Toe-up, with an exclamation point!

Participating in a blog book tour for Chrissy Gardiner’s newest book, Toe-Up!, was an easy decision. I highly respect Chrissy’s designs, and have had incredible success knitting so many of them! In addition, I received a preview copy of this book back in August, and have leafed through it many times since then. I feel that I can contribute some helpful comments by now ;).

Continue to the extended entry for my review of Toe-Up! If you’re so inclined, you can visit the official website of the book to see the complete blog tour schedule, and read other blog tour reviews! The website also contains pictures of the patterns: those published in the book, as well as extra ones.

And if you still want more, I have two copies of this book to give away!

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Good luck, and I hope you enjoy my review of this book!

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As the name implies, Toe-Up! is dedicated to knitting socks, from the toe up!

The first part of the book is dedicated to essential toe-up techniques. To start, there’s the always-heated dpns vs. two-circ vs. magic loop discussion (it’s good to get that out of the way). While each knitter has a favorite method, Chrissy pleases everyone by treating our choices with ease and comfort, and without fuss. The truth is that it’s not a big deal. I personally never appreciate books specifically written for 2 circs, for instance. Chrissy handles this aspect well in writing the patterns, too, by not numbering the needles and just designating instep and heel stitches, the end.

Needle choice is followed by sections on sock fit, knitting gauge, and choice of yarn fiber and color. Then come instructions for all the different cast-ons, toes, heels, and bind-offs that are essential for knitting a sock from the toe up. I thought the writing in this part of the book was crystal clear, the pictures were demonstrative, and the number of showcased techniques was perfect for the scope of this book – not too many, not too few. I also enjoyed the suggestions about fit relative to foot anatomy (for narrow heels, do such and such, etc.).

The next section of the book contains the actual patterns, which represent a nice range: simple and complicated, for feet big and small, men and women and children. They use a variety of heels and toes from the first part of the book. Of course the option to mix-and-match is always there. I especially love the pattern/technique grid on page 58, which summarizes all the different elements of the designs.

For the patterns, I felt that Chrissy struck the perfect balance between spelling out instructions exactly (large and clear charts are provided) and leaving the knitter totally on his or her own (the phrase, “use your favorite bind-off” is standard). The only negative, which I must mention in this here honest review, is that while the book had wonderful, artistic photos, I felt it lacked clear “full shot” photographs: sock toe together with sock foot, together with sock heel, together with sock leg, together with the cuff. Fortunately, there’s a virtual fashion show on the Toe-Up! website which complements the book’s photographs nicely.

(click on any picture to view bigger)


The last section of the book contains blank worksheets for calculating heels and toes, enabling any knitter to use his or her creativity and imagination! All the worksheets have a “Check That” section to make sure the numbers were crunched correctly before any knitting takes place. Need an example? No problem! Sample worksheets appear all throughout the first section of the book!

Overall, this is an excellent resource for any sock knitter. It would be perfect for someone who’s never knit toe-up socks before, while a seasoned pro could pick up new tips and tricks, as well as discover beautiful new patterns The best aspect of the book, in my opinion, is the perfect balance between instructional information, patterns, and worksheets – each one receives just the right amount of attention.

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  1. Helena Dias

    Hi Kathy: Great review of the book. Love to ready your blog. Your project always look wonderful. You have been an inpiration to me. I’ve starting knitting again after a break of almost 20 years. I only hope to be one of the lucky winners.

  2. Sue

    I only recently tried toe up, put off by finding an elastic cast off. But now I am loving the security of knowing you will have enough to finish. This book looks like it has lots of yummy socks to knit.

  3. Gerry

    I love toe-up method. I use the magic loop method and could really use a new book.

    Thanks for offering this book to one lucky winner. Could be me ! !

  4. Auntly H

    I’ve had some mixed feelings about toe-up socks, but this makes me want to dive in and give them a real chance at becoming a favorite.

  5. Gretchen

    Thanks for the offer! I’ve only recently begun using toe up methodsand wouldvlove to read another approach!

  6. Ana

    Great review! I’ve been thinking about getting a sock pattern book but have been a bit boggled by the selection. I’ll definitely keep this in mind :)

  7. Michele

    Great review! I’ve made a couple pairs of toe up socks and everytime I wear them, I think I should make more as they are so comfortable. Probably should just get busy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Kaitlin

    this book looks amazing! i can’t believe that i haven’t heard anything about it before now. even if i don’t win i might have to go pick it up somewhere. i honestly love when you review books on your blog and introduce me to something i would never have known about otherwise.

  9. Megan

    Great review for what looks like a terrific sock book. I have made many pairs of cuff down socks (including jaywalker) but never toe-up socks. Will have to give them a try. Another confession is I have never commented on a blog before so I hope you get this!

  10. Kelly S

    Thanks for the review of this book and a chance to win one! It sounds like a nice resource with some pretty sock patterns.

  11. Laurel

    I love reading your reviews, and this is no exception. The only problem I have with them is that I am then “forced” to go out and buy most of the books. This one looks great. I was a confirmed “no socks” knitter for quite a long time, however, lately I have amended that and now am on the lookout for good patterns, especially toe up!

  12. Susann

    I only knit toe up now and love the fit. The patterns in this book look so interesting. Might be time to move beyond plain vanilla socks. A great review. Thanks

  13. Leslie

    Wow – I’d love a copy of that. After running out of yarn on the sole (ha-ha) pair of socks I’ve ever knit, I swore I’d never do anything but toe-ups again. Ever. This book would make that ever so much easier. Thanks for the great give away!

  14. Ginger

    I’m about to try my first pair of toe-up socks and I’m really exciting to get into this type of sock knitting. This book may be just right for me! :-)

  15. Josiane

    I’ve only ever knit my socks top down, and though I’m not really intimidated by the idea of trying to knit them toe up, a resource offering “crystal clear writing” and “suggestions about fit relative to foot anatomy” would certainly be useful to me! Thanks for this informative review, and the chance at winning a copy!

  16. Kay

    When will art directors and photographers realize that while we knitters love some sumptuous photos, what we really need is not high art but photos that show us what all our hard work is really likely to yield. A Fine Fleece, an otherwise top-notch book, has this same problem. But those socks above sure do look purty. (From what I can tell)

  17. maria Henderson

    I love these blog book tours. I am just starting my first pair of socks. These patterns look like fun.



  18. elora

    This does look like an interesting book, especially since (based on an extremely unscientific analysis of family members’ reactions to Christmas presents) socks seem to be the best-appreciated typr of knitted gift.

  19. Claire

    I just started making my first pair of socks! I started knitting 3 years ago and I have to say that this blog is one of the reasons why I kept doing it, so winning a toe-up sock book from my favorite blogger would be many, many types of awesome.

  20. Alison

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve knit a few socks from the toe up, but they’ve all been very basic.

  21. Michele

    Great review, as usual. I do love me some toe-up socks.

    (And, Kay, ITA about the photo thing. I’d like to see more close-up, clear examples of stitch patterns in knitting/crocheting books.)

  22. Jane Nearing

    OK, I AM tired of wasting bits of sock yarn and trying to guess how long to make the legs, so I’ll give it a try!

  23. Lisa

    Great review–looks like just the resource I’m looking for to expand my sock knitting repertoire!

  24. Misty

    Well thought out review! I’ve always trusted your opinion on these things (where “these” = “socks”) :)

  25. Karen

    I just ran to the end of the post to leave a comment so maybe I’ll win a copy. Running back up to read the rest of it. I’m sure it’s fab.

  26. Suze

    I’m yet to try toe-up socks, it still seems a little daunting but this might be the book to make me try it out :)

  27. ikisti

    Got to love a knitting book that combines socks, good instructions and jumping off points. If I don’t win it I think I might still have to add it to the library.

  28. Kay

    Loved the review and the patterns look like a lot of fun. I’ve not tried making socks since I have litte short fat feet, but toe-up might just work for me!

  29. Penny

    Sounds like a good book. You write a great review. I have the feeling that you know the book almost as well as the author.

  30. Becky

    Thanks for the review – this looks like a really well-thought-out book. I’d love to win a copy!

  31. sangeet

    Thanks for another great book review. I’ve been knitting for a while, but am just now thinking about venturing into sockland — so far I’ve been scared off by the very thin needles and yarn. But inspired by your blog I picked up a couple different sock books at the library. I still have some anatomy of a sock learning to really grasp before I’ll be ready to dive in — this book looks like it would really help with that!

  32. Juliann

    I just heard a podcast interview with Chrissy Gardiner yesterday. I liked what she had to say about the design process, and I am kinda interested in checking this book out. It is “coincidence” that today I read your blog, and here is your review. Thanks!

  33. TheDormouse

    I’ve done several pairs of cuff-down socks, but always been a little scared of toe-up – no good reason, just am! Maybe this is exactly the book I need to overcome my condition…

  34. Barb

    This could be the push I need to try toe-ups. They look like fabulous designs! I’m crossing my fingers to see if I get a jump start with a free book. :)

  35. Amy

    Thanks for the review! I am a pretty dedicated cuff-down sock knitter but would love to try more toe-up designs in the future!

  36. Lauren


    Long time lurker, Finally commenting because your review makes me want this book! I prefer toe up socks and it gets irritating to have to alter patterns all the time. So I hope I win! Thanks

  37. P J Evans

    It looks interesting – I’ve got my basic sock down pretty well, knitting toe-up with a nice gusseted heel, but adding patters would make it more fun (also more complicated).

    (I have short fat feet, too. Not a problem!)

  38. Jenny

    I’ve been wanting to try making socks toe-up, but haven’t had the courage to try yet. I’ve made many pairs cuff down successfully, but it would be nice to work toe up so I could use as much yarn as I possibly could (I hate having too much yarn leftover, knowing I could have made the socks longer!). This looks like a great book, and I’ll probably get it, even if I don’t win. ;)

  39. jules

    i love knitting toe up socks. i’m forever looking for new patterns to try. nice patterns seem so elusive. i saw this book in a catalog and got the wants for it. thank you for sharing your thoughts on the book!

  40. Miranda

    Interesting! I have made one pair of toe-up socks, but I was put off by the way the short-row heel fit my narrow heels. I would be thrilled to learn about different shaping techniques.

  41. Abby

    I think with all of the techniques in this book it would be a worthwhile addition to my knitting book collection. I actually hesitate to purchase sock patterns… I guess I don’t have a really good reason, but there are so many good free ones out there!

  42. Teresa Gadda

    The book looks like it has some fun designs! I’d love to learn toe-up knitting without using that heel that you go back for and knit like the top of a hat (I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s kinda strange looking).

  43. Adrienne

    Toe up socks saved my soul when it came to knitting socks! The book looks like a good one to have on the shelf.

  44. Gail Lucille

    Whoo-Hoo…2 thumbs up for Toe-Up Book, those

    colors they used in the book are so pretty.

    Thanks for the chance of winning this book…

  45. Faith

    This definitely looks like a book that I’ll need to add to my library! Thanks for a good, clear review.

  46. Marta Dias

    This may be just what I need to knit that first pair of socks – toe-up seems to be the way to start…

  47. Sasha M.

    Toe-up socks are my favorite sort of socks to knit, so I’m happy to see yet another book out there focusing on this method. It looks like quite the lovely addition, too! I’d love to add it to my collection.

  48. Sarah

    Thanks for the great review! I’ve been thinking about perhaps trying toe-up socks again (I had a love/hate relationship with them in the past because of never-stretchy-enough bind-offs) and I think this book could really help with that endeavor. If I don’t win it, I’ll definitely be adding it to my wishlist as a reminder to buy it in the future!

  49. D Louise

    Thanks for the review. I think I’ve just found the book I need. I knit a lot of socks for charity, on worsted weight yarn. I have a lot of sock weight yarn, and I think I really SHOULD make some socks for myself, soon.

  50. Kristen S.

    I like a book that respects our ability to make our own choices about how to knit in the round and how to mix and match sock parts!

  51. Carol

    Thanks for introducing me to this book. Toe-up is my preferred direction and I really like these patterns. Can’t wait to try one.

  52. Debi R

    I’m lovin what I’m seeing here! It looks like a great book and I’d love to win a copy! Thanks for the review as I usually knit my socks top down. I am currently on my 2nd pair of toe up socks so this could be very useful.

  53. M. Lynn

    I like the idea of using up all the precious (wollmeise, STR, etc) yarn for toe up socks, but have really only done so once. Wool socks are actually mostly too hot for me, and itchy, unless they are ankle length. Have you discovered any other good non-wool sock yarns, lately?

  54. Sheryl

    Looks like a great book! I am always looking for more toe-up patterns and this book seems like a great one to add to the library. It will definitely be added to my wishlist!

  55. Mary Steinmetz

    Wow! Clearly written techniques for making socks that actually might fit my giant duck-shaped fit. I’m adding this book to my wish list.

  56. courtney

    I am a new sock knitter and would especially like to see the info on calculating heel and gusset. I really enjoy reading your blog and have learned alot from it.

  57. margieinmaryland

    I was thinking of trying a complex toe up pattern from BMFA, but perhaps, learning how to make a toe up sock would be a better first try!


  58. Annie

    This looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to try toe up socks but never found a pattern I really loved. I’m totally gonna snag this book if I don’t win! It looks great. :)

  59. Janina

    This looks like a good resource book. I haven’t ventured into toe-up socks yet…. perhaps the time is nigh!

  60. CaroleP (ohio

    Good review on the book, think I already agree with the pics not giving the important details in 1 or 2 shots. But I do like the rest of your comments. I’m just really getting into toe up and don’t really feel comfortable doing them. This book sounds great! By the way, I’ve been a “lurker” for quite some time but, thought now would be a good time to de-lurk. Read your blog always! Good deal! Thanks!

  61. jessica

    Toe up!! I really love to knit this way and on magic loop too.

    though I always get stuck on the gusset! I need this book! ;)

  62. Samantha

    Wonderful review. I am drooling over the book and am going to buy it (if I don’t win) for sure. I Wonderful review. I am drooling over the book and am going to buy it (if I don’t win) for sure. I <3 sock books!

  63. Guri

    Oooh looks like a great book! I’ll throw my chances in for winning it, if luck isn’t on my side, I’ll most likely buy it!

  64. Jacqui

    Love the knee high rib increases. Would love to try real toe ups. Baudelaire is my only effort!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Aberdonian

    Why is it that everytime you review a book I have to have it! You are an evil enabler of the best kind.

  66. GinkgoKnits

    Wow, not only a handy techniques section but a stunning set of patterns. Sound like a must have addition to any knitting library.

  67. dclulu

    Looks like a wonderful book — thanks for the review. Boy, those photos (and socks, of course) are gorgeous.

  68. Genny

    Goodness! I don’t even like toe-up socks that much, but those are stunning. Thank you for all the book reviews you do, you have a knack for it.

  69. Maria


    the pictures are very compelling and judging from your review it is a book I could use!

    Thanks for all your posts, I really enjoy reading your blog!


  70. Sandy

    Thanks so much! I like toe up socks, but often struggle with the length being wrong for my feet. Something in my gauge doesn’t match what they think I need for the length of the gusset or something. Ah, well, at least I know my shortcomings!

  71. (Another) Joan

    Leaving a random comment in the hope I might win. Perhaps then I’d be brave enough to try knitting socks, since it’d be easier to fix a problem of fit “toe-up” than “toe-down”, it seems to me…

  72. Emma

    What a great book! I’ve only tried toe-up socks once, and failed completely to get it right:( I really want to learn though!

  73. Amanda

    Great review and such an incredible looking book. I love books that give you options about what you knit. Not one to follow anythig as written it helps me tremendously when books are written specifically with that in mind! Thanks to your review this is definitely being added to my Amazon wish list!

  74. OzKnitter

    Lovely books, some pretty patterns in there, just what I’d expect from Chrissy. Thanks for the review, it’s always interesting to hear your point of view.

    ozknitter AT gmail DOT com

  75. Tsuki

    A nice, informative and honest review. I don’t often comment on blogs, but I thoroughly enjoy reading this one.

    As for toe-up socks, I’ve only knit one pair and they suffered fit issues (for my OH, and they’re too long) – I think because I didn’t know how to adjust for his heel shape, so this book sounds like a great idea! I’m sure it’ll be available in the UK eventually… (or already is, and I just haven’t found it!)

  76. Melynda

    Thank you so much for the review! I have never knit socks tow up but I think that this book would be a great one to get me started.

  77. Robin

    This book is on my wishlist! I haven’t knit any toe up socks yet, but am planning to learn so that I can use up every bit of some handpainted yarns w/o worrying about running short at the 2nd toe.

  78. Rebecca Evers

    I love toe-up on 2 or 1 circuluar needle, so would love to have a different book to add to the two books by Cat in my library. Read you everyday, thanks for your blog, Kathy

  79. Kristina

    Hi Kathy,

    What a great book. Looks like there are some beautiful patterns in here. I haven’t tried toe up yet and this seems the perfect book to get me started.

    Take care, Kristina

  80. jakkimitch

    I’ve tried to knit socks from the toe up – using patterns/techniques from several different well respected designers, but have not been happy with my results.

    However, you’ve convinced me to give it one more try. I’m going to buy Chrissy’s book!

  81. jane george

    I am a sock knitting virgin, have been reading a lot about socks, this method really sounds interesting, would love to have this book. Thanks for having the contest.

  82. Jennifer

    Certainly does look like an interesting book. I’ve been meaning to try a pair of toe up socks, so count me in.

  83. Jen

    Wow – that is a LOT of comments already! The book looks interesting, I have yet to try toe up socks and winning this would give me incentive and resources!

  84. Marisa

    Great review – sounds like a very cool book. I love the idea of knitting a sock til my yarn runs out… Definitely need to try toe-up!

  85. britt

    toe up is my favorite way to do socks, but my mojo has been lost. maybe i will check this book out at my LYS on friday.

  86. Rue Toland

    Those are some lovely patterns! I end up knitting most of my socks while reading so these look perfect – complicated enough to be interesting yet simple enough to knit without looking down too much. Thanks for a great review.

  87. Susan

    Oh dear. Now which project will I pick up next? Sashiko or socks? I adore those anklets with ruffles. But sashiko looks like fun – especially with all those colors. If a new sock book comes into my home, I’m guessin’ socks will win. If not, sashiko.

  88. Luci

    I haven’t done toe up socks before, but I am definitely ready to try. Your review of the book was very helpful.

  89. Elizabeth

    Great review. I’ve been looking for a reason to try socks again–my first attempts (years ago) were less than successful, but all of these choices for fit should make a big difference!

  90. Teish

    This book looks fantastic! Thanks for the in-depth review. :-) I’ve never tried toe-up socks, but this book just might tempt me to give it a go!

  91. Sally

    I need to give toe up socks another try, and this book looks postitively lovely! Thank you for the opportunity!

  92. sue krekorian

    There’s some gorgeous and enjoyable knitting and wearing within those book covers and I’m so happy to learn about this lovely pattern collection. To win it would be even more wonderful!

  93. Dalila

    This looks like a really complete book!

    I like the idea of toe-up socks (to use up the whole yarn ball) but have never completed a pair (one attempt frogged).

    This looks like a great book to have as a reference and encouragement!

  94. Gayle

    I’ve yet to knit socks toe up, maybe this is the book to get me started. Thanks for the great book review, I’d love to win a copy.

  95. Rose P

    Thanks for the notice about Chrissy’s blog tour and book. Looked at some of the previous blogs and was wowed.

  96. blueberryblues

    OOOH – I LOVE those red socks. I’ve never knit a toe up pair of socks and I love the blend of technique and beautiful patterns. This is definitely a book to put on my wish list if I’m not lucky enough to win a copy!

  97. One Sheep

    If I’m ever going to master socks, toe up or otherwise, I need a book with this level of step by step detail. Please enter me.

  98. Anne

    Thanks for the great review. Toe up is my favorite way to make socks, would love to add this to my library.

  99. Kelly

    I’d love a copy of this book! I just finished my first pair of socks yesterday. I am also taking a class on the toe up technique this weekend so this book would be a great resource.


  100. Tracy

    I’ve not tried socks yet – too intimidated. This book sounds like a great intro, and would love to learn toe up!

  101. Sandra

    Great information – toe up is my favourite way to make socks, so it’snice to see so many available options, clearly written out!

  102. Rebecca

    Thanks so much for sharing – toe up is my favorite construction and I find I am adapting it from other patterns – nice to get a book to reinforce my thoughts and offer some new ones!


  103. Karen

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I love to read book reviews on blogs – it always helps me decide if it is a book that would be good for me. And I think that this book is a winner. I think my favorite are the sweet ruffled socks!

  104. linken

    Pick me, Pick me. I have wanted this book, but well, my bookshelf is full, and my yarn stash is quite out of control….so I have a selfimposed moritorium on new purchases. Its just making my Amazon wish list of books get longer and longer!

  105. lauren

    oh that’s exciting to see some colorwork designs in there – I keep thinking I’d like to get into knitting some fair isle socks but I haven’t seen any toe-up patterns.

  106. Konswan

    Bom dia! I am an expatriate living in Flores island of the Azores, practicing sustainable living on a small farm. Learned to knit at 8 yrs old, took a 25-yr sabbatical, but have returned to the craft. Love it, especially for the winter here. Next I would like to learn to spin wool. We have solar power, but not much sun in the winter, so sometimes the knitting happens under candle light. A little insane…but, yes, toe-up socks…just started to do it, segueing into doing top down hats and sweaters. I would love to have a copy of the new book, as reading by computer is solar powered and nearly impossible for me at my latitude in the winter. This is my first time posting on a knit blog, although I visit many, feeling like a peeping Tom. I´ve “stalked” your blog for 4 yrs now. Now I´ve confessed and feel better.;)

    Thanks for continuing to blog and sharing of yourself.

  107. Erin K

    I just finished my first pair of socks. I found written instructions on the internet and used wikipedia to help me navigate what’s what on a sock.

    Gosh, a book like this would have been beyond exceptional in my adventure.

    It was fun nonetheless. :)

  108. Cinnie

    What is it about making socks that is so compelling? I’m a top down kinda girl, but I could change my ways…

  109. Joan

    Thanks for the informative review! I’ve been debating purchasing this book – now I’ll just cross my fingers for a while and hope I win!

  110. mamacitamax

    Thanks for the great review! I always have a hard time with sock patterns because I love to do mine two at a time, toe-up. Thanks for offering this give-away!

  111. Megeen

    I’ve declared 2010 to be the year of knitting socks for myself. Sounds like I need this book. Lovely projects and photos!

  112. Kassia

    Oooo would love to win! I have knit many pairs of socks but have not had luck knitting them toe-up. That’s my goal for 2010. :)

  113. Kandace

    I’ve only tried toe up a couple of times, juggling needles with just a few teeny stitches a the beginning always scares me!

  114. KozyKitty

    I would love a copy of this book! I’ve never knit toe up socks before yet they strike me as the way to get a sock that fits really well. I’m loving that bright red pair!

  115. gina

    great review! i haven’t yet tried socks… other than christmas stockings… perhaps this would entice me to start!

  116. Laverne Garwood

    This is a great review. Thanks for you deligence! You are always the go to girl for detail! I am slow to approach toe up socks. I’d love to have a chance to give it another go.

  117. amalia

    The only toe-up sock book I currently have is from WendyKnits… this review makes me think it’s time to add a mate to my first toe up book. Thanks for the excellent review!

  118. Jayne Flynn

    I have made socks on two circs, socks on dpns, socks two at a time but never toe up socks! Would love to learn this technique and these are beautiful designs :)

  119. Diana

    There are some cute patterns in there! I hear you on seeing the combination of heel, toe, and cuff patterns all in one photo.. though only seeing a bit of a sock is inspiring me to knit those minty green one you have pictured :-)

  120. mai

    oh, i love toe-up socks! i like being able to use as much of the yarn as possible, really. it sounds like this book has some really great tips and techniques.

  121. tasha

    Huh. I’ve never done a toe up sock before, and now I suddenly SUPER WANT TO!! (ha ha, I’m all about hopping on bandwagons…) Thanks for the review.

  122. Nancy Jo

    Knitting a toe-up sock is on my “10 for ’10″ new techniques list. Actually, I hope to knit TWO of them! :-))

  123. Valerie

    Toe-up is an awesome way to do socks, and I so love seeing patterns that explore various ways to do this. I never tire of reading about heels, especially, as there’s so many interesting ways to execute them. Thanks for the review!

  124. Julie

    Great review :) This book looks like it is very informative yet fun. I’ve never done toe-up socks myself, but if I had a book like this I’d want to get going right away!

  125. Emily

    Thanks for the review! I have been interested in trying toe-up for a while, and maybe this book will finally give me enough confidence to do so. (In the dpn vs 2-circ debate, let me cast my vote for DPNS!!!!)

  126. morningstar

    I am a basic knitter, just starting to learn how to knit socks (made two pair cuff-down, and now am learning to do two-at-once) but would love to learn the toe-up method. Your review is very helpful and I thank you for writing so that those of us who are not expert knitters can still understand. I discovered your blog about a year ago and have learned quite a lot from you.

  127. Ella

    Thanks for the review! My preferred sock style is toe up, so I’d love to get a chance to win this book.

  128. not supergirl

    Oooh, this looks fun! I’ve been thinking of starting a pair of toe-up socks ever since I knit a top down hat. Also, on my last pair of socks, I let a little bit of the wonderful yarn go to waste and could’ve made each sock slightly longer. I’d love to win this book!

    So, what’ll be your first pair from here? I like the lacy ones shown in red. Pretty!

  129. Sarah

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    Thanks for doing this giveaway, Kathy!

  143. Faith

    Sounds like a well-done, informative book. And I love doing socks toe-up when possible, particularly if I’m short on yarn. Until recently, I only knew how to do short-row heels when going toe-up; now I’ve discovered another method, but I’m always on the lookout for more techniques.

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  154. diane

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    Colleen in Kansas

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    Socks from the Toe Up? It seems like they might be similar.

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  171. Elisabeth

    Bonjour, I don’t like Toe-Up ! My problem is either my cast-off is too tight, my foot does not enter and it makes a red line on my leg, or my elastic cast-off is too loose and looks like a frill ! I suppose it is always possible to convert the pattern up to down. And I find that Kitchener Stitch is very easier than Magic Cast-on of Judy Becker for the same result (a lurking seam). Anyway, thanks for pointing out interesting books.

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  174. Colleen

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  181. Melissa

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    I just picked up Cookie A’s book, which focuses on top-down, and I think this may be the perfect companion for that one.

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  186. Meredith C.

    Hi Kathy-

    Those are some purty socks. I especially like how in some of the patterns she uses a different stitch for the back of the leg. Very nice, and makes the knitting more interesting too, I’m sure. I’d love to win a copy, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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  189. Rosemary

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    I think I have every sock book. I just took

    class from Cat Bordhi. This book is a must!

    Love your blog. Rosemary

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    Jan F.

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  195. Jennifer

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  196. Larissa

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  201. Kristen

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  204. Rachael

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  205. Tara

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  206. sallya

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  208. Pat

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    So, do you really think that someone, of average intelligence, advanced beginner skill, could make these socks just using the book, or it this your experienced awesome knitter feeling?

  209. Ann

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    I can’t believe how many comments you have!

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  213. Maryanne

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    Keep up the great blogging!

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    Thanks for the great giveaway.

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  217. Sara

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    I just got really into wearing my five fingers too. They are soo comfy, but not really compatible with socks. :(

  218. Alexis

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  219. Vanessa

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  225. Noriko

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  226. Matilda

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  227. stripey_cat

    Fitting adjustments for different foot shapes are always welcome. (I have very, very sturdy, blocky feet, while DBf has shallow flippers with narrow heels, so what works for one is a total disaster for the other.)

  228. martha marques

    I am a handspinner so I particularly like the toe up method because I can finish the socks when the yarn runs out! I would love to know more than one method for turning the heel however. Now I use the short row method, which works great for my feet, but not all the objects of my knitting affection have the same shape of heel.

  229. Judith

    This book sounds exceptional. Though I have knit a lot of sock they have been generally simple socks and lately lots of baby and toddler size for my grandson who has more handknit socks than anyone in the family! I haven’t knit any “toe-up” yet, but have become increasingly interested as I am not always thrilled with my grafting technique of the toe, which is disappointing after all that work. Seeing all the amazingly beautiful socks on knitters’ blogs has inspired me to do a fancier pair. I enjoy your blog…thanks! Judith

  230. Kate

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  231. Rosemary

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  232. Phyll

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  233. Patonslake

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  234. Karoline

    Hi Kathy!

    I love reading your blog because I alwasy learn something new and it inspires me to try new things with my knitting. I have tried a basic toe up sock that was in an Interweave Knits mag but since then have been thinking about trying it again. I liked your review because it made me rethink the whole way I knit socks. Happy Knitting!!!

  235. Jennifer Gurshtein

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  236. Maureen

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  237. Maxine

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  238. marilyn

    Another great post and informative book review. I love your extended posts. I absolutely love some of the sock patterns you’ve highlighted for this review — perfect for me since I can’t wear shoes with my hand knit socks, apparently my feet are just tooo big.

    btw, a little while ago i found your discussion in ravelry re comments coming out of the woodwork when you have a give-a-way. I felt guilty and odd about that since I read your blog regularly — you’re only one of about 5 (at most) that I now read, but I don’t comment much because I don’t feel like I really have anything to add to what you’ve said. You are a far, far better knitter than I and seem to cover all the bases.

    Anyhow, thanks again for a great review, in fact, that’s how I found you back in the day when KnitPicks first released it’s options interchangable needles.

  239. Maya Nishikawa

    Thanks for the great info. The designs look very creative, especially the stranded ones. I’m looking forward to seeing the book in person.

  240. Kathy

    I really hope this doesn’t post twice, but my last comment didn’t show up. Thank you for your generosity; it would be a great chance for me to learn toe up socks.

  241. Toby

    To be honest, I usually tell myself I don’t need any more sock patterns, but as soon as the photos from this book started showing up in blogland I started thinking I need this book!

  242. Maureen

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  243. Eva SB

    I’ve been tried toe-up socks a couple of times but not very successfully. This book would help improve my technique

  244. Knitnfrog

    Great review! The pictures used to “artfully” show off handknits in knitting books are the biggest pet peeve of mine too! All of the Vogue Knitting books do that…I end up looking up the projects for pictures on ravelry instead! :)

  245. Sandra Schwab

    OHEY! this is the book my GF told me about, with the “afterthought” heel!!

    she sent me your blog link, for an unrelated post on spiral knitting. I wanted to ask you about that, but couldn’t find an open comment box; it was from 2008…owell, I bookmarked it anyway.

    Saving your blog to my Blogger, WordPress and anyplace else I hang out!

  246. Wanda

    It seems to defy logic, but socks knit from the toe up fit me much better. Thanks for the review. I can’t wait to try some patterns from this book.

  247. Anamaria

    My problem with knitting toe-up is the cast-off. It always turns out to be more rigid than if I started from the elastic band and ended with the toe.Any suggestions for a cast-off technique that really works?

  248. Artsygal

    Lovely book! I’m definately a fan of toe up knitting since I don’t get fedup of a pattern a few inches before reaching the toe and so shove it aside. Instead I can decide to make shorter cuffed socks!

    It’s been a while since I got a new knitting book, pick me! ;)

  249. BluFish

    Man, as a knitter who prefers DPN’s I’ve never found good instructions for toe-up socks using DPN’s, they were always for circs! I will definitely be checking out this book, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  250. Gordana

    To tell you honestly: I am not a sock knitter. Yet. :-) Until recently I had no urges to knit socks. But I am contemplating that subject lately… although I can not tell why ;-) Thank you for a great review!

  251. Marilyn

    Toe-up has always seemed a better idea, so I could make the legs as long as I wanted without worrying about running out of yarn – but I haven’t tried them yet! Maybe this is my chance??

  252. lesley aka shlesss

    What beautiful socks! I have been interesting in Toe ups for quite awhile. I am a Cuff- down kinda girl for now :)

  253. lisa

    Great review, I would love to win this book…I especially like the suggestions for different sized foot parts(heels, etc.), I could use a book like this.

  254. Elizabeth

    Maybe this will be my lucky post! I’ve had this book on my wishlist, so I’ll be sure to get it even if I don’t win! Thanks for the review.

  255. Cheryl

    Hello! I’d love a book like this, as I’d like to learn how to do socks toe-up. I love knitting socks=D

  256. Nise

    This book looks great. I’ve been wanting to try toe-up socks, and I love anything with info on how to customize fit!

  257. Mary Ellen

    I’ve been wanting this book but am on the “I’m unemployed” yarn and book diet. Great review!

  258. Shannon

    I love knitting socks but I haven’t tried toe-up construction yet. The photos of the patterns are very intriguing. Thanks for a chance to win!

  259. Deena P Marshall

    This is my “year of the sock” and this book looks perfect for getting me started on “toe up”.

  260. Gillian

    I’ve totally been wanting to try toe up socks–this book looks like a great resource. thanks for the review of it!

  261. Chrissy

    I’ve made both top-down and toe-up, and will usually default to top-down, but maybe trying some different cast-ons and heels would help me find the best fit for me. I like a few of those project photos too. Plus, who would say no to a prize?

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