Because that’s just the way I roll, especially when it comes to knitting. The words ‘appropriateness’ and ‘seasonality’ do not exist in my knitting dictionary.

I finished this stocking during the first week of January 2010, about two years after I had finished Walter’s matching one, and one year after I had re-committed to knitting this one. Small details, really :). Maybe the hiatus was good, as I had forgotten how much I love these fantastic kits from Judy’s Colors.

Pattern: Judy’s Colors St. Nick Christmas stocking kit.

Yarn: Raumagarn 3-ply wool yarn.

Needles: US 4 Susan Bates 16″ circular needle and dpns.

Favorite detail: all the applied i-cord! I especially loved the three rounds of i-cord at the top of the stocking, which I knit as a spiral. Least favorite detail: the shaped intarsia heel. Thank goodness for blocking. Also, every time the motif would change from spirals to golden flowers and back, there would be 4 yarn ends to weave in. Generally this would be a total bummer, except this is such a sticky wool, and weaving in more than an inch of yarn wasn’t necessary.

My St. Nick, and his Red Velvet, side by side. Adorning the yarn cabinet, of course :).


22 thoughts on “Untimely

  1. lauren

    Oh I am almost never seasonally appropriate. I love these stockings! You’re right that all that i-cord is a great detail. I’m curious – do you knit all that i-cord or do you use one of those little machine gadgets I keep hearing about?

  2. Virginia

    I was looking at the pictures and kind of salivating over all the applied i-cord. Does that make me a knitting geek?

    It looks gorgeous. And I think it will make a perfect Valentines/Easter/Memorial Day stocking also. (who says you can’t have stockings for more than one holiday? That’s just unfair!)

  3. janna

    I was inspired by your Red Velvet to start one of my own, over a year ago. I think I got through the cuff…. Maybe this summer…..

  4. Pat

    Gorgeous stockings! Just in time for Valentine’s Day! (start a new tradition) I am toying with the idea of replacing the skinny commercial stockings that the family has had starting in 1985 (one for each child and the parents) but am afraid that it may take as long as the baby blankets (the middle child didn’t get hers until she was 14). We will see. First I have to finish the hubby’s socks.

  5. Rebecca

    What a lovely project – I have to admit I’m looking at it for a sock pattern as well…hmmm…something for the idea file – thanks for sharing!

  6. WendyBee

    In any season, these are fabulous! That’s the way it is with creative endeavors, ya gotta go with it when the inspiration strikes. Handel wrote “The Messiah” in like a month. I figure he barely bathed, shaved or even changed his clothes during that time. And if someone wasn’t looking out for him, he probably would have died of starvation. As it was, I think he died shortly after, anyway. (Where am I going with this, is unrestrained creativity deadly?)

    Anyway, I love your stocking, and just think, when you take it out next December, it will be like a little Christmas present to you, with a ceremonial hanging for its maiden stuffing. (Just don’t break a champagne bottle on it or you’ll have to re-block). Just raise a cup of egg nog cheer to her……..the S.S. St. Nick. (S.S.=Spiral Stocking)


  7. WendyBee

    Okay 3 corrections to the above post: 1)Handel’s work is properly titled “Messiah”, not “The Messiah”;

    2) 24 days, not one month;

    3) He did not die shortly thereafter, Messiah – 1742, death – 1759. I must have him confused with Mozart who died shortly after composing (or while) Requiem. Remember the movie Amadeus?

    Lesson: Research before “Post”


  8. sangeet

    I just re-found your blog at the beginning of the year (the first time was back when you had first designed Picovoli and I have a half knit version of my own that is still languishing in my yarn basket). I read the first few posts, and then went back and have methodically caught up on your knitting life over the life of this blog in the last 3 weeks. Reading it has been like reading an extremely well-written novel (complete with rich characters!), and it has made laugh and cry as I related each post to its corresponding time in my life. Can I just say, I love your innate curiosity, and dedication to your crafts — I love that you break out the “maths”, graphing paper, scales, etc to really understand your knitting rather than blindly following someone else’s instructions. To me, the mark of a true craftsman. Brava, and please keep writing, knitting, and sharing!

  9. Larissa

    I have had those kits bookmarked since you first mentioned them, and I have yet to order them! So by the time I finally get around to making one, the idea will have been germinating for several years.

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