What I’m doing this weekend

I am using this tutorial to shorten a separating zipper, so I can finish the striped baby sweater from a few posts ago (here’s a sneak peek of the beauty to be!).

It’s actually not that complicated! Who knew?!? (Though I feel a bit like a dentist.)

I am corralling my Tahki Cotton Classic leftovers from the 2009 Crocheted Hot Pads and Potholders Swap, so I can participate in the 2010 edition (on Ravelry, on Flickr).

The deadline is near, so I don’t have a lot of time to muck around. I’m contemplating the following patterns:

I am trying to find a friend for this beautiful yarn (Madelinetosh tosh sock in Magenta), so I can knit the gorgeous Transition Gloves. I had seen the pattern before, but my interest heightened tremendously after Grace at the Kathryn Ivy blog knit these gorgeous ones.

Madeline Tosh sock

I’m having a hard time picking something that will make a nice contrast, but won’t be white/cream!

I am working on two FO posts :).

How about you?


25 thoughts on “What I’m doing this weekend

  1. Mari

    well now I’m going through the sock yarn stash to see what I can come up with for bright contrasts for another project!

  2. Josiane

    I remember you were worried that the solid bright green would detract from the lovely stripey handspun, but seeing the finished sweater (minus the zipper – good to know that they can be shortened, by the way!), I’d say the yarns work very well together. The sweater is gorgeous!

  3. lauren

    I was definitely inspired by Grace’s transition gloves as well! As for the tried to look pretty potholder – I can’t remember (and clicking over is *so hard*) if I said what I did with the back… I didn’t crochet it like the pattern said because I wanted something that would be completely solid. It’s just a solid circle done in all dc, until the diameter was the same as that of the star, point to point. It’s this, pretty much.

  4. Brenda

    I love the zipper tutorial. Thanks! And the transition gloves are beautiful.

    I’ve gotten the spinning bug since I went to SPA last weekend so I’m trying to work my way through some of my fiber stash.

  5. Sera

    Seconding what martha marques said about yellows. Of course, this may be due to my obsession with anything that combines purple with greens, yellows, or oranges.

  6. LoriAngela

    Last year was supposed to be the baby knitting year, but this year we have more babies! I love your insightful post. Two words: BSJ/Cadenza (Cascade). Not really two words, but I just got off a 12 hour shift. There was no knitting.

  7. Piscis

    If you do not want too much contrast, try Miss Babs yummy sock yarn in lilacs (dark) or Mrs. Taylor (light), an orchid pink.

    BTW I love that handspun. What colours!

  8. Seanna Lea

    I really wanted to make one of the modern vintage potholders, and I realized that I bought the wrong size crochet cotton. I think size 10 is a bit too small!

  9. Sanni

    Beautiful gloves: Not to step on the fun part–which is picking exactly what *you* want, conventions be damned–I’m seconding Piscis here, voting for lilac/orchid/magenta. To me, the pattern doesn’t call for a contrast (complementary) color, but an analogous color. A complementary (green, yellow or even white) would rock the retinas; whereas a harmonious/analogous color would make a calmer transition. As would gold to scarlet, yellow to green, green to blue, etc.

  10. Bronwyn

    I vote for acid green. Acid green and magenta looks so beautiful and modern together! I have a little ball left over after finishing some socks, if you want it to play with, let me know!

  11. Jennifer

    Those are fabulous looking gloves. On my monitor, it looks like there is a blue/periwinkle thread in your magenta yarn. I think something in that colour range would make a nice complement. Too strong a contrast colour would be overpowering.

  12. van

    Beautiful sweater! I love the color combination. I’m so inspired by the potholders. They are so vintage.

  13. Jayme

    I’m on a finishing spree. I think it’s part of the pregnant/nesting spree. The only new thing I’ve started since January is a baby sweater. I also have plans for a blanket but I have a wedding shawl due in June to finish first.

    For transitions with that gorgeous purply magenta I’d look at dark colors. Midnight blue or black but maybe even the right almost black forest green. Ok, maybe I’ll have to make my own pair now.

  14. britt

    i love those gloves too!!! they are gorgeous.

    I just finished 3 knits this weekend: destroyed cowl, a handspun cowl, and a zippered sweater for my boy!!

    And i bought a ton of knit fabric for some Alabama Chanin projects and tons of thread to go with it!!

  15. Melissa

    Those gloves are awesome… I must put them in the queue. As for contrast, I like the idea of a nice spring green, or perhaps a teal… or a silvery to pewtery grey. Yummy!

  16. marilyn

    I am delighted that you are doing the crochet pot holders swap again, because I so enjoyed looking at the ones you made last year. In fact, although I haven’t crocheted in close to 30 years, looking at the pics of your beautiful hook work is getting me closer to picking up the hook. Frankly, if I weren’t afraid of what it would do to my already too big stash, your gorgeous items would have done me in!

    Also, it’s nice to know that we only see the gems and that you have false starts before those. I often think I’m the only one who starts and stops projects because they just aren’t working out.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I love your blog, Kathy.

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