Never fear, my readers are here!

Here’s the really funny thing – I distinctly remember writing down the instructions for putting together the honeymoon blanket. The detail which really sticks out in my mind? I remember specifying when to weave in individual yarn ends… because only someone as crazy as me would mention such a thing :).

But when I searched my blog, I saw only two entries pertaining to the honeymoon blanket, neither one containing these “ghost” instructions. I thought, “Oh, well, I must have drafted the post but never published, or maybe I composed it only in my head.”

Lo and behold, a helpful reader named Elaine clued me in! A few days ago she wrote, “Just read your post about trying to figure out another Honeymoon blanket… You have been so kind in the past giving me a pretty detailed explanation, I wondered if it might also help you?”

Eureka! It ends up that Elaine e-mailed me a year and a half ago, asking me for an explanation about the order in which the mitered squares were knit. I wrote her back with detailed instructions, even included a schematic and noted when the ends should be woven in, and then promptly forgot all about it! And now, many moons later, Elaine returned the favor and forwarded me my own e-mail!

Hi Elaine,

I attach an explanation of exactly how I did this. I knit 4 large squares, as divided by the red lines. Each of those squares is composed of 9 little miters. I start in the upper right corner and knit a miter (over 55 sts) – that’s #1. Then I pick up sts along its bottom edge, and cast on an additional 28 sts, and knit miter #2. Do the same to make miter #3, and then cut the yarn. Then I cast on 28 sts, and pick up 27 sts along the left edge of miter #1, and knit miter #4. I think now you can see how I proceed.

On top of that, when I’m knitting miter #6, I weave in the end of miter #3. And when I’m knitting #9, I weave in #6’s end. The tail remaining after #9 is used for seaming along the red line.

Let me know if that’s clear, and if you need any further help!

Good luck!


And now, documented here on my blog, forever and ever :).

With a helpful tip from another reader, Abby, pointing me to the Sunday Swing sock pattern on Knitty, I think I’m all set for travel projects. I’ve got socks, the second iteration of the honeymoon blanket, and even a lace scarf (with bobbles!) that I’m rapidly trying to squeeze into the line-up. I even finished the reluctant Purl Beret! All very exciting things to show you once I’m back ;).


17 thoughts on “Never fear, my readers are here!

  1. mai

    haha, that’s fantastic! hooray for elaine! i can’t wait to see honeymoon blanket #2 finished. have a great time in SF!

  2. Melissa Lemmons

    I am so glad that Sandy still had that info. I hate it when I KNOW that I have done something, usually creating a set of notes or a handout for an activity and I can’t find it ANYWHERE. Good luck with all of your travel knitting.

  3. Mary de B

    I am just knitting a top with this Katia Jamaica and remembered this blanket (or one very similar). I love the way the colours splodge around in the miters. I think I’ll have lots left over from my project and a wee blanket might just use them up!

  4. Dormouse

    I spied that scarf of Jared’s too – it went straight into my (ever-lengthening) queue. Then I priced up the yarn he used…gulp!

    Still in my queue but might have to wait a while for a serious bargain on the cashmere front!

  5. Romina

    Hello Kathy:

    I just want to thankyou for the combined knitting convertion table It is going to be VERY useful for me 🙂

    thanks a LOT.

  6. JanieB

    Looks like you’ve got all knitting bases covered now. Willoughby is gorgeous, look forward to seeing that, & all other WIPs. Have a great holiday!

  7. Seanna Lea

    Very cool. It’s great to see the blanket come back together with your new (to me) instructions!

    I hope you enjoy your vacation with your travel knitting.

  8. Nellie

    Hi, I am attempting to purchase a digiweigh scale. Would you please tell me which model you purchased. Was it Model 600BX? Thanks.

  9. Cat

    Thanks so much for posting this info? I’m just about to start a mitered square blanket but have been stalling because of the thought of all that sewing together. I was trying to figure a way to attach as I go a la Meg’s Bobby’s Garden Blanket, but of course those are hexagons. Your way cuts down on some of the sewing.

    Just to clarify for me, for block #4 did you cast on half the stitches then pick up the rest along the red line of block #1? Also, how did you knit the corners of the border? They look like they have a cool mitered detail.

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