6-piece, 9-piece

I don’t have a bobble update for you today, but I did want to share some progress on my honeymoon blanket II.

Katia Bombay is a great yarn for this project, I think. It is unquestionably colorful :). It is also tightly spun so I hope the blanket lasts through many trips to the washer and dryer.

But there have been a few disappointments with this project, too.

First, unlike the Katia Jamaica I used for honeymoon blanket I, Bombay changes colors more predictably and regularly. In other words, boringly.

When knit up, it’s many similar-looking squares in an alternating sequence. Also, I think you can tell from the photos that the squares pucker near their points. I don’t think it matters for this blanket, since the edges get stretched and flattened by picking up stitches for the next square or seaming. But if you were considering this yarn for a sweater, please plan carefully – I think the fabric will droop like crazy.

Another thing which caught me off guard is that one skein of Bombay knit into six squares (each one 65 stitches at cast-on). I was hoping for nine, like the Jamaica version. I think the blanket will end up smaller overall, too.

The six squares out of each skein meant that my construction plan had to be modified. Observe and compare to the 9-piece:

However, I didn’t realize this until I tried to maneuver the pieces for a picture for this post. D’oh!!!

Oh, well. It won’t be a complicated fix because all the squares are basically their own little entities. And I still enjoy the yarn, so this is just a way to stretch the knitting pleasure, right? 😉


17 thoughts on “6-piece, 9-piece

  1. yeahso

    So couldn’t you just turn that bottom right set of 6 counter clockwise 90 degrees and seam them up that way? The direction of the squares will be different, but may be that would make up for the “boringness” of the color repeats? (not that I think it’s boring – the colors are so bright, predictability isn’t neceesarily a bad thing_

  2. Jenny

    Just an idea I had looking at the layout in the last picture–perhaps you could sew them together pinwheel style? It would make an interesting shape and show off the colors well. I hope you get what I mean by that, I’m not sure how to describe it, but the result would be two squares hanging off of the ends and a squarish shape. Then, you could take a solid and either knit a border and have a funky looking blankie, or use the solid to make some miters so you’d have the full size you were originally going for.

    As always, I am so inspired by your work–and I love knitting baby blankies for my friends. I think I might need to try out the mitered square.

  3. Alexis

    Oh, I hope you don’t stay disappointed with that blanket for long. It looks fantastic so far! Vibrant, cheerful, and interesting! I actually like this new one better than the first.

  4. Andrea

    Thank you so much for the useful yarn store information! I am currently visiting the Boston area and your list sent me to Lexington, to the Wild and Woolly, where I had the most marvellous time, certainly the high point of a long business trip. It would be utterly ungrateful to blame you for the weight of my luggage on th trip home, so I will try to bite my tongue 😉

    Let me know if you ever come to Berlin so I can return the favour and tell you about my favourites.

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