My recent trip allowed me to get a good start on my latest lace project:

It’s Willoughby by brooklyntweed Jared Flood, knit in Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino, Sugar Plum colorway. Can you believe the awesomeness of this project?!? One of today’s hottest designers combined with one of the most gifted color artists! I can hardly stand it!

I was sold on the pattern instantly after seeing Jared’s photos. The gorgeous, flowing lace, the intricate border (delightfully familiar!), my favorite rectangular shape, and, of course, the bobbles! Bobbles call my name every time, even after having knit 2260 of them.

After downloading the pattern, I also realized that Jared incorporated the border in a most creative and clever way. And I’m a sucker for clever each and every time. I can’t wait to tell you more about it some time soon!

The yarn was already in my stash, and seemed like the perfect choice. I recently knit a skein of Fingering Silky Merino (Flaming Flamingo colorway, the one on the bottom in the photo) into a rectangular scarf, about 12.5″ wide by 74″ long. So, I think I can get a good-sized Willoughby out of one skein of Sugar Plum.

I’m tweaking the bobble directions ever-so-slightly to make them pop a bit more. The drapey yarn, which is also multi-colored, leads to sort of flatter bobbles which get swallowed by the background. Not ideal! Plus, I’m trying to make the bobbles turning-less (speedy and convenient!). I’ll let you know the details once I have it figured out myself ;).


32 thoughts on “Nupp-centric

  1. Cornflower

    I love Jared’s reference to “… the architecture of the stitches” in lace knitting. Looking forward to seeing your version – more gothic, perhaps!

  2. Carolyn Mele

    Gorgeous…absolutely love that colour! Willoughby is on my list to knit…but I started Redhook which is not the most exciting knit, but definitely a wearable one!

  3. reve

    thanks so much for this post. I’ve had a skein of Sundara FSM for over a year now, with nothing fabulous enough to knit it into. And I bought willoughby about 3 weeks ago. A marriage made in heaven. What size needles are you using?

  4. Abby Tohline

    That is really beautiful! Great idea to combine to great artists’ work to get an even more amazing product. Now you’ve inspired me to make something similar!

  5. Lillie

    Pretty! Please do tell on the bobbles. I am sooooo slow with them. I just started knitting a lily of the valley cardigan, and I think I’d give it up if I didn’t have a small obsession with all things lily.

  6. Bailie

    Oh my! The color of that yarn is just delicious! I love it! I’m anxiously awaiting the day when I can make beautiful works of art like this!

  7. marilyn

    Norah Gaughan uses a non-turning method for bobbles. I believe you have Knitting Nature, check out the hat pattern, it’s sort of an icord bobble.

  8. Kelley (smallwhitedog)

    This is a scarf that I definitely want to knit, too!

    I look forward to your tips on speedier bobbles.

  9. Vicki

    I hate to admit that I’ve not started following Jared’s blog, until now. I clicked over, started following and queued up the pattern in Ravely as soon as seeing your post. It’s a fab pattern and I love your yarn choice. Gorgeous!!!

  10. Karen

    I would love for you to give us a little (or big!) tutorial on bobbles. I do them but I always struggle with them. Yours are just delicious.

  11. Sundara

    Aaaww, you are so sweet! I’m thrilled you like the color and I think you’ve chosen a fantastic pattern for it. i can’t wait to see it all done. (actually I can totally wait, but you know what I mean!)

  12. Marie

    Its always so great to see a Jared pattern knit up in saturated colour since its pretty rare to see colour of any substance in his photos!

  13. Seanna Lea

    This looks like the perfect excuse to splurge on some Sundara yarns. I have been tempted for far too long at this point, and I just hadn’t found the perfect small project (because a sweater’s worth is not in my future).

  14. Linda

    Hey! I’m knitting this right now, too! It’s a great pattern and was also lured by the construction of the border, and, of course, those nupps! In fact, it seems to be knitting itself it’s working up so fast. Doing the nupps as instructed though with no problems. I am using KnitPicks City Tweed in “Habanero” (love the name)and it is nice and soft.

  15. Awfulknitter

    I love this pattern – it’s the one that persuaded me to buy the collection. I’ll be very interested to is your finished version – to my eye that yarn is exactly the colour of blackcurrant sorbet, very seasonal and very gorgeous!

  16. Gail H.

    You’ve selected a great yarn for your Willoughby! I was going to start this yesterday but will wait for your no-turn bobble method.

  17. Brenda

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to knit Willoughby for myself … you’ve talked me into it. Off to download now! Too bad I don’t have Sundara in my own stash …

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