Three architects

I asked my husband exactly what kind of hat he wanted me to knit for him using the Rowan Silky Tweed from our San Francisco trip. He answered, “Something with diamonds.” I think he was inspired by the breathtaking Contemporary Jewish Museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind, which we visited during this trip.

Stephen & Maribelle Leavitt ‘Yud’ Gallery, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA

Naturally, this led me to think of another architect, and another structure with diamond motifs: the Central branch of the Seattle Public Library, designed by Rem Koolhaas. Conveniently, this building comes with its own hat pattern, which my husband liked ;).

Pattern: Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood, available at the Interweave Store.

Yarn: Rowan Silky Tweed, 80% lambswool, 20% silk, 137 yards per 50 gram skein, color #753. I used 1 full skein, plus a few yards of the second one. The remainder of that second skein almost became a porcupine tragedy, but more about that later.

Needles: As recommended, US 6 and US 8 circs, some simple ones by Susan Bates. In fact, I knit the entire hat as recommended, with zero modifications (this is the men’s size – 5 repeats of the pattern). It came out perfect!

Libeskind, Koolhaas, but who’s the third architect? Mr. Sweetness, of course!


23 thoughts on “Three architects

  1. Janet

    It IS a fun knit, I made one for my daughter, and I like the tweed, I may have to do another!


  2. Karen

    Wow! I had not idea that the hat was named after someone, I just thought it was a clever play on pronunciation. Thanks for sharing that! Yours turned out very nice, what a great color choice.

  3. Kelley (smallwhitedog)

    This hat is the perfect hat for a man! I have knit it for both my husband and my brother in-law. Both of them love the pattern.

    My husband was a school bus driver for middle school kids. When he debuted his new hat he got many compliments on his new cool hat. You know something is cool when teenagers think it is cool!

  4. Seanna Lea

    I’m going to need to knit myself another Koolhaas this year. I love how yours came out with the silky tweed. My yarn had a little too much of a halo and the beauty of the pattern was somewhat diminished.

  5. CatBookMom

    Looks great on Mr. Sweetness, a lovely rich blue-green color and shows off the soft but nubbly texture of the wool.

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