The parade of baby knits continues!

Pattern: basic top-down baby raglan. Finished dimensions: 21″ across the chest, 9.75″ shoulder to hem, and 5″ from sleeve cuff to armpit. I swiped the target measurements from Super-Natural Stripes, as well as the whole striping idea!

Needles: Susan Bates US 3 circs and dpns. My gauge after blocking was something like 6.5 stitches per inch, and 10 rows per inch.

Yarn: Shibui Sock, 100% superwash merino wool, fingering weight. I ended up using almost one full skein of Bark 7533, and half of a skein of each Sky 3115, and Ivory 7501.

Some might say that it’s crazy to knit a garment, even a tiny one, using fingering weight yarn. I say, if you enjoy knitting with fingering weight yarn, why not use it for a sweater?!? It’s not just for socks! Here I was able to use handpainted yarn in way which allowed the variegations to shine. Also, I used less than 1 skein of each color: excellent for stash-busting! I’m guessing that I accumulate enough sock yarn leftovers for such a sweater each time I complete 4 pairs of adult socks.

Except in this case I bought the yarn specifically for this sweater, so it wasn’t stash-busting at all ;). True confession: I completely copycatted these colors from Brooklyn Tweed Jared. I saw Jared’s photo in this entry (scroll down), and knew the combination would be perfect for my friend’s soon-to-be-here baby! I ended up substituting Bark and Ivory for Jared’s Honey and Pebble, because I liked the contrast better. But the original idea was all his ;).

The yarn colors were an absolute delight. The Sky colorway is the most amazing turquoise. I always looked forward to knitting the Sky stripe, and it motivated me to plow through the Bark and Ivory bits.

I had two complaints about the yarn itself. First, the yarn twisted up on itself when knitting, and my stockinette slanted a bit, especially after blocking. The spinners in the group know that this is a trademark of an unbalanced yarn. Second, I found the Ivory colorway to be a little bit thinner than the other two. I think blocking helped a bit, but it’s still thinner. Not a huge problem, except for those rows where I wove in the ends – the white stitches became distorted if they had to support a yarn tail.

Speaking of weaving in the ends… Of course I have to do the knitting equivalent of showing you my dirty laundry, and let you see the inside of the garment:

Not so bad! As with Super-Natural Stripes, if I could, I wove in the ends as I went along. The finishing was not terribly painful.

I found the perfect turquoise buttons at Windsor Button, of course. They always have exactly what I need. I attached an extra button to a little tag, which I thought was quite clever :). Hopefully this means it won’t get lost.

I copied Shibui’s recommended yarn care onto the label – machine-wash gentle, dry flat – but actually machine-washed and dried the sweater when I blocked it myself. It seems to have worked just fine.

Destination: Exercise Before Knitting Elinor’s house! The baby is due to arrive in a few weeks, I think. Enjoy!


30 thoughts on “Copycat

  1. Sheila

    So cute! Since you in a baby sweater mode – have you seen Lilleput – by Lene- Dances with Wool blog? That pattern has me perusing my sock yarn stash. It is so-so cute!!

  2. mai

    oh, kathy, it is so, so, so cute! completely adorable. elinor’s little one is lucky to be receiving it 🙂 i love the label you made, too. i’ve never loved shibui sock yarn, although i never noticed how unbalanced it is. i’ve noticed that the yarn tends to pool quite a bit when making socks, though.

  3. Bekky

    This is so cute – I love it! My riends need to have more babies as I have been inspired to make something like this or the vest.

  4. KnittySue

    I just finished the same sweater but it’s not a pretty as yours..I’ll try the 2 color for my next. I love the way your colors pop. I’m really enjoying knitting for the babies coming.

  5. GinkgoKnits

    Beautiful knitting — I’ve never bought Shibui because of the way it pools when knit into socks but I love the use of it here. I might need to try some soon after all.

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