(e) None of the above

I was very impatient while auditioning patterns for this year’s crocheted potholders swap (on Ravelry, on Flickr). I just wanted to pick something and get moving! The deadline is March 27th!!! (Oh my God, I thought it was March 31st until just now when I went to double-check. It’s even sooner than I thought! Eeeeeek!)

Five potholders, front and back (plus last-minute runs to the yarn shop, plus blocking, plus tags, plus photos…) is not something I can whip up in a weekend, unfortunately. I only wish I was that fast with a crochet hook. I felt a ping of pain for every pattern I tested which ended up on the chopping block. Tick-tock-tick-tock, every second is precious.

But despite this, I couldn’t bring myself to settle on something “meh,” nor did I consider dropping out. Any time I think, “Maybe I can’t do it this year,” I just look at the potholders I got in the swap the last time around. Hello. I still love you.

With that in mind, I lined up some excellent potential patterns, which I listed in my last post. What made them excellent, in my mind, is a combination of prettiness and a near guarantee that they would work in my hands (no time to waste, see above). And while I gave many of them a go, at the end I settled on something completely unexpected.

Meet motif #6 from a Japanese book called “Handmade Crochet Book.” I purchased my copy here on eBay. The store, Pomadour’s Craft Café, has an amazing selection of Japanese crafting books and supplies. I’ve always been very pleased with the customer service, too.

My choice of a potholder pattern from this book was completely unexpected because the book was originally purchased for the purpose of crocheting this beautiful scarf I saw on Posie Gets Cozy. But after trying a number of potholder patterns without an “a-ha!” moment, I suddenly remembered, “Hey, didn’t that scarf book have some interesting potholders?” Ta-da!

Please pardon our wrinkles; we aren’t yet blocked.

The pattern is lovely, delicate, and simple. I only need a chart for the first few rounds. After that, the rounds build upon one another in a very logical way. This is especially helpful because I’ve had to add 3 additional rounds to meet the minimum swap size requirement (6″) – piece of cake.

For the back I’m using an old standby from the 2009 swap: Solid Square (#149) from 200 Crochet Blocks. I’m making it all one color, though. I haven’t yet decided about the frilly edging, whether I’ll make it the same color as the potholder back, or a third color all together.

And now that I’ve settled on a pattern, I will crochet like a maniac! The deadline awaits! Onward!


17 thoughts on “(e) None of the above

  1. Josiane

    The pattern you’ve chosen is lovely! Different from all the other crocheted squares I’ve seen, and very pretty. Excellent choice!

  2. Storm

    Lovely pattern, appears simple enough to be relaxing but with enough variety to keep from being boringly monotonous. I love projects where the pattern builds logically rather than forcing me to constantly consult the pattern. I’m glad I found your blog, Grumpina. I’m going to peruse some of your previous entries now. 🙂 There are a couple of hours before the stores open; I’m out of yarn (GASP! No stash!) and reading about crocheting/knitting is a grand way to spend the time.

  3. Kirsten

    I love the pattern you’ve chosen. It makes me want to start all over again and crochet another 5!!

    Off to pour over my Japanese crochet books and see if I’ve got that one. . .

  4. haley

    Crochet like the wind! I’ve got 2.5 potholders made and hope to get another 1.5 tonight. I can do this before the weekend and so can you!

  5. Windsor Grace

    I absolutely love that pattern from the 200 Crocheted blocks. I have never thought about making anything of them into pot holders though. That is a great idea and the pattern is just beautiful!

  6. Jessica

    That sounds like the perfect pattern for such a tight deadline. I love how logical it is.. the symmetry/mathy person in me is happy. It looks like a very practical design too – not too lumpy. I can’t wait to see how they come out!

  7. Seanna Lea

    I’m pretty much committed to making Maryse’s modern vintage which she designed last year. I don’t have the time to audition a lot of patterns, and I already have appropriate materials for that pattern.

    Unfortunately, I had this really fun idea for filet crochet with a solid back, which I am really tied to. So much so that I haven’t gotten around to working on the actual potholders yet. Bad me!

  8. Shelda

    Looking good! I still have that Japanese crochet book that I purchased by accident. And it’s still yours if you’d like to have it. It’s neat how the symmetry makes for an easy hooking experience (and quicker, we hope!)

  9. Crystal

    Nice pattern! Very simple and elegant, can’t want to see how it turns out with the colour combinations you have. And thanks for that link, just what I need – another place to spend money!

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