Knitting furiously

You can imagine a number of things might be happening when the blog goes quiet. It could be that I’m swamped with work or other life commitments, and simply don’t have the time or energy to knit. Maybe I’m under the weather, or working on secret, non-bloggable knitting.

Or it could be that I’m knitting up a storm, but all my projects are hanging in mid-air – I’m not certain whether to keep going or frog, if what’s on the needles today will still be around tomorrow. Whether the sizing will work out after all, and if all those bumps could be erased by blocking. Yup, that’s exactly where I am today.

Lifeguard helmet & Tugboat coat
The fifth little Sublime hand knit book | Lara Green Tea (910)

The cute baby got me. I mean, just look at him! But somewhere between choosing the wrong yarn, altering the pattern for a different gauge, and trying to make sense of very awkwardly written directions, I’m not sure whether this will be a keeper.

Moderne Baby Blanket | Mason-Dixon Knitting | Gedifra Korfu & Classic Elite Sundance

Behemoth. I’m probably 95% done, but those last five rows (not to mention the border!) are taking forever. I need a helper just to maneuver it on my lap! I’m also increasingly conscious of the blanket’s weight, though I’m too chicken to actually weigh it. I’m guessing the final weight will be somewhere between 1.5-2 pounds. I think it will work better as a play mat than an actual blanket. Once I finish it, heh.

Estonian Socks by Nancy Bush | The Ultimate Sock Book by Vogue Knitting
Paddington sock yarn, Mocha’s Fiber Connection, from the 2009 NH S&W

This sock pattern is one of the few I could find written for tiny-gauge sock yarn. We’re talking 9-10 stitches per inch, yikes! The socks are truly beautiful, but I’m afraid that they might be too narrow for my grandma! I have to think about what to do next.

Thorpe (link opens a pdf file) by Kirsten Kapur
Sock Hop Yarn from Crown Mountain Farms, Crocodile Walk colorway

Another handspun baby Thorpe! I’m pretty sure that handspun + Thorpe is the most perfect combination ever… of anything… in all of time. Unfortunately, I was off in the sizing and it fits… me! Not a baby! Kind of snugly, but I can get it on my (23″ around!) head. Sigh. Have to think about this one, too.

So, I’m knitting furiously and hoping that some of these projects come full circle and get to stay. I would love for these to become four FOs to share with you :).

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27 thoughts on “Knitting furiously

  1. sueinithaca

    That thorpe would fit my almost-3-year-old. Admittedly, he does have a freakishly large head, but maybe you have a toddler in your life who’s cranially blessed. Then it could be a “big brother” hat for a friend expecting her second. Or you could snag it for yourself, which is probably what I would do.

  2. Karen B.

    @sueinithaca: “cranially blessed.” Love it.

    How refreshing of you to open up about your “WIP or rip” projects. You’re a knitting wunderkind who apparently faces the same dilemmas as the rest of us.

    Keep the Thorpe as little people grow larger.

    The yarn from the adorable baby coat will become something for suited to its properties.

    It’s a slog but you’re so close on the Moderne. Keep at it.

  3. Lori

    Don’t forget — babies are born with (comparatively) freakishly large heads. You’re still looking at a toddler hat v. a newborn hat, but toss some ties on those earflaps and little looseness wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    Or . . . felt it?

  4. Virginia

    The moderne looks beautiful!

    The thorpe + handspun is gorgeous. Have you blocked it yet? any chance that it will “bloom” a bit when block it and then it might fit you perfectly?

  5. Becky

    Just echoing what the others have said – toddlers/babies have surprisingly large heads. If it’s snug on you, it will probably be just fine for a two- to three-year old!

  6. Jessica

    Sweet projects! That coat would get to me too, I love double-breasted baby boy sweaters. Must be something in the air – I have spent the day glancing at the Olympic games while trying to modify the “Kipling” sweater from Kim at yarnabuse, to be a double-breasted cardigan, knit in one piece from the top down, with raglan sleeves. I think I have it.. Good luck!

  7. Connie

    I like all of your projects. Grandma’s socks

    are stunning! Looks like you have a nice variety going to keep your interest. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Joanne

    I have an 85% complete cabled sleeveless top which is probably going to get frogged this week – sometimes you just can’t win.

    Just wanted to let you know that I tried one of the shops in your sidebar – Birds-n-Yarn – and was incredibly impressed with the customer service. Oh, and the selection of colours in Lorna’s Laces. Mmm…

  9. Danielle

    I love those Estonian socks! (If they don’t fit Grandma, how about you give them to me, and I’ll knit Grandma another pair?) I’ve been thinking about a garter stitch baby blanket too … thanks for the cautionary words about the weight of the blanket.

  10. elsimom

    Echoing the call to save the hat from the frog pond and give it to an older child. If you don’t know any older children, you could always auction it for charity or something. Definitely not froggable based on size alone (in my view).

  11. margieinmaryland

    Love the Thorpe! Wouldn’t the colors look good on you?

    I have to take the minority view – a hat that fits a 23″ head is not going to fit any child that I know!

  12. Alice

    Heh, I have an unfinished baby moderne hanging around too. I just cant get into finishing it! I can’t wait to see yours.

    …and that baby jacket, I hope you finish it because it looks like it is going to be adorable!

  13. Seanna Lea

    It might still fit a baby with a noggin of unusual size!

    My head is pretty small, so a hat that fits me but is short normally fits a toddler or older. Makes me a little self conscious at times, because most of my hats are too big for me after a couple wearings!

  14. Sanni

    The baby blanket looks wonderful. I really would like to know from you or your followers: Do you test colors for colorfastness before knitting a color-block piece like this? Or is there some other way to know BEFORE buying the yarn? I am always afraid the dyes will bleed into a murky mess. Thanks

  15. Holly

    No worries on the hat! I have a big head, about 23 inches, and me and my two year old can wear the same hats. Hers are just a bit longer/more slouchy. I’m sure it will be great!

  16. JustGail

    Love the hat! While it’s nice to knit for the new babies – don’t forget how fast they grow. Even if it’s a bit too big now, it might be just right next winter, and the parents will thank you when they already have a hat, especially if they miss the weather reports and wake up to a cold day. Let’s not discuss how I would know.

    Also – sorry to hear the projects aren’t working out as planned. I’m learning (very slowly) to knit. I haven’t made it past plain scarves yet – why? Because I don’t want to make a royal muddle of a larger project. Reading that you (and the commenters) have projects that don’t work out helps people like me realize that everyone has projects that miss the mark, no matter how long you’ve been knitting (or sewing – the other thing I’ve been trying to get back into)

  17. Miss Amy

    I just love the colors on the baby blanket. They just scream spring to me. Oh, I can’t wait spring! I’m in Columbus OH and we are covered in snow.

  18. Elizabeth

    Ha! I share your pain. I just finished ripping out a Thorpe that I made out of the wrong weight of Malabrigo (I should have double-checked, I know) that fit a baby instead of me! We should have traded hats.

    Your Thorpe looks wonderful, such beautiful colors.

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