your favorite color to knit?

    What is your favorite color to spin?

    What is your favorite color to wear?

    What color do you keep buying (yarn/fabric/roving, etc.) that you don’t end up using because you don’t typically like?

    Of course, needles – wood/plastic/metal/bone? straights/circs? sharp/rounded? DPNs or Magic Loop? cables with or without a cable needle?

    Favorite cast-on/bindoff? (why does no one ever post these things when they discuss their FOs?)

    In the round or in pieces?

    What is your favorite beverage and dessert?

    Can you knit and read?

    Do you knit and eat? If so, what foods are acceptable and what foods must stay far from the knitting?

    I think I’m done for now. I’m creating brainstorming exercises for my students, and apparently it’s rubbing off!

  3. Karlie

    What kind of work do you do for a living? (I know you’re scientist, but what kind of stuff?)

    Neat contest!

  4. Carolyn

    1. What do you do in “real life”? I see this one has already been suggested, but I want to know too!

    2. What’s your favourite type of yarn to work with?

    3. What’s your favourite colour?

    4. If you could pick only one project/type of project to knit for the rest of your knitting life, what would it be?

  5. CraftyCripple

    What made you want to knit and who taught you?

    Do you have any knitting ambitions that you have yet to achieve?

    What is your least favourite technique i.e. what do you avoid doing like the plague?

    Thanks for offering these lovely prizes. You are too good to us!

  6. vonnie

    1. What pattern do you recommend for a 1st time sock knitter to be successful?

    2. Do you know how to spin?

    3. Is it acceptable to knit with acryllic yarn?

  7. Adri

    What is the key to finishing an object well? How long did it take you to master that technique?

  8. jj

    Perhaps this is a little boring, but I think its a good questions none the less:

    What is you absolute favorite yarn?

  9. alycat

    1. Who has taught you the most in knitting? The most in crochet?

    2. What is your most-used knitting reference book?

    3. Can you knit/crochet with both hands?

    4. What sock yarn is the most resilient for you (needs darning the least)?

  10. Brinn

    Ooh, what a fun contest! Here are my questions:

    What is your favorite yarn?

    What is your favorite thing you’ve ever knit?

    What is your day job?

    If you could only listen to one band/recording artist for the rest of your life, who/what would it be?

  11. Beverly

    What’s the reasoning behind your blog name? I’ve never had the vibe that you were grumpy and I’ve been reading for several years!

  12. Susann

    What are your favorite kind of knitting needles?

    Have you tried the Signature needles, if so what is your opinion?

    Do you knit socks generally from the toe up or top down?

  13. odessa

    What is your favorite object to knit?

    What is your least favorite part of a project?

    How do you make your knitted goods look their best?

  14. Julie

    Happy knitaversary!

    -What is your go-to project (something that you will knit when you are in-between projects or simply bored of what you’re working on)?

    -Are you typically a monogamous knitter or do you usually have several projects on the needles?

  15. Ada Lee

    Love your blog. Haven’t seen your grandma mentioned lately. Hope all is well and she is still wearing great sox. That is my question, How is your grandma.

  16. LoriAngela

    How do you find time to knit in your busy life?

    How does your family feel about your knitting life?

    How does your work inspire/affect your knitting?

  17. Luba

    Happy Knitaversary! I enjoy your blog so very much- it has been a source of knowledge and inspiration! (As well as of many “ooohs and aahs!” at your photos!)


    -I believe you are of Russian lineage- were you born in the US or Russia?

    -Do you still speak Russian with family?

  18. Suzy Myers

    What is the most favorite pattern that you have knitted? Why?

    Which is the least favorite pattern and why?

    Congratulations on your knitaversary.


  19. Emily

    Happy Knitaversary 🙂 I’m approaching my third in a few months! Here are some q’s…

    * What time of day do you find yourself knitting during the most? Or, what time of day does it please you most to knit?

    * What is your favorite knitting location? What is one spot, anywhere on Earth, where you would like to someday knit?

  20. Cait

    What is the most useful item you’ve knit for yourself? (What pattern or just type of knitted object do you wear most often?)

    What’s your favorite knitting book?

    What’s your favorite type of fiber?

  21. Maria

    Happy knitaversary! ^_^

    What was the first thing you knit for your husband?

    What part of knitting a sweater is your most favorite?

    Least favorite?

    (Auxiliary question — does it make me an uncurable dork if the prize I’m most excited about is the scale?)

  22. Miriam

    what has been your favorite item to knit for yourself? the one that made you obsessive and giddy, that you literally could not live without and were, of course, thrilled to realize you could make it yourself?

    (for example … i found a batman symbol chart and plan on starting a sweater for myself soon … i am geeking out!)

  23. Jocelyn

    Happy knitaversary!

    I’ve often wondered where the name Grumperina came from. We’ve emailed in the past and I read your blog, but you don’t come across as grumpy.


  24. Jennifer

    When did you start knitting and why?

    What’s your favorite thing to knit?

    What’s your favorite yarn?

  25. Geri

    Happy Knitaversary to you!

    Can you drive a manual (standard) transmission car?

    What kind of car do you drive?

    Do you use Magic Loop?

    Do you have to take public transit to work or can you drive (and park) there?

    If you do take public transit, do you knit on the commute?

    Do you have any sisters or brothers?

    Are your parents still alive?

    Does anyone else in your family knit?

  26. Ruth

    Congratualtions on your Knitaversary. You’ve accomplished a lot in your six years of knitting. What do you suggest as a good book for finishing techniques, as in one that has both good written directions and good illustrations?

  27. Jessica

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog since I started knitting (oh so many [3] years ago) and you’re so inspiring!

    Here’s the question that brought me to the site:

    –How do you join stripes for knitting in the round (jogless joins)?

    And the question that comes up every single time I knit cables, so much so that I have it bookmarked because your illustrations and explanations are so fantastic!

    –How do you knit cables without a cable needle?

    (I don’t feel the need to own any cable needles because of you … thank you!)

    Congratulations again!

  28. Stacey

    What do you hate most about knitting?

    What did you think of knitting before you started doing it?

    What is the most glorious thing knitting is capable of achieving?

    Lace or cables?

  29. kozy kitty

    Happy Knitaversary! Here are some questions that I think people would want to know:

    1. Where does the name Grumperina come from?

    2. What are your favorite items to knit?

    3. What is your favorite type of yarn?

    4. What inspired you to learn to knit?

    5. Does Mr. Sweetness like to wear your hand knits? What are his favorites?

  30. Natalie

    Your basic bio mentions that you are a scientist. Is that a general or a specific term? Does your career involve a science or do you just have an interest?

    Also, why/how did you begin blogging?

    Thanks! 🙂


  31. Michelle

    What possesed you to knit in the first places? (boring classes with lots of slides for me)

    What will you never knit again? (a giant blanket. How boring!)

    What would you love to knit but know you’d never finish?

  32. Audrey

    Happy Anniversary.

    Rank your 5 or 6 favourite cast-ons and why?

    If you were on a desert island with a stash of yarn and only one cast-on, which would it be?

  33. gradschoolknitter

    What made you decide to take up spinning? Do you want to do a sheep to sweater type project? Or do you get pleasure out of spinning for spinning, not worrying about where the yarn will end up?

  34. monica

    Could we see a collection of “greatest hits” blog posts? I feel like that would be really handy.

  35. Teresa

    1. What is your favorite item that you have ever knit?

    2. Who taught you to knit?

    3. What is it about knitting that you love?

    4. Do you think it is rude to knit while socializing?

    5. What is your favorite fiber for knitting?

  36. Matilda

    Happy knitaversary! With the hopes of many more.

    When you find yourself with a knitting problem, which reference book do you first reach for?

  37. Kitty

    What do you think about when you knit?

    Do you know a technique that people don’t usually use but should?

    If you could go back into the past and do things over, how far back would you go?

  38. philhellene

    Happy knittingaversary!

    My non knitting questions:

    How old were you when you moved to the US?

    Do you still have relatives to visit in your country of origin?

    Do you miss your country of origin?

    (I ask because I think I remember you said you are not from the US)

  39. dee

    I have a knitpicks options set, which I generally love. Unfortunately, I’ve had more than one close call with the tip completly self-unscrewing from the cable. I recall that you had a similar malfunction a while back and was wondering if you found another perhaps more reliable interchangable set. I like the options’s pointy tips, but I have a new understanding of the term separation anxiety. I’d appreciate any new tool suggestions or ideas for fixing the options set. Thanks for sharing your wonderful knitting!

  40. Kelsey

    Which, if any, knitting books/websites do you consider essential reference material?

    What tools do you carry in your knitting bag no matter what the project?

  41. GinkgoKnits


    A list of top five tricks every knitter should know (or your favorite tricks at least) would be a great resource.

    Also, do you find knitting nupps or using beads worthwhile or is it something that you have to be drawn into by seeing a stellar pattern?

    When you design a pattern, what is most important to you? (ex. that the pattern makes it easy to get a good result, expressing a clean, modern style, or getting to use your favorite techniques)

    I’d also be curious to know a little more about you (job, cats, etc.)!

  42. Mary

    How fun to read everyone’s questions…and to stop myself from answering them…as I remember a number of the 100 things you posted and I read oh so long ago…And those 100 things of any blogger is always my favorite part of a blog.

    Hmmm for a first time reader/FAQ for your blog, or someone whose followed the links from say one of your patterns here would be:

    What’s the best way to contact you if we have a question about one of your patterns or the techniques you’ve shown us in the past…and/or is there a list/page where they can find all the techniques listed? Cuz you have done a number over the years. (Six, really? Wow, congrats.)

  43. Carol

    Congratulations on your knitaversary!

    Do you have a project you’d love to do one day but feel you’ve not quite got the expertise to do it yet, like a current ultimate goal of your knitterly expertise?

    For me this would be a fantastic piece of fair isle. I’ve mastered many different knitting skills but fair isle still feels very daunting.

  44. Andrea

    How would you define process versus project knitting? And where on the scale would you place yourself?

    Is there a knitting history in your family/country? Do you think it influenced you, if yes? Some kind of inherited muscle memory?

  45. Joanna

    Congratulations on six years of fabulous knitting. You have been an inspiration to me and many, many others. I love to hear about your Grandma. I don’t want a prize, so I won’t pose a question.

  46. Nina

    What knitting books in your library do you constantly refer back to? How did you start knitting?

    Great blog, thank you.

  47. betty

    Where are you from?

    What’s the history behind your arrival to the US?

    Do you still maintain traditions from you original country?

    …and how did you meet your husband? (… just nosy… )


  48. Christine

    Congratulations on your knitaversary! I too would like to know a little more about you as a person. Also, what music do you like to knit to? If you don’t knit to music, what music do you like to listen to in general?

  49. Maya

    Heey there, I know lots of people have asked how you learned to knit, but I would like to know if you yourself have taught anyone else? was it rewarding to watch them, do you get tempted to teach your family members to show them what the hobbie that greatly interests you is all about ?!

    Congratulations about your 6 years ; )

  50. Karie Bookish

    Very cool!

    I’d like to ask:

    How did you get started with blogging?

    Where do you find your inspiration?

    Which are your go-to patterns and yarns?

  51. Aberdonian

    1) What has been your most challenging knitting project?

    2) Which of your patterns are you the most proud of?

    3) If you could eat only one thing, what would it be?

    Happy Knitaversary!

  52. gis

    Enjoy your knitaversary! It is such a pleasure to read your blog, and on this occasion I have decided to participate after just reading for a very long time!

    My question would be what is the knit that gives you more peace while knitting it? Something mindless or something complex?

  53. skp

    1. Why are you a knitter? What is it about your personality, life experiences, priorities, etc. that made you latch onto knitting once you discovered it?

    2. What [kind of science] do you do in real life? (I second the motion.)

  54. StellaMM

    Congratualtions on your blogiversary.

    I don’t want a prize because I live so many thousands of miles away, the postage would cost a lot.

    I would like to know personal things like:

    What is Mr Sweetyness’ job? How did you meet each other:

    How far away do your parents live? Does your grandmother live with them?

    What times of day do you usually knit? Commuting on the train, or just at night at home?

    How does Mr Sweetyness value your knitting?

    Do you see yourself staying working as a scientist? or would you consider to moving to something more ‘crafty’?

    What inspires you to knit your various projects?

    I know it is a knitting blog, but what do you like to cook and eat? Is there a strong component of Russian food in your diet?

    I am fascinated with others questions.

  55. julie

    Congratulations, and thanks for doing this giveaway – it’s very generous!

    What is your favorite thing you have ever knit, why? What is the hardest and most satisfying technique you’ve ever learned? Why is knitting your thing – why does it grab you the way nothing else does?

  56. Dina

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I especially love your photos.

    My questions are:

    Where does the name “Grumperina” come from?

    Why do you visit Home Depot?

  57. Bullwinkle

    Congratulations! I’ve loved reading (and, sadly, I admit, lurking). Your projects and attention to detail are inspiring.

    What’s the worst thing you ever finished? (I see you stop and rip and restart and change yarn/needles generally get it right. What’s the worst thing you ever got wrong?)

    And I don’t mean it in a bad way – I’m just wondering how far in the process you could get. Because you seem to make those hard decisions way earlier than I, and I’d love to know how you do it.

  58. Sara

    What do you do for fun (when you’re not knitting, that is)?

    Can you knit in the dark? And do you take knitting with you to a movie to knit while you wait for it to start?

  59. Lone

    What is your favorite kind of knitting – pattern, kind of yarn etc.?

    Do you have a “most hated knitting” still in progress – tell the story about it.

  60. Genny

    Anything you’ve never tackled, knitting-wise, and would like to?

    What’s the project that you dream of someday knitting if time, resources and skills were no bar?

  61. jam

    What are the first three knitting projects you think a new knitter should start with?

    What do you keep in your knitting bag?

  62. Estella

    How many projects at a time do you usually have on needles?

    Do you ever get “cast-on-itis” the need to suddenly cast on?

  63. Ah-Ling

    What are your favorite yarns to knit with, and for what kind of projects to you use each of these types?

  64. Dinah

    Happy Knitaversary! What method do you use to knit socks? ie…. dpns, two circulars, Magic Loop ?

    Have you tried all the different methods?

    When you go into a yarn store… where do you head first?

  65. Margaret Harvey

    I like the front of the modular blanket, but not the back. Any suggestions on improving the look of the back ? I do enjoy your blog! Thanks

  66. Carla

    If you had not found knitting or if knitting had not found you – how do you think you would have expressed yourself creatively?

  67. jennifer Barron

    what knitted item – of any sort or size – would you most like to own but would not or could not knit for yourself – and why!

  68. Elisabeth


    What workshop would you choose if you would register at Knit Nation 2010 in London 29-31 july ?

    Thank for the contest and the prices.

  69. Lynn

    1. Haven’t seen much about spinning here before (my current obsession, too, it feeds the knitting habit) – what spindle / wheel(s) are you using and who is helping you learn?

    2. What sock yarns do you currently like the best, for yourself? I have a slight wool sensitivity and hot feet, too.

    3. Do you blog every single thing you knit?

  70. martha marques

    I know that you have really warm feet — so you knit socks for your beloved grandmother. But when you are knitting socks for yourself

    What is a good non-wool sock yarn?

    Do you have a favorite sock pattern for your own feet?

    Do you have a favorite adaptation for curvier legs (fuller calves)?

  71. Karen

    Congratulations on 6 years of blogging!

    What do you liked to do if you aren’t knitting? Do you have a favorite knitting book/non-knitting book?

  72. Kimberly

    What is your favourite type of wool to spin and have you ever started with a dirty fleece and processed it all by hand?

    I have done it twice now, lots of work! Love your blog too, keep it up!

  73. KnittySue

    Happy Knitaversity! Since your one of my top 5 favorite blogs I’ve learned alot from you so here are my questions.

    What method of bindoff do you use most, or preferr?

    Are you an English style knitter or continental?

    What is your favorite sock pattern that you wear?

    About how long do you knit each day?

    Thanks for the contest…this is fun.

  74. Diane

    Happy Knitaversary!!!

    1. What is your favorite cast on method for various garments / socks?

    2. What was your big “aha moment” (that first special hand knit item) where you KNEW that creativity, passion and knitting had really meshed and that this would be part of your life always?

  75. Scottishbunny2003

    Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway, I’ve been reading your blog since I joined Ravelry (I often see it recommended there, as you are more than likely aware). On to my questions (in order of curiosity):

    If you could stitch’n’bitch with anyone, who would it be?

    What is your proudest knitting accomplishment – either an item or a technique?

    What is your favourite fibre to work with? Conversely, your least favourite?

  76. Jan

    Would you call yourself a process knitter or a product knitter?

    What was your biggest knitting challenge?

    Do you spin on a spindle or a wheel?

    Do you see yourself taking up weaving?

  77. britt

    Why are you drawn to the colors you are drawn to? What makes you go outside your norm and choose a new color that normally clashes with the rest of your stash/style?

  78. Victoria

    Happy blogiversary!

    I too would like to know about the origins of the name ‘Grumperina’.

    Also, where is the strangest place you have knit? (I remember you blogging about knitting whilst walking to check on your lab work in the night!)

    You seem to be quite a perfectionist and I have admired your ability to redo until you have got it right, but are there any parts of you knitting that are distinctly slapdash? confess!

    Hope you keep knitting and blogging a while longer.

  79. Brenda

    When did you start spinning?!

    Are you going to be publishing any more patterns in the near future?

    Happy six years of knitting. Hopefully you will enjoy many more.

  80. Deb

    Congratulations on your knitaversary! I am a great admirer of your blog and your knitting talent.

    You seem to be an expert knitter and finisher. Do you have a favorite finishing tip/technique?

    Which of your finished projects are you most proud of?

  81. Alyssa

    I didn’t read all the comments yet, but here’s mine!

    If you had unlimited time, money, and yarn, what would you knit?

  82. Joanne

    Happy #6!

    Do you have a tutorial for setting in zippers? (you do, and it’s really helpful :D)

    How would you define “process knitter”, and what are your favourite things about your knitting personality?

  83. Tiffanie

    What is your favorite pattern book (at this time)? for what reasons? patterns or techniques?

    And do you have a favorite project that you have in store for the future, something you have been dreaming of making?

  84. Mary Anne

    Happy Knitaversary to you!

    –Do you listen to knitting-related podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

    –How did you transition into designing? How far along were you in your knitting development when you decided to design something and then submit/offer it?

    –If you could plan a vacation anywhere, where would it be and what would you do (I mean, anything in addition to knitting)?

    –So, what’s with the Home Depot thing? I don’t remember you writing about that much…..

    –What advice would you give to a young woman, say 18 years old?

    –If you could give advice to yourself at 18, what would it be?

    OK, I’ll stop, I’m asking more than my share:)

  85. Audrey Law

    what kind of research are you involved in?

    Love reading your blog,

    Fellow scientist/knitter


  86. dana

    how generous of you to hold this contest!

    i would like to know: is there something that you’ve never done, knitting-wise, that you will never do?

  87. Debi

    I have loved many of your pictures. What kind of camera do you use and are you a professional photographer?

    What do you do in your real life?

    When did you start knitting and why?

    Keep on blogging, love to read it, I have it on my homepage. Happy Anniversary to You!!!

  88. Tanis Lavallee

    Happy Knitaversary!

    -do you pick or throw?

    -what is your day job?

    -what is your favorite thing to knit and why?

    -do you knit mostly for yourself or for others?

    -what is your favorite colour?

  89. Angelia Batson

    Congrats!!! Love your blog, definately an inspiration.

    1. What do you spin on?

    2. What prompted you to learn to knit?

    3. Do you alway carry knitting with you and knit in public?

    Thank you


  90. Carolyn

    Happy Blogiversary! Wow, 6 years of awesomwness!

    My question (all of the above ones are great!) Is there something that you have knit where you followed the pattern exactly? I know how you like to modify and change things, and was just wondering if there’s a pattern out there that worked for you just as written.

    Congrats, and here’s to more years of knitting and blogging!

  91. Linda

    Happy Knitaversary!!

    There’s lots of good questions on here! I hope many of them make it to your page, because I’d curious to see the answers!

    How do you think Ravelry and the internet has impacting knitting and the knitting community? How do you feel about these changes?

    If you could change one thing about your knitting, or the way you knit, your methods or approaches, what would it be?

  92. pennie

    What is the best way you’ve found to weave in the ends on a crocheted granny square?

    Do you usually ask for knit/crochet/fiber-related items as gifts when family and friends ask you what you’d like?

    Thanks for the contest and Happy knitaversary!

  93. Mary Steinmetz

    Happy knitaversary !

    Is knitting a compliment to or an escape from your day job?

  94. erica

    What is the one thing you wish someone had told you before you found out the hard way?

    Is there a knitting technique that you avoid? One that makes you reject a pattern?

    how has knitting changed your life?

  95. Mari

    happy knitaversary!

    What knitting technique do you most loath, but know is important nonetheless?

  96. Susan C.

    Happy Knitaversary!

    What time of day do you get most of your knitting done?

    What are your favorite needles for sweater knitting? Lace knitting? Sock knitting?

  97. Bertha

    I know that you’re a ruthless perfectionist when it comes to your knitting and would like to know if this continues in other areas of your life, or is it mostly just in your crafting?

  98. Rora114

    Congrats on six years of knitting! I’m coming up to my first year, and I already wonder what new skills I’ll have learned by the time I get to my sixth year of knitting.

    My question is related to finishing: If you were to recommend one book, one webpage, and one knitter to help one learn how to master finishing, what would it be?

  99. Heather L

    I agree with wanting to know what you do for a living!

    Also…What’s your favorite of your own designed patterns?

    What are the qualities of a good (in your opinion) sock yarn?

    Looking forward to reading the new FAQ!

    When do you do your knitting?

    Happy knitaversary!

  100. Whitney

    What is one knitting technique that you just haven’t gotten the courage to try yet, but is on your knitting “bucket list”?

  101. pocketsize

    Some general questions that I like to ask people:

    – What did you want to grow up to be when you were little? How has that changed during the years and how does it relate to what you do now?

    – Do you choose starter or dessert? (if you could only have one for a given meal, and without looking at the menu, just in general)

    – What is your first memory?

    – Do make lists to go the supermarket?

    – What is the best holiday you have had?

  102. Deborah

    Are you a process or a project knitter? What is it about knitting that captured you six years ago and keeps you interested?

  103. Katy

    Happy Knitaversary!

    Has knitting made you more or less grumpy?

    What is the story behind the name Grumperina?

  104. Susanne

    Are you still doing the same job as you have mentioned years previous (research in a lab I think)?

    Does your hub have a hobby that he likes as much as you enjoy your knitting?

    What is your most favourite knitted item you have made?

  105. Kelly

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I just recently celebrated my 6 month knitterversary! I am looking forward to celebrating many more.

    I’d like to know what got you to try knitting 6 years ago. What was your very first project?

    I am very interested in what gets people to try knitting and how it helps them in the world outside of knitting.

  106. Barbara S

    Happy sixth! I’ve enjoyed your blog.

    I’d like to know:

    -what is your “happy place”? the place, virtual or real, that you go to when life throws you a curve and you need to regain your balance.

    -if you were Queen of the Universe, what one wrong would you right?

    Thanks for the contest…it’s been interesting to read the other questions.

  107. Rubiy

    -What’s your favorite think about knitting?

    -What’s your least favorite thing about knitting?

    -Do you think you’ll ever go back to sweaters?

  108. Melissa

    What would you be doing if you hadn’t started to knit?

    What is your favorite outfit to wear?

    Salty snacks or sweet?

    Chocolate or vanilla?

    Would you shoot yourself if someone told you the only yarn you could ever use again was Red Heart?

  109. Erin B

    How did you learn to knit?

    What would you suiggest for a great starter project and what was yours?

    Ravelry name?

  110. Bonney

    Happy Anniversary! My question is this: What is one crafty hobby you were sure you’d love until you tried it?

  111. Cin

    I’m pretty sure other people have asked this, but “What’s the backstory on the Home Depot part of your blog title?”

  112. Ginger

    Sorry if this is a repeat, I didn’t have time to read all of the previous comments.

    What is your favorite thing to do while knitting, do you like to have TV/music/etc. on in the background?

  113. Jen

    What a very generous contest/giveaway – thanks for it and your blog!

    Do you have any tips for altering patterns to other sizes — for example, a baby/toddler sweater into an adult or youth size or the reverse?

  114. dclulu

    Holy cow, you’ve only been knitting for six years? I’ve been knitting for about 20 and I can only wish my knits looked like yours…

    So some questions:

    Who taught you to knit, and was it love at first knit?

    To what extent are you self taught? How do you choose new techniques you’d like to learn?

    Where do you find the time? I know you work as some sort of scientist (what kind?), so you can’t have a huge amount of time to spend outside work.

    Are you married? Have a family? Do you live near where you grew up?

    What are some non-crafty hobbies or favorite activities of yours?

    Any suggestions for resources on color? I LOVE your green-and-purple baby sweater and would never have thought to put those colors together. How do you pick complimentary/contrasting colors to work together?

  115. Denise

    Happy Knitaversary! I’ve learned many different knitting techniques from you. My favorite is cabling without a cable needle.

    Here are my questions:

    What is your favorite flower?

    Do you like thunderstroms? How about the smell of rain?

    Do you like chocolate?

    What was your all time favorite movie?

    What is your favorite non-knitting book?

  116. Vitpil

    Thanks for six years–I love reading your blog!

      This is a big question, probably more of an essay question than short answer:

    • What are your thoughts on the evolution of one’s knitting? From types of projects (scarfs to socks, to sweaters, to shawls, to not wanting to knit sweaters again, etc) to types of fibers (how to learn to “read” yarn and to know how it will behave in various kinds of patterns and stitches) to techniques?
      Here’s a short answer one:

    • Do you like to sniff yarn? What’s that about? 😉
    • Jody

      Happy Knitversary! Congrats on your sixth year!!!

      My question:

      What did you do before you learned to knit?

      Have a happy!!

    • Teish

      I’m posting my questions in between keeping an eye on my three little ones, so forgive me if I repeat an already asked question!

      1)How did you learn to alter patterns? Did you find a particular book helpful, or just trial and error?

      2)Your finishing techniques look so professional! Was there a particular book, website, class, etc. that helped you learn them?

    • emily

      Do you prefer bamboo/wood, plastic, or steel needles.

      What has been the hardest thing you’ve ever knit.

      If you could meet a famous knitter, who would it be and what’s one question you would ask them.

    • Gwynne

      Happy Knitaversary!!

      What are your favorite items to knit as you have evolved over 6 years?

      Do you prefer pattern books or technique books, or a combo?

      Do you knit daily?

    • Rebecca

      Happy Knitaversary to you! Happy Knitaversary to you!Happy Knitaversary dear Grumperina! Happy Knitaversary tooooo youuuuuuu!

      Thank you for many hours of fun comments and a spectacular contesty thing!

      My question is…what connections can you make between Home Depot and knitting? What knitting tool could you get there…hmmmm?

    • duni

      what is your all-time favorite thing that you’ve knitted?

      your most-used knit?

      knit that made you feel proud and accomplished?

      what are you intimidated by (craft or otherwise)?

    • sweetea

      When knitting in the round, do you change the way you knit?

      I knit combined, therefore, when I knit in the round I have to change to continental so that I don’t end up with a wonky, twisted sock. Do you do the same, or do you change the way you wrap the yarn? (I tried this once, instead of picking as I knit, I wrapped the yarn over the needle in an effort to keep knitting combined…it took forever.)

    • Jolene

      How did you meet your husband?

      How did you end up in the US?

      What’s your favorite movie?

      Favorite thing to knit?

      Knitting thing you want to learn next?

      Congrats on the Knitaversary. I enjoy your blog very much!

    • Sue H

      Tips for Sock Knitting 00! Sock patterns for DPN impaired people? These are things I’d love to know!

      Happy blogging!

    • elsimom

      Have you figured out a way to knit and read?

      Do you have suggestions for increasing one’s knitting speed?

      You often work with fine weight yarns, why? (see above question re: knitting speed for my avoidance of same thus far in my relatively young knitting career.)

    • Jorie

      Happy knitaversary, Grumperina. I really enjoy reading your blog and love that it is updated so frequently.

      I’ve always wondered what kind of scientist you are.

      What kind of music do you listen to?

    • Mary K. in Rockport

      When I first came across your blog, I went back and read your archives as well as 100 Things About Me, so I know the answers to many of the questions asked above. But here’s a question which has niggled at me – you mention that you changed your name which had originally contained many more letters. I’m guessing it was Ekaterina. Am I right?

      In actual life, time flows in only one direction, and many events are beyond one’s control. But in knitting, one can UNDO and make the project come out just right. That’s the chief reason I like to knit, and I’m guessing it’s one of your reasons, too. Again, am I right?

    • knitlass

      Happy knittiversary!

      What method do you use for joining yarn when knitting lace?

      What other dos and donts are there for you when knitting lace and choosing a lace project (e.g. yarn type, feelings about yarn colours/variegation, working from charts and so on.

    • Caitlin

      What is your favorite thing to knit?

      What are your favorite sweater patterns?

      What are you favorite yarn shops?

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Jacie

      If you were a tree, what tree would you be?

      I has absolutely nothing to do with fiber arts, but it’s my favorite question on things like this 🙂

      Happy kintaversary!!

    • Carol

      Happy Knitaversery! But, really, only 6 years??!! I find it amazing that someone can go from beginner to expert and designer so fast. So my question is, how did you do it? Were you involved in other fiber crafts before taking up knitting? Or sewing maybe? Or do you just have a great eye for color & design?

    • melanie

      Which knitting stitch do you hate to do so much that you will think twice before knitting anything with that stitch?

      Congrats on the 6 years. I’ve been a follower since the Picovoli top in Magknits.

    • Kassia

      Congratulations and happy knitaversary! I really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

      ~ what is your favorite non-wool yarn?

      ~ what is your favorite technique for knitting socks and why? (ie…dpns/circs/magic loop, toe up vs top down, etc)

    • Sally

      I’m a late-comer to your blog, so I missed the first 100 things. Will you repost some of them?

      Congrats on your knitaversary! Thanks for your inspiration! A fresh question…hmmmmmmm…..

      Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

    • Ingrid

      What life skill or knowledge do you find most useful to your knitting projects. (Maths? Geometry? Colour theory? Anatomy?) What should I have remembered from school to help me in my knitting?!

    • planetKnit aka Karen

      Happy Blogiversary!!

      What is your favorite yarn after Lorna’s Laces?

      And what is up with the Home Depot reference?

    • Becky

      I find time and again, more than any other blog I read, I come back to your blog and search for certain techniques that I remember you discussing. So I guess the faq would be: What techniques have you explored and discussed? Then the answer could be links to those really useful blog posts. I know this one would be a lot of work, but I would find it useful and helpful!

      You might also do the same for the yarns that you’ve discussed in detail. For example, I remember an old post about Classic Elite Classic Silk and how you decided that it really was machine washable, even though not labeled that way. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m looking forward to taking your word for it and getting some Classic Silk.

    • knitography

      Happy Knitaversary!

      What was the most challenging thing you’ve knit?

      Favourite technique?

      Favourite designer?

      What prompted you to pick up the needles in the first place?

    • D Martin

      How do you do work your calculations to find out if you have enough for another row/repeat, etc?

    • marie in florida

      were you surprised that Jaywalker “went viral” ? happy all of itversary; and thanks for Odessa.

    • Emily

      I have found very useful the instructions you posted ages ago for a stretchy bind-off for toe-up socks (k2, k2tog tbl, k1, k2togtbl, etc.) – so my question is as follows:

      “I would like a stretchy cuff on my toe-up socks. What bind-off method would you recommend?”

    • Wollgut

      Happy Knitaversary!

      1. Knitters passionately express their preference for either flat knitting or knitting in the round. What do you think are the pros and cons of either technique? (And which do you prefer?)

      2. Cables without a cable needle: I usually break my fingers trying it, and then I go back and pick up my cable needle. Any tips on how to do it well?

      3. I’m very new to knitting baby stuff, and so far I haven’t found that one collection of baby patterns that is just right. Any favorite baby pattern books you can think of?

      4. Your blog is awesome. How many readers do you have?


    • Shyree

      Congratulations on your knitaversary! 🙂 I have just recently started going through archives and reading them. There are a lot of socks back there!

      Forgive me if you have answered either of these questions before, but

      ~ do you prefer large projects (sweater, blanket) or small projects (sock, babyknit)?

      ~ how do you feel about EZ? All the knitters I have talked to either love her, or can’t stand her…

    • Lisa

      What is the most unusual construction you have run across in a knitting pattern? (I’m a sucker for unusual construction)

      Happy Knitaversary!

    • jessica

      Happy Knitaversary!

      What is your go-to knit baby gift?

      and if $ was no object what yarn would you buy?

    • Kathy

      This one is easy (for me, maybe not so for you): What guide do you use for recalculating sweaters when you want to change: the size, the yarn weight, they yarn type (i.e. calls for cotton, but you want to use wool)? I tried to rework a sweater pattern for a heavier yarn, negative ease, but the same yarn weight. I now have a small tent. 🙁

    • LaurieM

      Happy anniversary!

      What is the first project you ever made? Which project are you most proud of? What is the most difficult project you’ve ever made? (I don’t assume it’s the one you are most proud of.)

    • KT

      Lorna’s Shepherd Sock is my favorite sock yarn, too. Maybe I’ll use that as my question: What are your favorite/standby yarns for different project categories? (socks, baby garments, blankets…)

    • Megan

      What kind of camera do you use? What is your favorite resource for learning photography skills, and do you think any particular skills are especially important for photographing knitting?

    • cory ellen

      Happy knitaversary! Thanks for all the great posts over the years – I occasionally read through your archives for fun, especially right around midterms. 🙂

      What are your go-to source(s) for sock patterns? Lace patterns?

      What are your top 5 favorite fingering/sock weight yarns and why?

    • Meredith

      What fiber is your favorite to work with? What fiber do you simply abhor?

      If you won an unlimited shopping spree for any store of your choice (but only one store) for a single day, where would you go shopping?

      What do you do to support your yarn addiction?

    • kelli

      Coffee or Tea?

      Sweet or Salty?

      Favorite fiber?

      Congratulations on your knitaversary! What kind of cake do you bake for that?

    • Dee Anna

      Happy Knitaversary!

      How diligent are you about swatching? Do you always make a 4″x4″ square, in every pattern stitch, and wash and block it or do you sometimes do less?

      What is your favorite of you own designs and why?

    • Joan

      Happy Knitaversary! Enjoyed reading your blog for (most) of these 6 years!

      How much time do you spend knitting each day?

      Favorite online shops?

    • Cynthia A

      Happy Anniversary/Knittaversary!

      My questions is: What has been your best-loved, most used, knitted item or garment, and why? Is it the style, the yarn, the comfort, the colour?

      Best wishes,

    • ingridm

      happy knitversary!

      What is your favorite of the projects you’ve ever knitted and why?

      Where did you find inspiration to the wonderful patterns jaywalker and picovoli?- Im so impressed by them.

      Favorite knitting book?

      How do you respond when somebody tries to order a knitted piece from you?

    • Robyn

      Looks like a popular question but….

      Favorite colour? Do you have colours you will not knit with? Does the fibre change your favorites? I am looking forward to seeing the answers! Congratulations on 6 years!

    • Mimi

      Happy Happy Knitaversary! I have enjoyed your blog very much over the years. Your generosity in sharing your experiences, yarn and book comments and projects have also been inspiring.

      Question: what is your favorite cast-on for various projects (e.g. for socks, pullover or shawl)? the corollary queston: What is your favorite bind off (e.g. neckline, cuff of the sock, hemline).

      Thank you for a great 6 years. I hope you continue for many, many more.

    • Kristie

      What is it that makes you so grumpy? And how is it that you are a renowned Grumpster, but seem so happy and pleasant on the blog? (I suspect it’s all that knitting that’s turned your attitude around. 😉 )

    • Allison

      I see that you’ve been knitting socks for a lot longer than I have. What brands do you particularly recommend, in terms of durability and color-fastness? (Other than Lorna’s Laces, which is a given!)

    • rachelerin

      How do you explain how great and popular knitting is to your friends and family when you do things like go to talks, festivals, publish in magazines, etc, or do only select few in your life know about the knitting?

    • Jen H

      Happy Anniversary, Grumperina!

      Q1: I know that projects call for specific yarns, but what yarn (maker and weight) never disappoints and is always a go-to for you? Why that yarn?

      Q2: How does knitting help you navigate life’s difficulties?

      I love your blog and love the new Budgie pattern. I think I’m going to have to purchase it sooner or later…

    • erin

      I can’t believe you have only been knitting for 6 years. You are so talented, I have been knitting for a short 10 years and have not managed to acquire your skills. My questions come from this quandary…

      What is your day job?

      How do you find time to knit?

      Do you make it a point to knit? or do you have some kind of structure you methodically follow to improve your knitting skills?

    • Beatriz

      Happy knitaversary to you! And wishing you many, many more. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your latest knitting projects. What a generous giveaway you’re hosting.


      I’m curious to know about your favorite comfort foods growing up. And since your favorite fruit is a tomato, what are your favorite tomato recipes.

    • Amy P.

      Happy anniversary! I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited from your explanation of cabling without a cable needle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      My question:

      How do you think being a scientist helps and hinders you when it comes to knitting?

    • Otismurph

      Do you think having a background in science has contributed to your love of knitting? In what ways?

      I love your blog, by the way – one of the first ones I started reading years and years ago. I really like the methodical approach you take to patterns and design. Here’s to many more 🙂

    • marjorie

      I love a short-row heel (my variation of the Sherman) but most patterns are written for a flap heel. Why is that? (No flaming intended, but to me the flap yells “homemade”; the short-row “hand-made”.)

    • blogless grace

      Congratulations on your Knitversary!

      My question: Do you feel like a process or product knitter? I know I slide from one to the other depending on what I am doing at the time.


    • Linda Marston

      I am a frugal knitter and often use a substitute yarn for the one called for in a pattern. Usually I get the stitch gauge to match the pattern, but sometimes the row gauge is off. What’s the easiest/quickest way, besides using the recommended yarn, to get both stitch and row gauge to match?

    • Lee

      I’d like to know what interested you in knitting to make you want to learn and how did you learn? Are your favorite colors to knit with the same as your favorites to wear, to decorate with, or just plain faves? Are you a “yarn snob” or go with whatever? Has anyone ever given you a knitted gift? I have more but I’ll bet others do too.

    • Lillie

      What do you do for a living? I seem to recall reading that you were a student, but that was a long time ago. For your sake, I hope you’ve graduated by now.

    • Jessica

      I would like to know how you join two pieces of linen stitch fabric. Do you use mattress stitch? If so, how can you tell which “ladders” to pick up? Is there a better technique?

      Thanks for a great blog!

    • Hanna

      I’ll chime in with all the other people who are curious about your “real life” and your work.

      The other thing I’d love to know is what it is about knitting that resonates so deeply with you.

    • Michelle

      It’s great seeing all the beautiful FOs on blogs and Ravelry but, with limited funds and limited experience in mind, it would be great to see knits after 6 months or a year. Which yarns, that you’ve used, still look good after normal wash and wear? Any stand out as exceptional? And how about the reverse, have you uses yarns that have been a real disappointment after little use?

      I really enjoy your blog – The effort you put into it is quite evident and very appreciated. Pretty pictures are great but you offer that and so much more! Happy knitaversary!


    • Lia

      I am about to make a sweater for a very tall person. By tall I mean 6’7″. This sweater is going to be a cardigan/jacket style to suit the person’s preference. It is being made entirely out of merino. I know how to adjust for sizing but I fear stretching so:

      When you are making a large item be it plus sized or for someone tall out of all natural fibre, how do you guard against stretching over time or unnatural lengthing, be it through wash or wear?

      I have to tell you, this really scares me. Even with seaming, my last attempt turned into an evening gown.

    • Kat

      What reference and pattern books do you use the most often?

      What sock pattern and yarn do you recommend for a beginner?

      Solve the mystery of the Home Depot reference.

      Happy knitiversary and many more–

    • Juliane

      Happy Knitaversary! I’ve been enjoying your blog very much for the past years. It was one of the first blogs I started reading.

      As much as I’d love to win a prize, I’ll only take it if the shipping is affordable, given that I live in Europe. Here are my questions nonetheless:

      The only occasion on which I ever used a cable needle was on the very first swatch I made to learn cabling, since I learned how to cable without a cable needle directly afterwards (thank you very much for that!) If I recall correctly, I even practised both techniques on the exact same swatch. Did you ever use cable needles after figuring out how to omit them?

      I know you have an extensive library of knitting books. If you were allowed to use only one reference book, which one would it be? Would you recommend the same book for beginners?

      Did you like the very first thing you knitted? And what about the very first thing you knitted for yourself?

      Do you still like them?

      Do you prefer DPNs or circs (for projects in which you could use both)? Is there a type of project for which you wouldn’t want to use one or the other?

      Is there anything you would like to knit someday, but haven’t dared to knit yet, like a project or a technique you’d like to learn? Or do you always tackle things directly?

      Have you ever thought about making your hobby your day job?

      What project took you the longest from start to finish? Were you okay with the fact that it took you so long or did it disturb you?

      What does attract you most in a yarn? Colour, feel (sturdiness, fluffiness or whatelse…), smell,…? Or is it a mixture of all these things?

      What did you do before you learned how to knit? Were there other crafty activities that preceded knitting?

      Is there any project that you feel embarrassed about?

      Are you usually drawn to colours that look good on you? (I know I am!) Are there any colours that you love, but wouldn’t want to wear?

      What needle/yarn combinations work best for you? (I could imagine bamboo needles for slippery silk yarn or steel needles on which catchy wool will slide nicely?)

      Is there a certain type or brand of yarn you would recommend for jaywalkers? And is there a yarn you wouldn’t recommend at all?

      Do you prefer to work heel flaps or short row heels? And which one do you (or your grandma) prefer to wear?

      Last but not least: thanks for this great giveaway and the opportunity to ask questions!

    • Juliane

      Sorry that my previous comment is so outstretched – it looked different in the preview…

    • Ana

      Congratulations on your knitaversary! I think I must have been reading this blog for two years now as I remember your knitaversary back then 🙂

      My question is:

      Who is your favourite person to knit for and why?

    • Giedra Bowser

      What is your favorite reference book for knitting? Favorite gift to knit? Favorite selfish knit? What is your number one recommendation for knitting needles?

    • Diane Vanderwerff

      1. What was the first item you knit?

      2. What was your favorite knit? Have you knit it more than once (or twice)?

      3. What’s the most difficult item you’ve knit? Would you knit it again?

      I feel like you’re my (much funnier) next door neighbor! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Diana


      What are some techniques you think every knitter should know?

      Is there any pattern you have knit more than 5 times?

    • Marion

      Happy Knitaversary! It is amazing how prolific and talented a knitter you are after only 6 years. What does Home Depot have to do with knitting? What would be the top 10 books that every knitter should have?

    • Emma

      What are your favorite needles (feel free to make as many categories as you like)?

      What was your favorite knitting tip/trick discovery in the past year?

      What do you do at Home Depot once you get there?

    • tracey

      Happy Knitaversary!

      What is/are your all time favorite knitting book(s)?

      What is your favorite finishing technique?

      What are your top five favorite yarns?

    • Maryanne

      Happy knitaversary! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I had no idea you’ve only been knitting for 6 years!

      I’ve always wondered how you decide which patterns you post for free and which you choose to put up for sale.

    • Kate

      Do you consider yourself more of a process knitter or a product knitter?

      Do you prefer to keep a stash, or buy yarn as you need it?

      Happy knitaversary!!

    • Karen

      What is your best method for preventing a hole in the corner where the gusset decreases on a sock start?

      Happy knitaversary!

    • Brenna

      Happy Knitaversary!

      List of your “go to” yarns for various types of projects. When I was a new knitter I often wondered what yarns people used and why?

      Great giveaways! I LOVE the Vintage Baby Knits book too. Seriously, I want to make every single pattern.

    • denise f in c'ville, va

      So, you were the first, and maybe the only blogger that made me really understand that there are different versions of needle sizes … you know, usually involving a .25 mm difference. So important when trying to build a circular needle collection and/or work on socks! thanks for that, your blog, and this contest!

    • Jessica

      Happy Knitaversary!

      What is your day job?

      How long have you and Mr Grumpy been together?

    • Kay

      Happy Knitaversary and many more! I’ve been reading your blog for what seems like forever: you were the one who turned me onto emtnestr on eBay and Lorna’s Laces. I guess I could say that you were the impetus for me to start knitting socks!

      How do you pick the yarns for your projects?

      What catches your eye when viewing a potential pattern? Color? Details? Patterning?

      How big is your yarn stash?

    • Gloriane

      What are you grumperina about? What are your favorite color combinations? What are your top five favorite projects? How did you learn to take such awesome pictures of your knits?

    • OzKnitter

      Happy blogiversary! Long time reader, mostly a lurker.

      Where does “Grumperina” come from?

      What do you wish an experienced knitter had told you when you were a beginner knitter?

    • Jenna

      Happy knitaversary! I’m glad to see all this love for such a great blogger. I emailed you once about arch shaping in a sock, so one question would be for you to explain that technique. Other would be: what are your original designs and where can you find them? What knitting tools do you consider to be invaluable? What are your favorite yarn stores in Boston?

    • Liz

      Congrats! Six years is a long time and you have come so far!

      Are there any patterns that scare you away?

      What was your most difficult, but successful project?

      Are there any projects, started, but never finished?

      How many people have you taught to knit?

    • Cabbage

      I would love to know what kind of job you have these days! You were a grad student when you started your blog, right? Something scienc-y?

    • Meg McG

      Also want to know your favorite color(s) and have they changed ever?

      Do you knit things that you don’t show here or do you blog it all?

      What are you and Mr. Sweetness looking forward to most in the next ten years? (a big trip, a new home, starting a family, starting a business?

      What would be your dream (fiber-related) job?

      I have to say that your blog is a constant, consistent resource for me. Your clear, logical approach to knitting and the way you explain difficult techniques has helped me to challenge my boundaries and take on things I have never tried and for that, I thank you!

    • Jeanne

      Do you have any tips on doing nupps? What was the most challenging knit you’ve done?

      Congrats on 6 years – I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time, and I always learn something!

    • Nancy

      1. You will be forever famous as the designer of the Jaywalker socks. What are your thoughts on this fame, and do you have any more sock designs up your sleeve?

      2. How has Ravelry changed the knitblog landscape? How do you use Ravelry yourself?

    • Rachel

      Happy knitaversary! My questions:

      1. If you could only knit with one yarn for the rest of your life, what would it be?

      2. Where do you purchase yarn the most (eg, LYS – and which – or online – and which sites)?

      3. What is your stance on knitted pet clothing?

    • SweetPotato

      1. What are the best resources (books, websites, blogs, etc.) for someone learning to knit?

      2. What is your favorite knitting pattern of all time?

      3. How/when did you start knitting?

    • Sarah

      Happy 6th anniversary! I remember reading your 100 things and finding it very entertaining–esp. the one where you would go through cycles and eat the same food for a while…I do that too. 🙂

      My question(s)

      1. What inspires you to continue to blog after 6 years?

      2. What single piece of finishing advice would you offer to a new knitter–to help give their knitted work “polish”?

    • Jen

      I’m always impressed with how beautifully finished your projects are. I would love to see in your FAQ some fine detail questions/answers. Like – which bind-offs are your favorite for which purposes? What are your favorite tricks for making knitting projects neat and pretty?



    • Denise

      If you pick my name, don’t send me a prize, but I just wanted to congratulate you on your blogaversary and thank you for your inspiration over these years.

    • KittenWithAWhiplash

      Do you have any knit or crochet heirloom pieces passed on to you by your crafty ancestors? Mom has a few of her grandmother’s crochet doilies that may date from the 1880s thru early 1900s. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any of her mother’s or her own work.

      Isn’t it fun being 6 years old again? Congratulations!

    • Tara

      What got you into knitting and what kept you here?

      What are your favorite types of knitting gear? (needles,etc)

      Where do you buy most of your yarn?

      Who is your favorite knitting book author?

    • Kristen

      I’m with a lot of people wanting to know where the name “Grumperina” comes from, but I’m also curious about the Home Depot aspect. (though I’ll admit to enjoying the mystery too…)

    • Katie

      What are your thoughts about knitting for gifts? What makes for a good gift pattern or yarn? Thanks!

    • Kathryn

      Do you have a project that you would categorize as most rewarding? Most challenging? Most fun? Most useful? (Gets the most use?)

    • Sue

      Who taught you to knit?

      What are your favorite things to knit?

      Most hated project?

      Most loved project?

    • fishie

      I love your non-wooly sock yarn list, but I see that it hasn’t been updated in a couple years, and there have been a lot of new non-animal fiber sock yarns that have come out recently. What are your current favorites?

    • Kristy

      Happy Knitaversary! It looks like you have more than enough questions already. But here’s another: I know you said before that you’re done knitting sweaters for yourself because of (I think) issues with fit and flattery. BUT having years more experience (and such resources as the awesome Fit to Flatter series on Stash, Knit, Repeat), are you still resolved in knitting no sweaters for yourself? 🙂

    • EmilyW

      If you could re-live one year of your life (exactly as it was), which year would it be and why?

      If you could re-do one year of your life, which would it be and why?

    • Beth

      Happy blog and knitaversary!

      You seem to be a pretty prolific knitter so I wonder, how much time do you spend knitting each day/weekly and do you have a cleaning lady? 😉

      Also, are you a monogamous knitter or do you have several projects on your needles at one time? If several, what is your upper limit before you start going crazy?


    • Jen

      Hmph… I thought I posted but I don’t see my comment.

      I have always admired how beautifully “finished” your projects are. Could you put something in the FAQ about fine detail techniques? I.e. which bind-offs do you use for which purposes, how do you choose such perfect buttons to fit your projects, etc.

    • Pat

      Happy Knitaversary!

      I’m a Cambridge-area scientist too, and have always been curious about what variety of scientist you are. 🙂

      What kinds of non-knitting books do you enjoy reading, and who are your favorite authors?

    • Barbara

      1. Is there a knitting item or pattern that intimidates you that you have not knitted?

      2. Have you ever knit anything for your cat? (a blanket or toy, etc)

      3. Where do you like to knit and where do you get most of your knitting done? (Do you have favorite chair you like to sit in, knit on a commute to work, knit while watching movies)

    • Judy

      If you could own your own yarn shop, what would you name it? Congratulations on your anniversary – I love reading your blog!!

    • Robin

      Happy knitaversary to you! I’ve had the pleasure of reading your blog for almost all of those six years. My question for you is, after all of your six years of knitting/blogging do you ever use those stumpy Addi turbo needles any more? If not, what needles are your favourites?

    • Fay

      This isn’t a question, but I think you need to include in your “100 things about me” that you have your own Lorna’s Laces colorway.

      And that you’re a sock knitter but not a sweater knitter. Not out of any lack of aptitude since you’ve designed the inimitable Picovoli and worked an intarsia buffalo sweater, but just out of preference.

      Really, you could have had your readers demonstrate their following by writing the *answers* to the FAQ rather than asking the questions! That way you don’t have to do all the hard work. 🙂

    • MissTam

      What kind of scientist are you?

      What is the origin of your nickname, “Grumperina”?

    • Anna

      The thing that immediately popped into my head was “What’s your favourite cast-on?” I’m always curious about that. Looks like someone already asked, though. So another question is: If you buy yarn on impulse, what kind (weight, fibre, etc) do you usually gravitate to?

    • Josiane

      Spinning? You got into spinning? Sweet! Can you tell us more about your experience with it? I’d love to read about your spinning (in the FAQ, sure, but also in your posts). Oh, and see the undoubtedly gorgeous picture you may have taken of your handspun!

      Happy knitaversary!

    • Jacqui

      Yours is one of the first blogs i discovered and I’ve been visiting ever since.

      My questions:

      How does having an audience (via your blog) influence your knitting?

      If you didn’t blog – would you still knit?

      Thanks for the chance to win on your anniversary…

      Jacqui in NZ

    • Karen S

      Happy knitaversary! You’ve come miles in those six years.

      What is your favority type of sock yarn?

      Is there anything in knitting you haven’t tried, but would like to (try/learn?).

      Best wishes for many more years of happy knitting

    • Jen

      What is the most challenging project you have undertaken to date?

      What do you hope to conquer by your 7th year?

    • bloepper

      golly! that’s an impressive list of questions. and i’m also impressed by what you’ve achieved after ‘only’ 6 years of knitting – your own designs and all those clever pattern modifications. congratulations. my question, even though someone else has already asked is:

      to stash or not to stash?

    • Connie

      Have you figured out a way to read and knit simultaneously without sitting at a table? Reading or knitting in my chair with my feet up is far more comfortable than sitting in a straight chair, but where does the book go if I’m knitting?

    • limedragon :-: Harriet

      Happy knitversary! Mine is this month too. : )

      Tell us a little bit about where you come from. (If I recall correctly, you came to the US when you were young.)

      Do you use a knitting basket for TV knitting? What have you tried/used (if any), and which did you like best?

    • VelveTiger

      Do you ever attend knitting workshops? Have you ever thought about teaching a workshop?

    • Sherry r

      Happy knitaversary!

      If you could only use one weight of wool, which would you choose?

      What is the knit item you are currently most proud of making?

      I hope you continue to keep blogging, I always like reading your blog.

      Thank you! Sherry

    • Candace

      A very Happy Knitaversary to you, fellow knitter!

      I avoid small skeins because of the constant joining so my question is:

      What is the best way to join skeins and the best way to weave in the resulting “short ends”.

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom and humor.

    • Lynn

      How fun! I would like to ask what book would you recommend, as the best, for a knitter? I am trying to say the best all around (not necessarily knitting in the round).

    • Rosemary

      Happy Knitaversary!

      I’m a knitter and crochet inept. I have always loved your crochet work. Your colour and pattern choices are modern and inspiring. Could you crochet before you knit? Was it hard to learn?

    • HK

      What is your graduate degree in? Do you see any connection between your graduate work and knitting or crafting in general?

      Thanks for the great blog!

    • Pam

      Happy Knitaversary!

      How long did it take you to determine & make peace with the fact that you’re not an adult-sweater knitter? [and thank you tremendously for that, btw – it freed me up seeing you admit it]

    • Bertha Mallard

      Congratulations on six years of knitting and blogging. My question is: Do you buy extra yarn to allow for a swatch or two or three? I always wonder what to do.

    • Slinky

      What is your favorite thing to knit?

      What is your favorite thing to actually wear/use?

      How long is your list of things you’ve said you’d maybe knit for people but probably won’t ever get around to? (everyone has one of those right?)

      How long is your queue on Ravelry?

    • Sarah

      What made you want to start knitting?

      Are you self taught or did someone teach you?

      Do any of your family knit, too?

    • Terry

      Congrats on the Anny!


      1) what is your favorite type of knitting (socks, sweaters, etc)?

      2) What do you hate to knit?

      3) Do you have a “go to” knitting book?

      4) What would you love to learn to do?

      5) Do you swatch or just go for it?

    • Samina

      Happy Knitav! I’d love to know what you do in real life too. I know you’re in the sciences, but what do you do?

    • Kathryn

      What are the five most satisfying things about your life right now?

      What ten books would you take with you if you had to leave earth in a spaceship and could only take ten?


    • beverly

      Happy Knitaversary.

      I love the little Budgie sweater. I have a grandaughter that will be 2 in August, maybe I will make one for her. I would love to win one of your prizes. Keep on Knitting!!!!

    • Gail

      happy knitaversary!

      What makes you laugh? or what do you find funny? That’s as much about you as what you knit, as it speaks to your personality.

    • Seanna Lea

      I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but what I want to know is what was the first thing you designed?

      How did you go about creating the design? Do you draw them out and then build the pieces or are you more of a determine the math for the entire thing and then think it through?

    • naomi

      Happy knitaversary!

      It’s already been suggested, but I think your go-to cast-ons/bind-offs (and when you don’t use them) would be great info for a FAQ page.

    • diane

      Do you typically complete one project before commencing another? Do you have a WIP stash?

    • Rosalia

      Hi! Happy Knitaversary! I love visiting your blog because you always have some interesting projects to show or a technique. You are very inspiring. I would like to know if just work on one project at a time before beginning another or do you have multiple projects going? I have tried multiple projects at once but find that I am not very productive, so have decided to work on one project at a time and once I am almost done begin the next project. Looking forward to your answers!

    • Nan

      How do you know how much yarn to leave loose when knitting a two-color pattern? No matter how ridiculously long a piece of yarn I leave while working in the other color, I always end up with bunching!


    • Barbara

      Did you bring your science training to knitting, or is your approach to both science and knitting something that is innate and instinctual? How can we help our children (and ourselves) develop and embrace the intellectual curiosity and acute observation of detail that is so obvious in your clearly written descriptions of materials and techniques, processes and handy tips?

    • Melissa

      Happy Knitaversary! On to the questions…

      What is your dream job?

      What is the most straight forward, easiest, most idiot proof seaming technique that you know?

      What are your favorite yarn brands?

      What is your favorite color or color scheme?

      If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself? 🙂

    • jillian

      what field of science do you work in? (im an environmental microbiologist, i had to ask!)

    • Nise

      Do you prefer big projects or small (ie., sweaters or scarves)?

      What’s the most useful knitting technique you have learned?

      How big is your stash?

      Do you do other crafty things?

      What is your biggest accomplishment, knitting or otherwise?

      Which finished object do you wear the most?

      Happy Knitaversary!!!

    • Kivy

      Where is the sneakiest place/situation you have ever knit?

      Would you rather spend a vacation hot or cold? How about everyday life?

      Do “Punny” people make you laugh?

    • Gillian

      Congrats on the Knitaversary 🙂 Makes me feel lame that I’ve knit for as long as I have and have yet to try even things like cables. Clearly must get on that.


      Is there any knitting technique that you’ve put off trying?

      Most amusing last minute project-finishing story?

      Earliest memory?

      Favourite thing you’ve knit in your six years of knitting?

      What knitting pattern would you take on a desert island (assuming unlimited yarn, for some reason)

    • Marta

      Congratulations! I always find some pretty images and learn something new when I come by. 🙂

      Regarding your question/s request: how about some insights about how you match yarn to project, beyond the basic requirements of gauge? Also, do you keep your swatches after a project is finished, or what do you do with them – unravel, in order to reuse the yarn?

    • Red

      Happy Knitaversary!

      Do you have a go-to last-minute gift project? As in, if you needed to quickly come up with a handmade gift, is there a pattern that you know you can make quickly and easily that always turns out great?

    • Carrie

      Just how many pairs of socks have you made for your dear grandma? What a lucky lady!

    • Robin


      I’m curious how much time you spend knitting. Also, are you a picker or a thrower?

    • Domina

      What do you do to get out of a knitting slump?

      What is your most used knit of all time?

      What’s the best way to rip back without totally messing up your work?

      *thanks for 6 great years of knit blogging! 🙂

    • Holly

      What are five basic patterns you would recommend for a beginning knitter, and in which order?

      What is the next step, after a simple scarf?

      What knitting book would you recommend to a first-time knitter?

      Happy Knitaversary!

    • TracyKM

      I’d love to know more about your real life–how did you come to America, what do you do besides knit, etc. Which is your most favourite pattern to knit?

      Happy Anniversary!!

    • Christiane

      What’s the pattern you like to knit the most that is the easiest to do, but looks the hardest?

    • claudia

      My question is:

      “Who loves Kitty more, you or your sweet husband??”


      Since I already have the best possible prize from you (your friendship) I do not need more.

    • nosierosie

      Describe an event in your childhood that you believe still to this day impacts your daily life and style.

      Why do you choose the colors you choose?

    • PurrlGurrl

      What are your all-time favorite knitting & crocheting projects (posting photos of each would be nice) and why are they your favorites?

      Do you listen to music while knitting/crocheting? If so, what’s your favorite yarn working music? Do you think it helps or hinders to listen to music (or even talk radio of some type) while yarn working?

      Who are your favorite pattern designers, other than yourself, of course :), and why (design innovation, ease of instructions and/or techniques, adaptability of patterns, etc.)?

    • loel

      First, let me just say that you are one of my absolutely favorite knitting bloggers and I’m so happy you’ve been dependably knitting and posting your work and observations for so many years.

      But I understand you are a full-time lab scientist, wife, and kitty mama, too, and so my question is: Just how do you manage to knit so quickly and so beautifully? Are you an unusually fast knitter? How many hours per week (on average) do you spend knitting?

    • One Sheep

      Congratulations to you on your knitiversary! Could you possibly have pictured this the first time you picked up a pair of needles?

      Here are some things my inquiring mind would like to know:

      What project was the hardest/saddest decision that you had to send it to the frog pond?

      Any person, living, dead, not yet born, fictional:

      Who would you most like to knit/crochet a gift for, and what would it be?

      Who would you most like to knit/crochet a gift for you, and what would it be?

    • Heather Kinne

      Happy knitaversary! I remember last year you had a giveaway and I won a prize! I am so lucky.

      What I want to know is this: is there anything knitting that you CAN’T do? A project, yarn, or technique that has eluded you for some reason? You are just so capable and everything looks so great, I’d love to see something you haven’t yet triumphed over.

    • Bev

      Why did you pick Grumperina as a name? Why are you Grumpy? Are you still that person?

    • Marsha

      Have you ever knit in bed?

      How did you first become interested in learning to knit?

      Have you ever taught anyone to knit?

      Not a question, just a comment: As someone who has been knitting for 40+ years, I am impressed with the speed which you have acquired knitting knowledge.

    • Alli

      Happy Knitaversary!

      I started reading your blog way back when the Jaywalker pattern came out! They were my first pair of patterned socks (thanks!).

      My question is where do you grow up and where do you consider your home to be? Do you think that where you live influences the type of knitting that you do? I am very interested in this question because I have found my own knitting to be motivated by the desire to be both warm and stylish (I live in Alaska) and sometimes I wonder what sorts of things I might knit if I lived somewhere with a different climate.

      Thanks again! You are inspiring! I have learned to be a fearless grafter, fixer and finisher because of your blog! My sweaters are much nicer for it.

    • sherry

      What have you learned about designing and writing patterns that you wish you had known when you started?

      Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Maria

      1. Did someone teach you to knit, or did you learn from a book?

      2. What’s your favorite snack?

      3. If you could knit with only one brand of yarn, what would it be?

      4. What type of knitting will you never ever try?

    • Maryse

      Happy Knitaversary my dear! I really enjoy reading you and seeing all your nice baby knits lately! I’m also really glad to hear that you still enjoy and love knitting the most! That means for many more years for us to admire your good work! What a generous contest. No wonder there are 355 comments so far! Hum, questions now…

      1. How many baby knits have you knit so far this year?

      2. What is your biggest quality in your opinion? Crafty and generous would be two potential answers to me 😉

      Thanks for sharing your passion with us!

    • Lee-Fay

      Thanks for a great blog – inspirational and educational!

      What is your favorite comfort food?

    • melissa

      Where does the name “Grumperina” come from?

      I love your blog! Happy Blogaversary!

    • Rebecca

      How did you first learn to knit…. are you self taught or did family, friends, or internet teach you your skillz?

    • Beverly

      Happy Anniversary!

      1. What are the top 5 knitting books you would recommend?

      2. Where do you find the inspiration for your designs?

      3. Would you be interested in demoing the new techniques you learn on your blog?

    • Shaye

      Do you gravitate toward a certain color yarn when shopping?

      Do you gravitate toward a certain TYPE (content or weight) when shopping?

      How often do you think “I could just make this instead of buying it right now”?

      What’s the most amount of yarn you’ve had in your stash at one point?

      Do you ever get in to knitting ruts/feel too uninspired to knit anything?

      Happy Anniversary, by the way!

    • Rosemary

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your blog has been so inspiring to me as a knitter. Your knitting is so perfect, your projects varied, and you seem to churn out the knitting at a fast pace. My question is: I know you have a sister that knits and I watch her blog as well. Do you have any other siblings that knit? Did you learn to knit from your Mother or relative? Good luck in getting through all these comments/questions.

    • Rainy Daisy

      If a movie were made about your life, what would it be called? And who would play Grumperina? Who would the villain be?

      What was your first career choice when you were young? I mean, what did you think would you grow up to be when you were five?

      Happy knitaversary!



    • Paula B

      Happy Knitaversary!!

      You have talked about your family originating from Ukraine, so-o-o…

      Do you speak any Ukrainian?

      Have you visited there?

    • Jo-Ann

      1. How many pairs of socks have you made for your Grandmother?

      2. what is your most favourite colourway or Lorna’s Laces?

    • Kerstin


      My question is, if you were allowed to cast on just one last project, what would it be then?

      Thanks for your blog and ave a nice day

    • Melanie

      Happy Knitaversary!

      Do you have any useful tips/tricks for beginning knitters?

      How did you get interested in knitting?

      How much time per day on average do you get to spend knitting?

      Thank you for the chance to win!

    • Liz Tamiso

      How do you decide if someone is a knitworthy gift recipient? I struggle with this quite often !!

      and happy knitaversary, I think I’ll have to celebrate my 5 years in December this year.

    • jane

      What yarn did you decide never to knit again?

      What was your worst (disaster) project?

      Do you learn best from books? from hands on teaching? from listening?

    • Jennifer

      Happy Knitaversary!

      Two things: what kind of scientist and/or science interests you? What’s your best zinger?? 🙂

    • Sue

      This is a well kept secret (or so it seems to me): how to weave in ends attractively.

    • Ereuyi

      How did you start designing your own patterns?

      Can you recommend any references to help beginners with this?

    • failbetter

      You’re a scientist, and so am I, which is why I’m curious to hear your reflections on my own preconceived view of who knits. My traditional view is that of an old lady. My contemporary view is of a part hippie part dancer artistic type who might even raise her own sheep.

      I don’t see myself in my own preconceived ideas, to the extent that I sympathize particularly with men who knit sort of as we belong to the same club of people not expected to knit.

      So I guess my question comes down to: being a scientist and knitter, is that normal or extraordinary?

    • Lindsay Fairchild

      Are you the type of knitter that needs to finish a project before starting a new one, or do you have massive amounts of unfinished projects and are impulsive about starting new projects?

    • Paulette

      Congratulations on your 6th anniversary! I enjoy your blog, and am so impressed at all you accomplish and you’ve only been knitting a little longer than I have…..I feel like a slacker!!

      I want to try knitting lace—what advice can you give me to get me off to a good start?

    • ariane

      We all know what your favourite sock yarn is… So what is your favourite sweater yarn?

    • Cindi

      ~Do you block before or after assembling your finished product?

      ~Do you soak or steam for blocking?

      ~What prompted you to learn to knit? I went to a class with 6 friends from work and we’ve stayed close for 21 years since then. What was your experience?

      This is a great contest and I love your blog!

    • camille

      happy 6th!

      here’s my question:

      If you had a mysterious benefactor and could spend your (non-working yet fully funded) days in whatever ways you chose, what would you do with your time?

      i am in awe of your productivity!

    • Angie

      Happy 6th Knitaversary Kathy! I really enjoy your blog and all your really insightful technique tips. Here’s my technique request:

      When picking up stitches, where exactly do you pick up? On both garter and stockinette. One strand, a whole stich, half etc… How do you space the stitches as to not make a gap or pulling holes?

    • Shelda

      Happy blogaversary! You have such a great blog going. I just love to read what you’re up to, and I find out lots of fun stuff.

      My question: what do you think keeps so many of us so totally obsessed with knitting? As in, what is it about knitting that fascinates and enthralls? Not sure there is an answer, but I’d love to hear your musings.

    • Rachel D.

      Happy Blogaversary!

      What was your most indulgent, luxurious yarn purchase? What’s the one skein of yarn that you cannot bring yourself to knit up?

    • erica

      hi grumper, i’m unlurking for the contest 🙂 i would like to know how many times in a row you will screw something up before you abandon it completely… or do you not screw up? i find some projects just do NOT want to be knit and repeated attempts just make things worse for me…

      great blog!!

    • Donna B.

      Every Thanksgiving I give thanks for your “how to cable without a cable needle” set of instructions! So my question is … what pattern, post, or shared-with-the-world bloggy accomplishment are you most proud of?

    • Herdis

      Thanks for a fabulous blog and happy knitaversary 🙂

      Do you think that being a scientist makes you a better knitter? Different knitter? How so? And do you think that the scientific mindset is ever a liability in your knitting?

    • Meg

      What is your go-to sock pattern?

      What’s the best way to make stripes in socks? (Your post on the spiral stripes made me want to try socks and is the one thing that will make me go back to DRNs rather than 2 circs!)

      Happy blogaversary! Love your blog – one of the first I read regularly.

    • Sara

      What is your favorite/least favorite knitting/crochet/etc technique?

      What’s your favorite place?

      Why do you blog?

      Just some random questions off the top of my head. 🙂

    • diane

      How long have you been knitting?

      What is you favorite food?

      What is your least favorite food?

      What type of music do you like?

      Where would you like to visit that you have never been?

    • Cathy

      Are you a fast knitter? If so, how fast do you knit?

      Is your husband OK with you knitting in the car, vs spending time talking with him?

      Thanks for the Great blog!

    • Vicki

      What is the one project you are most proud of?

      I can’t believe you have only been knitting 6 years!! You have come so far in such a short amount of time. Here’s to a lifetime more 🙂

    • momwhoknits

      Just followed some links recently to your blog and really like it. I want to know: what are your favorite 3 knitting blogs? Do you have any other blogs that you follow?

    • Dee

      Why do you knit?

      When did you feel like you were an accomplished knitter?

      Favorite movie? Book? Guilty pleasure?

    • Holly

      Happy Knitaversary!!

      My question is… what makes Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock your favorite sock yarn. What if you had to choose a second favorite?

    • marilyn

      As I’ve said many times before, I really love your blog! So Happy Happy Blogiversy!

      I recall reading about your wedding (perhaps on Rav and not in here). In particular the difference in cultural interpertations intersted me the most. Especially the part where you explained that when Russians call a wedding for 3pm, it means the wedding starts at 4 or 5 (or something like that. I know I have the gist if not the facts). But Americans thing that a wedding called for 3 means the ceremony is at three. Actually, I’m American and tha was a bit hard for me to get use to as well. Since to me a 3pm invite meant I should get there at 3, which is, as we now both know not the case. So, my question is, were you born in Russia or in the US. And if the former at what age did you get here. And as I write this I seem to remeber that certain Jewish weddings (my culture) when they call it for 3, the first thing that happens is a big drinking and appetizer fest. Then the ceremoney. Then a buffett, while photos are being shot. A BIG BUFFET. And then, on to the dining room for a full course meal.

      Thanks for all your wisdom and entertainment!

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