Felt circles of happiness

Maritza’s baby shower was bound to be a craft gift extravaganza: that’s what happens when mom- and dad-to-be are both artists, and their friends are similarly-inclined. (Check out all the crafty gifts on Maritza’s blog!) I did my part by giving them the Budgie sweater (the original one!), and the Moderne Baby Blanket.

I also decided to whip up a quick garland for decorating at the shower. I used this tutorial from Anna Maria Horner, some wool felt from Stacie’s stash, and leftover embroidery thread from my Sashiko pillow. My husband helped! He traced a spice jar, and cut out all the circles :). We made two garlands, each one 5 or 6 feet long.

This was a super easy project that didn’t require a lot of materials. I didn’t feel tied down to my sewing machine, and I sewed many of the circles in the car. I think the garland is quite durable, so if Matt and Maritza decide to use it elsewhere in their house, they can!

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  1. Melissa

    I love this garland – so pretty! I made one for Valentine’s Day and it was such a nice change of pace.

  2. Maureen

    What a lucky baby…and what a good friend you are! The knitted gifts are just beautiful…truly a labor of love…and the garland would be adorable in the nursery!

  3. sallya

    Oh, you put me to shame! A sweater OR a blanket have been my usual gifts but you give both PLUS the wonderful garlands. You are a really good friend!

  4. margieinmaryland

    That garland is soooooo cute…. must resist urge to start yet another project….

    thanks for showing us.

  5. Nina

    So cute! I love the last picture-they look like felt flowers. What a nice way to make a reuseable decoration instead of the typical paper fare.

  6. TB

    My first thought was “Cool! First use: garland, Second use: coasters!”

    Good job! :-)

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