Delicate touch

There are many babies slated to arrive during June and July, and the tight deadline has obliterated my entire sense of creativity.

Here we have the über-adorable Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi, and another one in progress. At least I’m making them two different colors!

Even the yarn, Araucania Ulmo, was a completely uncreative choice – I saw Kelly using it, liked it, and bought a few skeins without a second thought. There is still plenty remaining at WEBS at nicely-discounted price, but before you get it, let me share the following with you: first, I find it incredibly splitty. I can’t say it really snags, but the plies separate quite easily when I’m not paying attention. Second, the Bright Turquoise (but not the Medium Purple) rubbed off on my hands as I was working with it.

That being said, the colors are amazing, the hand-dyed variegation is beautiful, and the knitted fabric is really lovely. Each of those little sweaters is using up less than 2 skeins, but I’ll share all those details with you when I blog about the FOs.

Choosing these two colors in particular “tickles my fancy” in some odd way. I think that’s because they are really contrary to the typical baby girl colors – one would be more commonly used for a baby boy, and the other, for a grown-up. No matter! I like ’em :). If I’m going about the task of outfitting an army of babies, I might as well find little nuggets of enjoyment in the process. Besides, the sweet gathers are just the right delicate touch, don’t you think?


28 thoughts on “Delicate touch

  1. Maryse

    They are absolutely gorgeous! Great choice of colors too! I thought the blue was for a boy, what a great idea! Girl also love blue! It’s nice to read honest comments about a particular yarn! We will still buy it to try it if the knitted result is so fantastic and will avoid bad surprises! Look forward to seeing the FOs!

  2. dana

    i would have dressed my daughters in these sweaters. i never was much of a pink fan, let alone pastels.

    in the interest of full disclosure though, both of my daughters did go through a pink phase. short lived, but there. i can still see them in their little pink dresses with the twirly skirts.

  3. Judy

    I love baby sweaters in “unbaby” colors! Your spring baby knitting sounds like my spring last year, and it’s hard to believe all those babies are going on one! Good luck with your finishes.

  4. Melissa

    So cute that I had to go queue it for myself! And I really like the “unexpected” colors. That purple is really beautiful.

  5. Maryann

    The sweaters are adorable, and the colors are fantastic! My daughter has always refused to wear pink or “clothes with flowers on them”. Those sweaters would have been perfect for her!

  6. Maria

    My mother has always refused to make anything in pastels for babies. Seeing that as long as I’ve had any choice in the matter I’ve always gone for fully-saturated colors, I find it to be an excellent policy and I am carrying it forth for the slew of friends’ babies that are coming over the next few months.

  7. Jennifer

    Thanks for the inspiration – just went and purchased the pattern. Your sweaters are so lovely and the colors are exceptional! I love bright colors for babies.

  8. Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

    Lovely cardigans and great colors — might just have to buy some of that at Webs if there’s any left by the time I get there in the next few weeks. The combo of color/pattern has produced a very sophisticated little number. You’ll have to be sure to get your recipients to model them.

  9. Sandy

    Beautiful! I knitted a purple baby sweater in the Fall and the mom didn’t seem to mind the non-pastel-pink. 😉

  10. Carla

    The gathers are perfect and… it is amazingly refreshing NOT to see pink for a little girl. Amazingly.

  11. Mary K. in Rockport

    It is indubitably fun to knit for babies. And I believe that girls can wear any color while with boys the color choices are more limited by gender prejudices.

  12. Maureen

    LOVE them…the colors, the style…love those two colors together! I just ordered this pattern…didn’t realize there was a “tiny” tea leaves pattern! Thanks so much for sharing…this is next on my needles!

  13. Tania

    Absolutely right on with the colour theory. There is no way on this planet I am spending any portion of my life with outdated pale pink and baby blue (well, not for a boy baby) on my sticks!

  14. Kate

    I think babies look adorable in bright or rich colors – pastels are so BORING and show every drool, spit-up, etc.

  15. Melissa G

    No chance of those lucky babies (or mothers) being thought boys in their sweet Tea Leaves sweaters. I ditto Kate (@ 1:34p) on color theory for babies and children.

  16. Maria Neill

    I love the idea of giving knit goods as a birth gift. I come from Chile, where we always made something for baby…of course I am older and things have changed in the last century! I remember all the relatives getting together to knit, usually in yellows or whites. Little sweaters, lots of booties, shawls. And for Mom, the nursing sweater or cape, which was a must to have.

    You do beautiful work.

  17. Michelle

    Oh my I stay away from bloglines for a few weeks and look what I miss – I love that pattern and these colors are just wonderful!

  18. marilyn

    Trust me. The colors are GREAT! When one has baby girls, one is given a virtual closetful of pink and lavendar, so having anything else is just wonderful. The mom will love these!!

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