I spent the last few weeks dealing with some major technological upgrades around here – I got a new computer (with a new-to-me OS) and a new smartphone, at basically the same time. This pretty much guaranteed that my butt was glued to my desk chair every night, for hours at a time. I both love and hate this process: one the one hand, it will speed up blogging (and everything it entails, including photo-processing) in the future. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve lost 2 weeks of knitting, and there will be a number of gift-less June babies if I don’t step away from the computer. Like right now :).

Soon I will have some nifty FOs to share with you, but for the time being, let’s admire this gorgeous yarn:

The trusted, ubiquitous, economical, delightful Cascade 220. Top row: magenta (7803); middle row: dark teal (8892) and tutu (9477); bottom row: lemon yellow (4147), regal (7807), and summer sky (7815).

I found 60 Quick Knits: 20 Hats*20 Scarves*20 Mittens in Cascade 220 to be really inspirational and exciting (read my review here), and couldn’t wait to start a project from the book. But first I needed to get some Cascade 220. Conveniently, WEBS was (and still is) having an awesome sale on a ton of different colors! I have no idea how I narrowed down the selection to only 6; it was a challenge. Also, I’m pleasantly surprised that the colors are exactly as I imagined! Choosing colors online can be tricky, but the outcome was great this time!

(click for bigger)

For the project, I’m thinking the Octopus Mittens, of course. That’s what attracted me to the book in the first place! So, what do you think for color combinations? I’m thinking of these for a 2-year old girl, and my personal preference is to put the darker color on the palms, which tend to get dirty very quickly.


19 thoughts on “Cascading

  1. Holly

    Personally I would go with the dark teal and the light pink (tutu), and make the octopus pink. However since you’re worried about the palms getting dirty quickly you could always make pink water with a blue octopus.

  2. Jayme

    As the mother of a 2 year old girl I can say dark on the palms is a great idea and you can’t go wrong with pink. So either Purple and Pink or the Magenta/Cranberry and Pink.

  3. Kyrie

    Ohh, I vote for dk teal for the water/suckers and magenta for the octopus/palms (my 3yo would want magenta and tutu, however!) 🙂

  4. kmkat

    Heh. Not ten minutes ago I clicked the “Process Order” button at Webs myself to buy a metric ton of Cascade 220, plus a few other things that were on sale. Can’t beat $4.99/skein for Cascade 220.

  5. Geri

    After reading your review, Kathy, I bought this book. I haven’t decided what to knit yet. Besides, I have a whole whack of other knitting I need to finish. Regardless, I enjoy your blog and REALLY have appreciated your lesson on cabling without a cable needle and how to make the personalized labels. Keep up the good work!

  6. Meredith

    I really like the magenta and tutu together. Magenta and regal or tutu and dark teal would also be pretty. As much as I like the magenta and dark teal, I think they’re too similar in intensity.

  7. Alice

    I know little girls would probably love Magenta and Tutu the best, my daughter has started saying now with everything I make, “I like it, but I’d like it better if it was PINK.” 😉

  8. Seanna Lea

    I would go with the lemon yellow and the dark teal. They will go well enough together and then it almost looks like (as long as you use blue for the octopus) the octopus is lounging in the sand.

  9. Carla

    My monitor’s colors are off so I can’t see these colors properly but… for a young girl — pink. Pink and/or purple any time you can manage it. That, apparently, is part of the contract to be a female child.

  10. Amy S.

    For traditional girly, magenta and tutu. But for interesting and sophisticated girly, I’d say navy blue and tutu. Or regal and tutu. Or tutu and teal. Or teal and summer sky. . .oh, I love Cascade!

  11. Melissa G

    Oh my! How girly is the girl? Personally I’d pick teal for water and tutu for the suckers (I’m assuming the Octopus is the back of the hand, so pink would be ok there).

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