Sheepy travels

This year I attended the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair for the first time. I usually go to the New Hampshire one instead, but other plans got in the way earlier this month (plus I heard it was raining and quite unpleasant).

While the Massachusetts festival is smaller than the New Hampshire one, all the requisite components were there. There were sheep and alpaca:

(Also lots of bunnies, but I didn’t snap a picture.)

Yarn was purchased, as usual:

Feeling kind of blue this year.

And on the way there and back, where I would typically get a lot of knitting done, there was instead UNknitting.

Yeah, I’m really going through with the alterations. Taking apart the vest was actually a piece of cake. I’m always pretty straightforward with my finishing – buttons are held down with simple stitches, ends which have been woven in are minimally long and easy to find. For such a large piece, I usually don’t use cast-on/off ends for other functions (seaming, more knitting, etc.) precisely because situations like this one do occur. What’s even better, because Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed is so nubbly and fragile, I used smooth sock yarn for the side seams. That was so simple to find and undo.

Taking apart: easy. No we move on to the complicated bit…


16 thoughts on “Sheepy travels

  1. Mathieu

    J’ai aussi, récemment acheté une quantité juste « de laines et coton bleu » au cours des dernières semaines, non sûre si elle doit faire avec l’obtention au-dessus d’un froid !

    Bon journée 🙂

  2. April

    What a great idea using sock yarn for seaming! I go out of my way to avoid seaming, but using sock yarn might make things a little less horrible.

    Great pics, too.

  3. Domina

    I praise your bravery and efforts! I have a vest that needs to be taken apart and altered, but I haven’t mustered the nerve yet. Perhaps I’ll watch your process to glean tips and courage!

  4. Karen

    Brave unknitting–the sorrow of which I hope has been mitigated somewhat by the awesome blue and green yarn you picked up!!!!

  5. Seanna Lea

    I always have leftover sock yarn, so I will have to keep that in mind when I next have a dk weight sweater to seam.

    Do you think using sock yarn works for a heavier garment or should it stick to just the lighter sweater weights?

  6. Laura Neal

    Love the pics of the fiber animals. I have to say the top pic with the doo is so cute. Good luck with the vest…you might have a long road ahead of you. 🙂

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