Vacations are for baby blankets

A quick hello from beautiful and sunny Miami, Florida! Where, of course, I’m hard at work knitting a baby blanket. It seems to have become “a thing” – a mitered blanket in Belize, and another when we were in San Francisco. This time around I’m knitting the Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

The miles of garter stitch seemed so mind-numbing when I was back home, but are downright perfect now that I’m actually on vacation.

I’m using some leftover Gedifra Korfu and freshly-stashed Classic Elite Sundance, basically the same exact yarns I used in the Ribbons Baby Blanket. Not too many mods, except fewer stitches/rows here and there, to make the most of what I have in the stash. I’m much further along than the photo above would lead you to believe ;).

I might even be done before I return!

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31 thoughts on “Vacations are for baby blankets

  1. Liz T.

    …looks so relaxing and warm and beautiful! A little bit of summertime for us to dream about in mid-January. Although, here in S.C. we are having quite a nice day today (before the rainy weekend starts!) Love the blanket colors – I’m sure it will be lovely.

  2. Seanna Lea

    I started one of these blankets (much more heavily modified) out of sock yarn scraps. I forgot how much I liked working on it, even if my collection of sock yarns was proving a bit too eclectic to be used in the long run.


    What lovely colours! Hope you are enjoying your vacation in sunny Florida. Life is just getting back to normal here in the UK after unusually heavy and prolonged snow and freezing temperatures. It’s great to see the Florida sunshine! We visited Miami and many other parts of Florida seven years ago. Loved it!!!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Ros

  4. mia

    I’m with “annri” on this one…love the blanket, yes, but are YOU further along than we think??

  5. Barbara

    Looks like a beautiful blanket on a beautiful beach. I am completely jealous here in very cold Wyoming.

  6. Olga

    Ooooh, Florida! Katie you make me so homesick! I want 76F in January and windy beach! Hope you have lots of fun and fast knitting on the blanket! Love those colors together! Enjoy!!

  7. WendyBee

    Oh, I don’t really begrudge you your warm-weather vaca. No, really I don’t. After all it is quite warm here in Biddeford today, over 40 deg. F. Ice and snow are melting and the kids and dogs are tracking in mud. Yep, I’d say I’m having almost as much fun as you are.


  8. carolyn

    Love the colours….hmmm…there are lots of baby knits lately on this here blog…I maybe knitting a few baby items in the near future….

  9. Jessica

    Love this pattern. Warning: It gets tougher as you go along, because the squares get larger and it takes longer to finish each one. Post pics when are finished!

  10. Veronica

    Welcome to South Florida! The blanket colors are very nice, great project for relaxing days at the beach. Have a very nice vacation.

  11. SnowCat MacDobran

    Those are great colors for the MDK moderne baby blanket. I did it for my sister and have a few notes up on Ravely, but I’m sure since your a quick knitter your almost done. There’s a mad discussion about whether there is and error for (I’m snowcat on rav.)

  12. Red

    Love those colors, esp the blue. I have a friend also expecting and am inspired to make her a blanket with the colors you’re using, though probably in a different pattern.

    have fun in Miami! well, it’s hard not to.

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