Vest-membering during Vestvember

Say that three times fast!

What’s Vestvember, you ask? It’s a good old-fashioned knitalong of vests during the month of November. You can find Vestvember on Flickr and Ravelry.

I didn’t have any plans to participate in Vestvember: so many of my friends are expecting, and I’m just swamped with baby knits for the next few months! No time for vests, not right now! Instead, take a look at my latest baby project:

It’s the Archie Vest from Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits (my review/preview here). I know, it’s ridiculously adorable :). I was fortunate to see this vest in person during Kristen’s book tour, and it’s even cuter in person.

It didn’t even hit me that this vest would qualify for Vestvember until Maritza helpfully pointed out that it’s… a vest!

The retina-scorching green is Madelinetosh sock in malachite. It’s so bright that I think only a baby will be able to pull it off with grace. The white is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in natural. Because I’m predominantly a Continental knitter, it’s easier for me to hold the green yarn in my left hand, and the white, in my right. This leads to green being the dominant yarn. I would have preferred to make white dominant, but I know it would take me much longer to complete the vest if I did that. I figure, as long as I stay consistent, I should be good.

The similarity of my yarn colors to those in the book are a coincidence. Many of the patterns in Vintage Baby Knits, including the Archie Vest, use fingering-weight yarn. Fingering-weight yarn is always aplenty in this household, a condition which afflicts many, I’m sure ;). So, I just yanked two skeins from the stash that have been hibernating there without a purpose for a while, and that looked good together. And they happen to be similar to those chosen in the book.

I’m knitting the smallest size (3-6 months) so the baby will be able to wear the vest this winter. Though the pattern is written to be worked in pieces, I’m knitting it in the round until I reach the armholes. At that point, I will at least try to divide and work back and forth in rows. We’ll see how painful that is… Elinor’s recent post reminded me that steeking superwash wools is not impossible. Lorna’s Laces with its 10% nylon content is really non-sticky, though. I guess I’ll decide when I get there ;).


27 thoughts on “Vest-membering during Vestvember

  1. Elinor

    God, that is so unbelievably cute! I was totally not planning to participate in Vestvember because of other projects, but how hard would it be to knock out a little baby vest?? I love the bright green too. Babies can wear anything. And you should totally steek it! It would be much more fun knitting above the armholes.

  2. Virginia

    That is a beautiful vest.

    I’m confused though, why would it take longer if you held the white yarn in your left hand and made it the dominant color?

  3. mai

    that is the cutest vest ever! at first, i thought the top photo was of your completed vest, and i thought to myself, “damn, she is FAST!” 🙂 i can’t imagine knitting the entire vest flat. fair isle in the round is just so much easier! i say go for the steek 🙂

  4. margaux

    i love that vest! (and that book!) And thank you for the summary on the dominant yarn! I am working on a fair isle hat at the moment and couldn’t remember which was what… and also for the link to Nona! I miss her!

  5. Seanna Lea

    I’m just getting into stranded knitting now, so I love seeing projects like this. I’m petrified (after my sock attempt that needs someone with size 6 feet to wear it) that I am going to make things too tight to be worn! Of course, I’m the world’s worst swatcher, so I’m mostly taking the experimental someone will fit it approach and learning as I go.

  6. rachelerin

    I knit this and loved it. I used green and brown. It is so cute and practical. I also knit in the round up to the armholes. I was not that painful to do the back and front. However, steeking is still on my to do list.

    I can’t wait to see yours all done.

  7. Allison

    Love the green! I, too, am confused, though, about why you couldn’t just switch the yarns into the other hands and make white the dominant color? It might be the sinus infection clogging my brain, but I can’t think: what am I missing?…

  8. MavenKnits

    Hah! I had no idea, but you are not the only blog I follow where the knitter is knitting vests. I am not particularly a vest wearer… but some of these patterns look awefully tempting! Must… rememeber… chirstmas… knitting…list.

  9. Liz

    That’s a lovely pattern, and I really like that shade of green. Do make sure that neck opening is good and big though, it looks a bit small on that original pic – tiny babies and tight things over their heads leads to much screaming, usually by the parents.

  10. Jane

    I steeked the armholes on a baby jumper and it was a mistake. The armoles went kind of rigid where the extra thickness was. He never looked comfortable in it.

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