Favorites, in fives

Happy knitaversary to me,

Happy knitaversary to me,

Happy knitaversary, dear Grumpy,

Happy knitaversary to me!

And many more!

Five years! What an amazing occasion! As you know, five is one of my favorite numbers. In fact, I’ve altered patterns for the specific purpose of having five repeats/elements, because I find it very symmetric and pleasing to the eye.

On this, my fifth knitaversary, I decided to celebrate my favorite things, in fives! Five favorite projects, five favorite yarns, five favorite tricks and gadgets… you get the idea. And at the end of the post, there is even a giveaway for five of my loyal readers!

Five favorite yarns

  1. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock: I’ve used this yarn so, so, so many times, and have never been disappointed. Favorite sock yarn, hands down.
  2. Classic Elite Classic Silk: tweedy, cushy, soft, and wonderful to wear. The colors are amazing, too!
  3. Handmaiden Sea Silk: an absolute joy to knit and wear. The melon scarf is my most frequently-worn scarf.
  4. Gedifra Korfu: a wonderful cotton/acrylic blend for blankets and sweaters – soft, cushy, and comes in many different colors. (Classic Elite Sundance is a good substitute for the sadly-discontinued and often-elusive Korfu.)
  5. Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy: wonderful texture and fantastic colors. Very interesting yarn to handle and knit.

Five favorite projects

  1. Vintage Pink Cardigan: my first adult sweater, so a learning experience, for sure. At the same time, it is a very beautiful and classic pattern.
  2. Leaf Lace Shawl: poof, and it was done! One of those patterns that simply worked!
  3. Fair Isle stockings: large enough to really get into the whole Fair Isle technique, but small enough that just as I was becoming bored, they were done.
  4. Buffalo sweater: an amazing adventure, technique-wise. The end result even knocked my own socks off. There, I boasted :).
  5. Crocheted potholders: something so small, and so simple, but making these brought me so much joy.

Five favorite books

  1. Knitting on the Road: my favorite Nancy Bush sock compilation. I love almost every sock in it.
  2. The Knitter’s Handbook: without a doubt my #1 reference book when it comes to techniques. It’s comprehensive and encyclopedic, just the way I like it :).
  3. 200 Crochet Blocks: fuels that crochet fire like no other! Each time I open it, I find a new “favorite” square that I just must try!
  4. The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns: a wonderful teaching resource, I’ve found. My students very frequently start with a hat or mittens from this book.
  5. The Knitter’s Book of Yarn: invaluable resource for plies, twists, spins, and all those other terms which can make or break a project. Though I don’t often mention this book, I use it with the same frequency/intent as the Knitter’s Handbook (i.e., religiously).

Five favorite techniques/tricks/gadgets

  1. Cabling without a cable needle: for me, it’s not about saving time; it’s about keeping track (or not) of yet another knitting implement. I also love to figure out how to make really complicated cables without using an extra needle ;).
  2. Weighing yarn as I go: you saw me use this just the other day! I couldn’t knit without my arsenal of scales.
  3. Ironing seams: unorthodox, yet I love it so. Related: gentle steaming for wool.
  4. Compare it to something you love: I’ve found that the easiest way to determine correct sizing is to measure something similar that you already love. Whether it’s a sweater, a hat, a scarf, or mittens, using a well-fitting (even if store-bought) version as a template will lead you in the right direction.
  5. Ripping out: it’s only knitting! If you don’t love it, you don’t have to keep it. When in doubt, rip it out :).

Five prizes to give away!

Oh, yes! Now the fun part! In celebration of my fifth knitaversary I am giving away the following five prizes to five of my loyal readers! Please read the rules below about entering this contest.


The Rules:

  • One important eligibility requirement: in order to reward loyal readers, you must have left at least 5 (five) comments during the lifetime of my blog to be eligible for a prize. I have easy ways of checking this.
  • To enter, simply leave a comment!
  • Please use a working e-mail address. If I can’t get in touch with you, you can’t win!
  • One entry per person.
  • Comments will be closed Saturday (July 11th) evening.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly.
  • The first number drawn will select one of the five prizes; the second number will choose among the remaining four prizes, and so on.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!

Comments have now been closed. Thank you so much for your good wishes, and for playing along! Winners will be contacted via e-mail.


343 thoughts on “Favorites, in fives

  1. Sheila

    Happy Happy Anniversary! I am here in Michigan with my little grandson Luke – the recipient of most of my knitting. Enjoy your blog – as always. Have watched you grow into a prolific knitter – much joy!

  2. (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Comment, comment… I’m pretty sure I’ve left at least 5 over the years, though some may have been under ‘no-blog-rachel’ rather than (formerly). Happy Anniversary and thanks for being so generous!

  3. Bertha

    Happy Knitiversary Kathy! It’s difficult to believe that you’ve only been knitting for 5 years…it seems like you have a lifetime of skill and experience!

  4. Sarah

    Happy Anniversary! Five years is awesome! I’m a big fan of odd numbers in general (seven seems to be tops for me) so I’ve never thought you were odd for your love of fives. I’m not sure if I’ve left you five comments over the years, but I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time. I probably commented under my old blog but I tend to be a silent reader. Even if I’m not eligible for the contest, I think it’s awesome that you’re giving such great stuff away (your potholders inspired me to learn how to crochet and 200 Crochet Blocks is at the top of my wishlist). Here’s to five more years! 🙂

  5. cherilyn

    This is my first comment even though I’m a regular reader–oh, well, maybe I can join the Big 10 contest in five years…Your knitting is fab!


  6. Amy P

    I have no idea if I’ve ever left a comment, but it seemed like a good day to start. Happy anniversary. I read every post and often learn something. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on and getting insight to your decision making process. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us knitters!

  7. margaret

    I’m sure that I’ve left at least 5 comments over the last 5 years – actually, I was going to leave one just the other day to find out about your little scale – then I forgot and realized that there was enough info from the picture to find out! ;o)

    happy fifth – you and your knitting are a true joy to behold …

  8. Linda

    I’m not sure if I have left five. I have commented before, more than once, but I’ll leave it up to you to check.

    Anyhow, I like this post a lot. It’s nice to see what YOU like best out of what you done. I have to agree about the Buffalo sweater. It’s my favorite thing that I have seen here.

  9. Carol

    Happy knitaversary! I’m amazed you’ve only been knitting for 5 years; when I found your blog I thought I’d found an expert with decades of experience. I really enjoy your blog, both for the knitting ideas/reviews/techniques/inspiration and also for your great writing. Here’s wishing you many more years of both.

  10. kmkat

    Have I left five comments on your blog? Maybe, maybe not, but I have been reading it for a couple years. Anyway, happy blogversary, happy knitting, and happy hooking!

  11. Pam

    I don’t think I’ve left 5 comments, but I do love your blog and want to wish you a happy blog-versery.

  12. Amanda Cathleen

    I don’t think I’ve left five comments, however I still wanted to wish you Happy knitaversary! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us, that buffalo sweater was pretty amazing!

  13. Katie B.

    I must have left five by now. I don’t comment here all that often, but surely I’ve commented that many times?!

    Happy Knitaversary!

  14. Yarndude

    Greetings! I am most definitely not eligible for your giveaway (hi, I’m Yarndude, I’m a silent lurker), but I wanted to wish you a happy knitaversary! Woohoo!

  15. Carolyn Ell

    Crap, I’m such a lurker, I almost never post so I doubt I’ve left 5 posts before. Happy anniversary anyways! Good luck to my fellow readers. 🙂

  16. Kat

    I suppose I can hope that I’ve commented 5 times! I especially enjoyed your post on making jogless striped socks! Thanks for writing about the “best of” – it’s nice to have a starting point to going through your older posts I may not have read.

  17. SueV

    Don’t know if I have five comments or not, but I certainly have been following your knitting adventures for a long time. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  18. mari

    Happy Knittiversary to one of my favorite knitbloggers of all time! I can’t believe it’s been five years already!

  19. not supergirl

    I’m also not sure that I’ve left five comments, but still wish you congratulations. I’ll take the opportunity for inspiring me to take sewing and crochet back up, too. So, thanks! 🙂

    (earlier comments may have been made as jenkaal, but still the same email address)

  20. Rose

    I’m not sure if I’ve commented enough times but you’ve been on my blogroll a long time. Happy 5th and please enter me.

  21. mick

    I don’t believe I’ve left five comments, but I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been reading since I started knitting (about half as long as you have, wow!) and I always love it when a post from you pops up in my google reader. Congrats on five years of beautiful projects!

  22. Debi

    Happy Anniversary! I don’t think I’ve left 5 comments but am wishing you many more anniversaries to come, love reading your blog, I have it on my homepage! Thanks for letting me learn more and more about knitting!

  23. J Oakley

    I’m not sure if I’ve left five comments with you, but I do enjoy each and every entry and project you’ve posted here.

    Happy The Fifth, and many more!

  24. Laura

    Happy knitaversary! I don’t think I’ve left 5 comments, but I’ve been reading for years, and I almost always learn something new. It was fun to read about your favorites: so far, you’ve introduced me to the world that is the joy of Lorna’s Laces and the need for scales in knitting projects. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your knitting experiences with us!

  25. Katinka

    Schastlivovo Knitiversary! 🙂

    I’m fairly certain that I’ve left more than five comments — I’m ABSOLUTELY certain that I’ve read and enjoyed your blog for at least the last three years. Thanks for the knitting!

  26. Becky

    GAH! I’m a lurker (de-lurking today!) and I don’t think I’ve left five comments! But it’s okay, I’ve never won a blog contest ever and I doubt I’d win this one. Congratulations on making it to five years! I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I’ve been knitting (five years, too) and it has been really inspiring. I know for sure I wouldn’t be as good a knitter if it weren’t for you and the others of the online knitting community always showing off your fancy projects. Keep it up! I always love your posts!

  27. Sue

    Happy Anniversary! I am a faithful reader, but have never written a comment. I don’t care if I am eligible for anything, but wanted to congratulate you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.

  28. marie in florida

    no you have me wondering how many comments i have left you since you were Surprise Girl over on About . com ???

    happy anniversary and thanks for all the wonderful blogs

  29. Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    I must have left 5 comments, considering how long I’ve been reading, but I’m not much of a commenter . . . I swear I’m a loyal reader, though! I’ve been following your blog since, like, forever.

  30. Melissa

    Happy Blogiversary! I love reading about your favorite things. And I sure hope that I’ve left 5 (or more) comments here so I can be eligible for the awesome prizes 🙂

  31. AnaMarie

    Congratulations on finding a passion that lasts longer than approximately 10% of US marriages! Can’t wait to see what the first FO of your 6th year of knitting will be!

  32. Kathy Sue

    Happy Knitaversary to Grumperina! May you have many more. I was trying to think of 5 things I have learned from you, but I am too close to bedtime. I do know that I have picked up many sock and lace tricks from you!

  33. Tijm

    Already 5 years??!! Time flys when your having fun!!


    I love to read your blog for almost 3 years I guess.

    I was very inspired by your twin socks (socks in blue and yellow and both different).

    I also like the way you write about your family and what you knit for them.

    Greetings from tijm@hotmail.com

    From the Netherlands

  34. monica

    I hope I’ve left 5 comments!

    Whether or not I have, you should know – I first tried Fair Isle because of those socks! Here’s to the next 5 years!

  35. Allison

    I definitely haven’t commented 5 times so sadly, I’m not eligible, but I had to say that your knitaversary falls on my birthday, so it is definitely a special day for both of us! Knit on!

  36. Beverly

    Congratulations! We started knitting at about the same time, but you are so much more technically advanced than me! Plus, you’ve been published in IK. That’s amazing! I’m pretty sure I’ve left at least five comments here. I know I read every post loyally.

  37. micki

    Oh I hope I have commented 5 times…. I’ll be really sad if I haven’t.


  38. Maria

    Thanks! That’s a lot of great info! I may or may not have left five comments. I have a hard enough time remembering my five kids’ names!

  39. jen

    I don’t know if I’ve commented 5 times, but if not, I should have! Thanks, Kathy, for everything you’ve knit, commented on, and documented! I’ve learned so much from you and look forward to 5 more years of the same.

  40. Diane

    I *may* have left five comments… no harm in trying!

    Happy knitaversary! Five is a fantastic number, I agree – two on each side and one in the middle, very prettily symmetric.

  41. caroline

    Not sure if I’ve left 5 comments over the years or not, but I’ve been reading you since almost the beginning. Either way, happy Blogiversary, chica!

  42. Irisine

    I just want to say you congratulations, nearly 5 years I’m reading about your knits but I left no comments as far as I remember. Nevertheless I really like your way to describe what your working on. And I really hope you go on for a long time. You gave me a lot of inspiration.

  43. knitopia

    Congratulations and thanks for the contest! I would probably pick the sea wool first.

  44. KT

    Hmmm… I’ve been reading for awhile but not sure how many comments I’ve left. Maybe this is my 5th? Well, just in case, I want to congratulate you on your blog-i-versary and say I love your enthusiasm and mad knitting skills. I also love Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock – hope I have a chance of winning it. Cheers! – KT (Fidget)

  45. Andrea

    Oooops, have I left five comments? I think so! I comment more often to myself only, but this IS one of my favourite blogs. Happy anniversary, Kathy, and many happy returns! Please, do not leave us like a bunch of others did over time.


  46. Tracy J.

    Pretty sure I don’t qualify, but Happy Anniversary anyway! Thanks especially for the book and technique lists – those are always helpful.

  47. Nancy

    Happy knitaversary! I have enjoyed your blog for many years, and have knitted 2 pairs of Jaywalkers, thanks to you! Keep the blog coming!

  48. Anna

    I’d love to join in on the give away, and I sure hope I’ve left 5 comments prior to this one. Hope you excuse me if I haven’t…

    5 is my favourite number as well, followed by multiples of 5; 10, 15, 20, and so on… 🙂

  49. cindy (maxfun)

    I have no idea how many comments I’ve left. I’m guilty of often being a lurker rather than a commenter. My old email was maxfunATcomcastDOTnet, but the blog has remained the same. 🙂

    Anyway, regardless of whether or not I’m eligible, Happy Knitaversary!

    BTW, Lorna’s Laces Devon is one of my favorite colorways. 🙂

  50. Aberdonian

    Happy knitaversary! I love reading your blog. It’s always full of gorgeous knitting (or crocheting) and useful information.

  51. marilyn

    Oh my, will my various knitting identities over the years foil my chances. I’m sure I’ve left 5 over the years, although probably not a whole lto more.

    Congratulations on you blogiversary! I use dto read many blogs. Now I read about 5, and obviously, you are one of them. Thanks again for a great blog! I use your advice a great deal. And I FINALLY even got myself a scale thanks to you!! And VLT because of you. And so much mor!

    (I’ll be leaving the email address I use most, but it’s likely I’ve been here as charli of charlizeen on yahoo, and knittingbox on yahoo.

    and if that doesn’t do it there may be one more. but hey, i never win any way. (oh, btw, my post on yesterday’s post was done before reading this post. i promise!)

  52. Genny

    I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve commented, but your blog is one of only three that I read faithfully every day. Happy knitiversary, and thanks for all the great blogging!

  53. .k

    Happy Knitaversary! Your blog is one my favs, you know the ones to read last of blogroll and enjoy 🙂

  54. Maria

    I haven’t left 5 comments so this is not competition entry but I wanted to wish you happy anniversary!


  55. Yvonne

    Have I left 5 comments? Maybe? I hope! That’ll teach me to lurk quietly, haha.

    Happy knitaversary! My 5th is coming up this November, which I guess sorta makes us part of the same knitting cohort!

  56. StellaMM

    Dear Grumperina, Mr Sweetyness, and the cats,

    Congratulations on you knitiversary. Five good long years. I don’t know if I have left five comments, but feel it is likely. I am a knitter and lurker but not a crocheter – so if those prizes fall to me (in a randomised fashion) let another recipient be happy with them.

    Your knitting astonishes me, I am mostly ‘a sweater kntter’ – although falling in love with sock knitting, and my favourite is your lovely red hexagon (maybe pentagon) sweater from a Norah Gaughan pattern. We both enjoy the same colourways – which I find hard to meet up with. Your are a fearless knitter, and also live in a much colder climate (I have never worn mittens).

  57. Victoria

    I have no idea if I have left 5 comments but it would be very bad of me if I haven’t because yours was one of the very first blogs I started reading- so if no comments, that’s 4+ years of lurking. Sorry.

    But regardless of whether or not I am eligible for the draw I would like to say Happy Knitaversary and thank you for continuing to bring us interesting, educational and inspiring posts. x

  58. Catherine

    Many happy returns on your anniversary.

    Not sure if I’ve met the minimum, but you certainly merit everybody’s good wishes nevertheless.

  59. Ingrid

    I think that I’ve left 5 comments – it must be close, anyway! Happy 5th – yours was one of the first blogs that I started reading.

  60. kris

    wow! happy fifth! mine is coming up next month (though my blog is pretty much dead now) – seems there was a lot of us starting up in 2004! now i feel old 😉

  61. Sandy

    Oh, I just check my blog, because of this post and discovered that I went over 5 years of blogging just last month! Knitting, well, I’ve been doing that a lot longer!

  62. GinkgoKnits

    Another loyal reader who is not sure if she has left five comments . . .

    Your blog is a definite favorite (and you’re been doing it for twice as long as I’ve known how to knit!). So, if I haven’t left enough comments, I’ll just have to look forward to writing more in the future.

  63. quinn

    I don’t know if I’ve left 5 comments…I’ve been following your blog since ‘way before I figured out “feeds” but I’m pretty quiet!

    So even if I’m not eligible, I want to say congratulations and I hope you’ll keep posting.

    It’s so nice to see the buffalo sweater again 🙂

  64. Amy

    Happy knit-a-versary, Kathy!! Thanks for five years of interesting, knowledgable posts with some of the best photos ever. It’s way fun to be along on your crafting journey. 🙂

  65. tara

    Happy Blogiversary! Don’t know if I’ve left five comments over the years, as I’m not a good commenter, but I appreciate your writing anyway!

  66. sarah

    Being a lurker, I’m not eligible for your drawing. But I would like to send you many congratulations. I very much enjoy your blog. I too, love hempathy and seasilk, so i know i should try your other top 5 yarns. Thanks for your work.

  67. Kate

    I think I’ve left 5. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!

    I agree– cabling without a needle: fantastic skill. (especially for those of us who regularly lost the cable needle.)

  68. AJ

    Happy Knitaversary!! I’m not sure I’ve left five comments over the years, but I always read your entries cos I love your blog. 😀

  69. Holly

    I (like most commenters, it seems!) am not sure how many comments I’ve left, but I hope you have a happy knittaversary anyway! Cheers!

  70. Melissa

    Not sure if I’ve left five comments or not, but I wanted to wish you a happy fifth, anyway! Thanks for all your information–you are such a help and inspiration!

  71. Sarah

    Happy knitiversary! Your blog is one of the first knitblogs I started reading, so thank you for many years of knitting enjoyment!

  72. Mary de B

    Happy knitaversary!

    I have no idea if I’ve left 5 comments, but I’ve been reading for quite some time.

    I lose cable needles, but don’t really like cabling without one. But my new scale is a favourite tool!

    Knit on!

  73. Sarah-potterknitter

    Knowing me I’ve probably left three comments making this the unlucky fourth, but only you can know!

    Of all those things, I must thank you most for the cabling without a needle. I was inspired to try it by your blog, and I haven’t picked up a cable needle since.

  74. tantej

    Happy Knitaverary!!

    Your blog was one of the first I read and still one of my absolute favorites. I have learned so much, (including cabling sans needle) and bought so many books after being inspired here. I look forward to the next 5 years!

  75. Brenda

    Yours was one of the first knit blogs I discovered about 4 years ago (I know, I was in the dark ages until then). Your jaywalkers were one of the first patterns to take me out of my boring knitting routine by trying new techniques. Thanks for five interesting and informative years!

  76. Jakki Mitch

    Oh, darn. Even though I read your blog (fairly) faithfully, I have rarely commented. Anyway, Happy Knitaversary to you, and Many More!!

  77. Heather

    I love the symmetry of 5 also. I’m a big fan of symmetry.

    I have 2/5 of your favourite books and some Lorna’s that I’ve never used. Maybe it’s time?

    Happy Knitaversary!

  78. Heather R.

    Congrats! Don’t know if I’ve left 5 comments but it’s worth a try.

    Heather R.


  79. Lisa

    Just wanted to give a whole-hearted “I totally agree!” on the cabling without a needle and ripping it out. I recently learned to cable without a needle and think it’s a liberating. I also frog a lot; but for all the ripping out I do, I’ve learned a lot about my knitting too.

    happy knitaversary. – lisa

  80. Nancy

    Hopefully I’ve commented 5 times. If not, maybe I will lurk less and comment more often from now on. Congrats on you blogiversary.

  81. Jayme

    I love all the tips and techniques you’ve shared over the years. Thanks sharing your knitting with us!

  82. Mandy

    This is a great post, I love your fave fives! Why don’t I have the Knitter’s Handbook?!?! I’ll have to find it. Here’s to five more years!!

  83. lanea

    Wow, five years already? Happy anniversary, and thanks for being such a wonderful blogger, photographer, and designer.

  84. Chery

    I’m imagine I haven’t commented 5 times. I do read your blog constantly and love your knitting. Happy Knitaversary!

  85. Kate

    I’ve been reading you since forever ago so I’m sure I’ve left at least 5 comments, but I can’t promise that they were all under this name…could’ve been my previous identity, or the one before that, or the one before that… 😀

    At any rate – happy blogiversary!!! 🙂

  86. Susan Maurer

    Happy blogiversary 2 U!

    Happy blogiversary 2 U!

    Happy blogiversary dear Grumperina!

    Happy blogiversary 2 U!

    (And many more – and one more to make five:

    Happy blogiversary 2 U!)

  87. Meredith

    I honestly have no idea how many comments I’ve left. I think more than five… I bet you didn’t expect that knowing how many comments one’s left would be such a complicated thing!

    Anyway, happy knitaversary!

  88. Karen

    Happy Knitaversary! I love your blog and your work. I have no idea when my knitaverserary is (I started when I was about 9) but I do wish I could celebrate it every year because I get such joy out of it.

    Not sure if I’ve left enough comments to win a prize, but reading your blog is a prize in itself!

  89. Suna

    I don’t post too often on “famous people” blogs, but did want to wish you a happy knitaversary. Like Karen, I started knitting when I was little, and now I am old (just 51 but feel old today), but you have done so much to encourage others and have learned incredible amounts in your few knitting years. I am glad you started!

  90. Laurie

    Happy Anniversary, Grumperina! You have inspired me, wowed me, and made me miss my old Boston stomping grounds over the years. All the best as you continue your knitting (and ok, crocheting) adventures.

  91. jenn

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never commented before, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Happy Knitaversary!

  92. Kristen E

    I think I’ve commented 5 times… some may be under “KnitItBlack”, which is my Rav name and my old blog’s name. Anyway. Congrats on 5 years! I have no idea when my knitaversary is – maybe I should just make one up and celebrate!

  93. elizabeth

    Coming out of my usual lurking status to say happy knitaversary! You’ve been a great inspiration for five years, and I hope there are many more years to come!

  94. Silvia

    It’s likely that I haven’t left 5 comments, but I always enjoy reading. Happy Knit anniversary! I totally agree about not wanting to keep track of a cable needle. Mine usually ends up in the couch cushions!

  95. denise forster

    What a grand post. I don’t know if I’ve left five comments, but perhaps I have throughout the years.

    Even your celebration post is informative.

    Simply put: you rock the knitting world.

    (And I wish I was your grandmother and had her drawer full of handknit beauties.)

  96. Natalie

    Hmm, no idea if I’ve left 5 comments, but I read you quite a bit & have knit 4 Odessas 😉 You’re also responsible for encouraging quite a few purchases of yarn & books. Congrats on your blogiversary. Your blog is one of my must-reads.

  97. Merna

    She says “thank you for reading!” I say THANK YOU for writing, Kathy! I love the mathy way you think (and have commented on that) and have been introduced to a few books and techniques through your blog.

    Who knows? I might even find my way back to crocheting again now. Congratulations!!!

  98. Coleen

    I’m terrible about commenting, so I don’t know if I managed the minimum! But I do enjoy reading your blog and wish you the happiest of fives!

  99. Bullwinkle

    harumpf! That’ll teach me to quick lurking 😉

    Congratulations on your Knitaversary! I’m always inspired by your knitting, and comforted by how your mind works. Thanks for writing!

  100. Annie

    Congrats on the five years! I hit *seven* years of blogging on July 31….got to find a good way to celebrate. BTW, I think the Pink Cardi is my favorite project of yours, too. Although the Grandma socks are fun, too!

  101. Andrea

    Since I only just found your blog since I only started knitting a few months ago and haven’t been lurking the knitting blogs for long, I doubt I’ve left the required 5 comments. But I wanted to say that in the small amount of time I’ve been reading your site, I’ve learned soooo much, and often use your site as a reference itself, or a starting point to find other references.

    So even if I can’t be in the contest, I’m a loyal reader who is very appreciative of the things you do here. Thank you!

  102. Jenn

    Happy Knitiversary! And it’s less than a week away from my real-life first wedding anniversary. Wheeeee! You’re a terribly accomplished knitter for just five years, it’s making me more than a tad jealous. Ah well, here’s hoping I’ve left five comments!

  103. gina

    not sure if i’ve left the required 5 🙂 but just wanted to say that i’m impressed at what you’ve accomplished in those 5 years! i too am at 5 years… but haven’t done quite as much 😉

  104. amy

    i’m not sure if i’ve left 5 or not, but i’ll comment to say happy bloggiversary, and thanks for sharing all of your experiences with us along the way…i think i’ve read your blog the longest out of all i follow. =]

  105. mai

    YAY!! no need to include me in the contest – i just wanted to wish you a happy knitaversary 🙂

  106. The Knitting Archaeologist

    Happy Anniversary, Grumpy! I can’t recall if I have left 5 comments, so if not, please disqualify. I know I have at least meant to, but usually someone has already said what I wanted …”gorgeous”, “pretty”, “ooohhhh”, etc:)

  107. Laura

    Congratulations! I’ve loved following along with the weighing, ripping, and knitting. Hope you’ve enjoyed blogging it as much as I have enjoyed reading it.

  108. Abby

    I think I’ve left five, although I’m not sure about that. Sea silk is awesome, but I’d like to try some other Fleece Artist, for sure. It’s hard to find around here. I got Knitters Book of Yarn for a Christmas gift from my boss (nice boss!) and while I’ve loved reading it for the info, I have yet to knit any of the patterns. There are some good ones in there too!

  109. Kathleen

    I don’t remember how many comments I’ve left but no worries…..Happy Knitaversary!! Thanks so much for all the tips, tricks, and techniques that you have shared. Weighing of the yarn or project to predict yardage and repeats has been my favorite……I use this process a lot.

  110. elaine

    i know i’ve commented before, just not sure if it’s been 5 times….

    love, love, love reading about all you knitting (and otherwise crafty) adventures! it really inspires me! keep it up!

  111. Amy S.

    Happy blogiversary, Kathy! Even if I haven’t reached five comments, I’d want to comment just to tell you the pleasure your blog has brought me. (At least one of my comments could maybe count a teeny bit extra–I’m the one who asked where the dolphins were in the dolphin lace, touching off a veritable dolphin stampede.)Knit on!

  112. candice in dallas

    i haven’t ever commented so i’m not eligible for the give-away but i just wanted you to know how much i enjoy your blog. thanks!

  113. Toby

    My gosh, we all sound like broken records don’t we? I don’t comment often, but I bet I may have left 5 over the years too. 😉

    Happy blogiversary!

  114. PammieTaj

    I don’t know if I’ve left five comments. But I will wish you a happy knitaversary. I’ve learned so much from your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  115. candice in dallas

    happy knitaversary!

    i haven’t ever commented so i’m not eligible for the give-away but i just wanted you to know how much i enjoy your blog. thanks!

  116. Mercuria

    Reading your top five lists only serves to remind me how disappointed I am that you’re not a sweater knitter. I’m disappointed in you, of course–I just wish I had more chances to observe your sweater construction. You always point out the little nuances that make or break garments, and I had learned to anticipate those tips like a dog waiting for table scraps. Thank you for sharing everything!

    Happy fifth knitaversary! May the next five years bring as much (or more) joy to you!

  117. BunnyQueen

    I don’t think I’ve left 5 comments, but I’ll pop up to say Happy Knitaversary anyway. 🙂 I like the repetition of listing/finding things in fives. For me, it’s usually sevens – I love the little mini pyramids you can make with a balanced 7.

  118. E to the M

    What a great idea for a post! And I agree with the ripping. As EZ says, you just get to do more of what you love. 🙂

    Happy anniversary.

  119. Tanis Lavallee

    It’s so interesting to learn what other knitters can’t live without. For me personally, I couldn’t live without my Denise Interchangeable needles, I don’t know what I did before I had them!

  120. Melissa

    Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and it must be said, I’ve learned so much!

  121. Nina

    I’m pretty sure I’ve left that many comments though some may be under Maegwin since that’s part of my e-mail and my Rav name. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the years. I’m sad that you don’t knit sweaters anymore because I loved how you really dug into their construction, but lately you’ve been inspiring me to give crochet a try. 🙂 Keep going strong!

  122. Seanna Lea

    Happy anniversary! (I just had to check, and I am reaching number 5 this year as well.)

    I use my digital kitchen scale for knitting much the same way you do. I usually way my leftover yarn after making a pair of socks to figure out if I can get a second pair from what’s left in the ball. Such a great little trick.

  123. Flan

    I usually lurk, but I think I’ve left at least 5 comments over the year. I’ve enjoyed your blog a great deal over the years…you’ve often provided inspiration, whether in your willingness to try new things or your detailed technique posts.

    Happy knitaversary!

  124. Roslyn

    I only just found your blog, so I don’t think I have 5 comments. But I did enjoy looking at some of your favourite things.

  125. knitalie

    I”m not sure if I’ve left five comments or not, but I read your blog quite often and really enjoy it.

    Happy Blog-iversary

  126. Donna B

    Happy knitaversary!

    Your blog is the first knitting blog I ever read, and it is still one of my favorites…. I found others thru your bloglist… and what can I say… your knitting has enriched my life!

  127. enjay

    I don’t think I’ve left 5 comments over the years (I’m pretty shy and usually don’t even read comments, much less make one! LOL) but I am going to take the opportunity to thank you for your blog. I really enjoy reading it.

  128. mollysusie

    ooooh, have I left five comments … I don’t know. but I have loved your blog and patterns and techniques for five years. here’s to five more!

  129. Jody

    I don’t comment often but I’m sure I’ve left at least 5 comments… Hehe… my birthday is the 5th – maybe that will give me good mojo.

    Happy knitaversary!!! May there be many many more years of happy knitting & sharing your wonderful tips techniques & projects with us. 🙂

  130. Claire Piper

    Happy Fifth! Five is such a great number. You were one of the first blogs I ever subscribed to. And probably the first knitting blog. I’ve only been knitting about 5 years, so you have been a great help all this time. Not sure if I have left 5 comments, since Google Reader makes that hard, but whatever.

  131. debbie

    i believe one of my favorite projects is the one inspired by the recent potholder/hotpad – i even tried the pattern you did! and i’m trying more that i’ve see from the swap….can’t believe i haven’t seen the knitter’s handbook….happy knitaversary!

  132. Terri

    Although I’ve been reading for a long while I don’t think I’ve posted very often. Even though I don’t qualify for the drawing, I’m excited for my fellow readers!

    In general I don’t like blogs but I’ve found your knitting blog to be so wonderful! I enjoy your spirit, knitting sense, and way of communicating that to your readers. Your work on those crochet squares has definitely peaked my interest in doing crochet. Its an odd, different relationship with someone who you don’t really know but through a blog. I’m happy to ‘know’ you, just the same.

    A very Happy Knitaversary and many more knitterly wishes!

  133. mari

    Happy Anniversary!

    Great post! I had forgotten about those amazing Fair Isle stockings, they are mind blowingly beautiful. I bought the The Knitter’s Handbook because of your recommendation, and it has been very useful.

  134. maryse

    happy anniversary!!!

    also i’m very proud to have had some influence on you. crocheted potholders! who knew they’d be one of your favorite projects ever.

  135. Jennifer

    Happy Anniversary! I find your love of 5’s so very interesting, and it has led me to wonder about my own need for number parity.

  136. Malin

    Happy blogiversary! 5 years is a very respectable age for a blog methinks.

    I have no idea if I’ve made five comments. Probably not but i have read your blog for years.

  137. Sarah Brown

    If I haven’t left 5 comments over the years it is still worth commenting to tell you yet again how much I enjoy reading your blog.

  138. Kelli

    I read every post, but I’m not sure that I’ve left five comments since I started reading about 3 years ago.

  139. Olivia

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been enjoying your blog for over a year now and this is my first comment. I came out of lurking specifically because I wanted to thank you for the 40% on the crochet hooks. I’ve got one Clover hook that I use for pretty much everything since I favor it by far over other types. You’d be surprised at how many things you can crochet with size f if you’re motivated to do so. Anyway I’ve been meaning to buy the set for years now. Thanks for the 40% off motivation and thanks for sharing your knitting, crocheting and yarny life with us all.

  140. Abby

    I’ve been reading your blog almost as long as I’ve been knitting (a little over a year) and I always enjoy your knitting adventures and everything you make ends up being beautiful. =) I’m not sure that I’ve left 5 comments, but if I have please enter me! I already have the Knitters’ Book of Yarn, though.

  141. Gillian

    I have no idea if I’ve left 5 comments or not. I certainly read you all the time, and enjoy it when you post. Congratulations on this Knitaversary.

  142. Fay

    Happy Penta-Knitaversary, Grumperina! Thank you for your thoughtful posts, pretty pictures, and clever patterns!

  143. TracyKM

    Happy Knitaversary! I remember the early days, LOL, and I’ll admit now, I thought you were either 1)crazy or 2)a very advanced knitter when I first read your adventures with the vintage pink cardigan. I don’t know that I’m up to 5 comments but I sure hope so because I’d love to win the Lorna’s Laces—I’ve never used it!

  144. Heather L

    Hope I’ve left 5 comments over the years! Happy KNitversary…love reading about your favorite things. Your enthusiasm for crochet (and beautiful FOs) may lure me to the dark side. Thanks!

  145. Heather Outside Boston

    I’m pretty sure I don’t meet the eligibility requirement, but I wanted to conratulate you on 5 years (I’ve been reading you for 2-3 now), and thank you for sharing your favorites — I know have some new things on wish lists and in my Rav queue.

  146. Lillie

    You are one of my five favorite bloggers! I try new ones all the time, but usually wind up dropping them for various reasons. So when I say top five, I mean one of only five. Love you!

  147. juniperjune

    Happy knitaversary! I don’t know if I’ve left five comments yet, as I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, but please enter me if I have!

  148. melissa

    Boy, I don’t know if I’ve left 5 comments or not. I’ve been reading for YEARS, but don’t comment often! But, happy anniversary – and may you write for many more!

  149. Jessica Rose

    Pretty positive I’ve left you at least 5 comments. yours is one of the only ones I leave comments on. although I have changed my email address a few times (wonders if that will hinder your ability to check… i can give you my other emails if you’d like… i dont use them anymore but i remember them).

    I love reading your blog. and you’ve come such a long way in the short 5 years you’ve been knitting. Such an inspiration.

  150. Harper

    I have no idea if I have commented 5 times since I don’t tend to comment much — and, really, you’re rewarding frequent comment-leavers not long-time readers but it’s your anniversary so you should celebrate the way you want to.

    Congratulations and here’s hoping for many more years. I’ve always found your posts to be interesting and often very informative. And your knitting abilities and output are amazing. And inspiring — I find I’m itching to become more adept at crochet since reading your potholder saga. Fingers crossed for the needle set!

  151. Kim

    Um…I think I qualify. But I can’t tell. Happy Knitiversary! Your projects and stories about your projects have inspired me for years.

  152. Nicole

    Happy Knitaversary! I’m pretty sure I’ve left at least 5 comments… 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the finished blocked shawl.

  153. Emily

    I don’t know if I’ve left 5 comments over the years, and if I have they’d be under 3 different email addys, but I do subscribe to your feed and always click through! Happy fifth knitaversary to you, and best wishes for many more!

  154. Tabby

    Congratulations, Grumperina! I love your blog, but have only been visiting for maybe one of the five years. Not sure about my comment status, either, but the prizes aren’t what matters, anyway. Very generous of you, though! May your years to come be as full of knitting and yarny-goodness as the last five have been!

  155. Judi

    I don’t think I have left five comments but I do want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. You have sucha scientific approach to things, combined with enthusiasm and willingness to stretch your comfort zone it is a pleasure to watch. happy Knitiversary!

  156. Rachel

    Hmmm, I hope I’ve left 5 comments in 5 years! I’m atmitedly a bit of a lurker, so maybe not. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! You’ve accomplished so much more in 5 years then I have in 6, but then again, I have a 4.5 year old so maybe the explains why! 🙂

  157. Donna

    Well, I have no way of checking how many times I’ve commented, but I’m fairly sure it’s 5+! Happy blogaversary, and thanks for inspiring me over and over again to try new things, knitting and crochet-wise!

  158. Clumsy Knitter

    Oh garsh, I have no idea how many times I’ve commented on your blog. But I’ll give it a shot anyway!

    Happy happy anniversary! Five years is a big one. CONGRATS!!! 😀

  159. Zita

    I don’t remember how many comments I have left on your blog. Independently, happy knitiversary to you!

  160. terhi

    Happy anniversary Kathy! Your blog is always a pleasure to read. I’ll even forgive you for not loving Koigu. 😀

  161. Marin

    Ah, you make me wish I knew exactly when my knitaversary was.

    Surely I’ve left at least five comments over the last few years and am eligible for the grand sweepstakes?

  162. erin

    Happy Knitaversary! Your posts are always entertaining and well thought out. I’ve enjoyed reading for a few years, but along with some of the others that have commented…not quite sure that I’ve hit the 5 entry mark. 😉

  163. Michele

    I’m not sure if I’ve left 5 comments in the past, but if so, I’d like to enter! Also, thanks for all the lovely photos and super excellent technical information. Your blog is a great resource for knitters.

  164. Lara

    I’m pretty sure I’ve left more than 5 comments. I hope so! We’ve been knitting for about the same amount of time, and I’m another who loves to take on a new challenge. I love to see your knitting adventures! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

  165. Jen B

    Happy knitaversary. I wish I were as accomplished as you & I’ve been knitting forever. I love the blog & love your explanations of techniques, etc. . .now I know I need a scale.

  166. Becky

    Congrats! 5 years is a long time, and you continue to have one of the best knitting blogs out there. Thank you for continuing to share your knitting trials and successes and teaching all of us along the way.

  167. Linda M

    not sure if I’ve left five comments over the years but I can say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, corresponding about the VLT scarf, and learning with and from you. Happy knitaversary!

  168. Allison

    Too bad I don’t meet the criteria: I’ve only left two comments, although I’ve read your blog every day for over a year, and use YOUR blog list as my jumping off point! In any case, I am happy for you: Happy Knitaversary!

  169. Amy

    Wow. I can’t honestly tell you how many times I’ve commented… hopefully at least 5! Happy anniversary/blogiversary!

    Thanks for a blast from the past with yarns & projects…I’m re-inspired to try the melon scarf and may spring for some seasilk, too!

  170. Joan

    I doubt I’ve left more than two or three comments so I don’t qualify for the prize draw, but I did want to wish you a happy blogiversary anyway, considering how much pleasure and information your blog has given me over the years! Bring on year six!

  171. margaux

    wow 5!! woot! congrats 🙂 I love love your blog and thank you for always being so inspiring 🙂 here’s to another 5 and beyond!!

  172. marsha

    Hmmm-5 comments, maybe, maybe not. But I want you to know that I read your blog religiously and appreciate all your efforts. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

  173. Ruth

    Congratulations on five years of blogging. I’ve enjoyed going on this journey with you for the last few years. You are the reason I HAD to try Lorna’s Laces, which is now a favorite of mine, as well.

  174. Tasha Ogryzlo

    I cannot remember if I have left 5 comments. Possibly. If I haven’t, then you can disqualify me. regardless, happy blogiversary. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously.

  175. AnnP

    You are bringing us quiet readers out of the woodwork! I know I don’t qualify but I owe you a big thanks for all your inspiration and shared knowledge. It’s all your fault that I just spent money on a scale 🙂

  176. Becky

    I am pretty sure I have left at least five comments since I started reading your blog. If I haven’t, what is wrong with me? I stop by often enough! Happy knitaversery to you! 🙂

  177. Sarah O G

    I think I’ve commented 5 times, but if not, at least I tried. I know I’ve emailed :D. Thank you, as always, for having such a great informative blog. Loooove it! Happy knitiversary!

  178. Angie

    I am always amazed at your fearless and perspicacious knitting. 5 years! I must have been knitting for 40 years and I am so far behind. Hope I have left enough comments to qualify as a loyal reader.

  179. Marji

    I haven’t kept count of my comments, so I am hoping that I have at least 5. If not, I will still continue to enjoy your blog and work my way towards 5. Congratulations!

  180. Allison

    I can’t remember how many comments I’ve left! (oops…)

    This is one of my first, and favorite, blogs to read. Congratulations on 5 years of terrific blogging!

  181. Kristie

    I’m crossing my fingers that I’ve actually typed in five comments, and not just talked to you through the screen! Happy anniversary, you’re always an inspiration!

  182. Melissa G

    I’m not sure as I’ve commented 5 times tho’ I read regularly–I’m just not verbose. However, I was wondering after looking at your favorite yarns if you have tried Malabrigo Sock yet, because the Archangel colorway looks a lot like that Fleece Artist Sock in the thumbnail.

  183. Faith

    Happy blogiversary! Thanks for listing your favorites — some of those yarns and books I haven’t encountered, but your mention assures me I need to try to cross paths with them. I, too, adore cabling w/o a needle and my trusty digital scae.

    I’m more of a lurker than a commenter, so I don’t remember if I’ve written much, but nevertheless, congratulations!

  184. Claire

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past year, but I’m not sure if I’ve left five comments. If I haven’t, no big. I really can’t believe you’ve only been knitting for five years – I figured you were a lifelong knitter or something because you’re such an amazing one – writing patterns, knitting sweaters and lace, experimenting with crochet, ack! Well anyway, good job and happy fifth!

  185. Sherri

    I have been reading your blog for a long time, but I may not have left five comments – so I probably don’t qualify for a prize and that’s OK. Just wanted to tell you on your knitiversary that your blog has been inspirational, amusing and very interesting – I’m always glad to see a new post up. Just recently you have made me want to get back in touch with my inner crocheter (I learned to do it first). And get this – we almost share a knitiversary. It was about this time – maybe exactly this time – five years ago that I knit my first garter stitch. Happy anniversary!

  186. Robin

    It’s not fair! Just because I haven’t left 5 comments over the years doesn’t mean that I’m not a loyal reader! Anyway, happy anniversary!

  187. DCLulu

    Aw crud, I’m a lurker and have been reading you so loyally, but I don’t generally comment. So I guess I’m not eligible. Boohoo, I’d love some of those items!

    But this is my chance to say, in addition to boohoo, I love your blog! It’s really my favorite knitting blog and I learn so much from you. A cable lover, I am recently converted to your no-cable-needle technique. So thanks!

  188. Erica

    Hello, I’m also not sure I’ve left 5 actual comments, so I’m glad you can check that easily. The memory isn’t what it used to be. I have so enjoyed reading your blog all these years and following your amazing progress in knitting, sewing, and crochet. You are awesome. Thank you for the wonderful blog. And the great contest!

  189. Gretch

    Yikes, now how will I remember if I’ve left 5 comments. I’ll have to build this dream on a hope! Happy anniversary. Thanks for so much inspiration.


  190. Rose Red

    I’m not sure if I’ve left 5 comments (this could well be the 5th) but I wanted to say thanks for blogging – I always enjoy reading your posts and admire your tenacity with patterns and willingness to rip (I hate frogging!) and your creativity. Thank you!

  191. Margie in Maryland

    Like many others, I have no idea whether I have left 5 comments. Whether or no, let me tell you that I have enjoyed your blog. I like your sense of humor, your use of color and seeing the FOs.

    Happy blogiversary and many more!

    M inM

  192. emmy

    Not sure about the five comments- maybe in the early years.I have read your blog from the very beginning. I think if I remember correctly that you may have been the very first knitter that Sundara dyed for.I think your blog was how I came to learn of her- just ordered some sock yarn tonight.

    Thanks for FIVE great years of writing, knitting and sharing bits of your life.

  193. not an artist

    Heh, I’m not sure I’ve left 5 comments total in the years I’ve been reading your blog. Happy knitaversery though!

    ps: I can’t believe you were able to narrow it down to just 5 favourite projects from your entire life as a knitter. I just couldn’t narrow it down that much, especially if I had as many gorgeous knits as you do!

  194. stariel

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I hope I’ve left 5 comments over the years. Your knitting is impressive, as always. 🙂

    I should check when mine is…

  195. Connie

    Your knitting is so awesome its hard to believe its only been 5 years! I’ve learned so much and often check back to review how you chose to knit some things. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, stories, learnings, and your grandma!

  196. Mizzle

    I don’t know whether I’ve left enough comments already, but I *have* been reading your blog for more than a year – not all five, though!

    I hope I qualify, but even if I don’t – happy knittaversary, and many more indeed! 🙂

  197. OzKnitter

    Happy Knitaversary and here’s to many more! I can’t believe it’s just 5 years. I always love to see what you knit, particularly when you knit socks because yours always look so much nicer than the example in the books (thinking of several Nancy Bush patterns).

  198. Audrey Law

    Happy Knitiversery! And may there be many more to come. I’m coming up on four myself.

  199. Liz T.

    I suspect that I’ve not left 5 comments so am not eligible for the draw but I still wanted to say happy knitaversary and many happy returns!

  200. Sarah

    I’m fairly sure I haven’t left 5 comments on your blog but I just wanted to thank you for #5 of Favorite Techniques… I feel validated reading it. I get no end of shit from my knitting friends for being a ripper. I can live with a certain amount of imperfection but sometimes it’s just not worth it to keep going. The next time I’m ripping during knitting group and getting crap for it I plan on saying “Grumperina does it, so there.” I may be 39 but I can totally channel my inner five year old like that.

    Also, happy knitaversery!

  201. Caroline

    Congratulations on 5 years. I can’t remember how long I’ve been reading.. at least 3 I think and I have to thank you for inspiration and some great patterns. I’ll try to stop lurking so much lately!!

  202. bfmomma

    Every year I am amazed that you’ve only been knitting X number of years. You’re an inspiration.

    And happy knitaversary!

  203. Yakira Heistand

    Oh I am just going to cry! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now as inspiration for my own, but I’ve never left a comment. And so my inaction bites me in the tush.

    I am a total ripper! I’ve ripped nearly complete projects because I simply didn’t like it. I blame and thank Leslye at Woolstock in MD. She made me rip my very first sweater (my second project ever, oh so many years ago *cough* 12 *cough*) when the gauge for the back didn’t match the front. The back was a size bigger. I almost cried, but she held my hand and said: Yakira, you’ve put time and money and love into this sweater, doesn’t it deserve your best effort? Oh boy was she right.

    I love reading your blog. When I read, it feels like we’re sitting at the same table at our favorite LYS. Thanks!

  204. Carrie

    I love reading your blog – like you use Knitting Techniques religiously, I’ve been reading your blog religiously!

    I don’t comment often, but I’m definitely a lurker!

  205. BerlinBat

    Happy knitiversary! And thanks for the inspiration you spread with every of your posts! I’ve been a reader for a long time now, but not quite sure I’m eligible though..

  206. martha in mobile

    Happy Knitiversary. I’ve been knitting 40 years and you put me to shame with your learnyosity (that’s short for eagerness to learn and generosity in sharing).

    I am amongst those who read but may or may not have left 5 comments. Hope I have!

  207. Lynn

    No idea if I’ve left 5 comments, but I think I’ve entered that many contests you’ve had!

    Congratulations on 5 years! I’ve probably read them all!

  208. Cheeri

    Congrats on 5 years! I’ve enjoyed reading close to two of them. I like your scientific take on knitting and how you disect each project you undertake and talk about each little step. I’ve learned alot from your blog. Thanks!

  209. Doris

    Congratulations on 5 years! I think I have been reading for 2 or 3 of those, but I am not sure if I’ve left 5 coments…hope I have 😉

  210. Lee Cockrum

    Happy knitiversary!! Not sure if I have left five comments or not! you are on my google reader list, and were on my bloglines list before that!

    Anyway, eligible or not, thanks for all the great posts!

  211. Jenna S

    Happy Knitiversary. Even if I haven’t left five comments, I really enjoy reading your blog (and have for the past 3 years at least).

  212. LauraSue

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who isn’t sure whether she’s commented 5 times! Probably not, but still want to say congrats for 5 years. I learn something from each and every post. I may not comment, but I DO read them all!

  213. Deborah

    Happy Knitaversary! You’ve done amazing things in five years. I’m in awe of your lace knitting, in particular. I don’t know if I’ve commented 5 times or not, but have read every post. And I bought The Knitter’s Handbook after you wrote about it. I find it a wonderful go-to book as well. Congratulations!

  214. Katherine

    Happy Knitaversary! That’s so wonderful. Though I’ve been reading your blog for two years now, I never comment, so I’m not commenting for the drawing since I don’t qualify. But I did want to say congrats! I love your blog – it is a source of inspiration!

  215. woolcat

    My email’s changed since I last commented – hope I’m still eligible cos those prizes are fab. Thanks for offering them and for all I learn from your blog!

  216. Kristen

    I love your lists! And I agree – 5 is a very pleasing number, esp when knitting it in repeats.

  217. Helen

    Happy Anniversay! I know I have commented before because I have been reading your blog for what seems like 5 years. Is it five? Well we shall see. I have even knitted a pair of Jaywalkers but never posted the picture to Ravelry because the photos were on another computer. Well I am off to friend you on Ravelry!

  218. Cirilia

    My favorite post will always be the one about your grocery cart disaster…why can I never find it…? Happy 5 year blogaversary, amazing!

  219. Samina

    Happy Knitaversary from a long-time reader but infrequent commenter. Boy, does time fly!

  220. nova

    Happy knitterversary! It surprises me that the lace leaf shawl is one of your favorite knits. It’s refreshing that one of you favoirte knits is a simler knit. I remeber those F.I. Stockings well, I am pretty sure you are the reason I (wanted to) worked up the courage for stranded knitting.

  221. Cathy

    Happy Blogiversary! I hope that I have left 5 comments on your blog; those are some great prizes! I really enjoy your blog and your projects!

    -EtownKnitter (on Ravelry)

  222. Jennifer

    Don’t know if I meet the 5 comments requirement, but I want to wish you a happy blogiversary in any case. Thank you for turning me on to Eunny Jang’s Anemoi mitten pattern, because it is the coolest thing.

  223. Marion

    Only 5 years??? Hard to believe; you are so talented. Your blog is one I read everyday but hardly ever comment. I don’t know if I’ve left 5. I guess I’ll start commenting more.

  224. Kris Van Allen

    Oh, good golly, I hope I’ve left 5 comments over the years! I do stalk you, and check in every couple of days.

    I wish I still had a grandma around to make socks for….I love that you do that!

  225. Janelle

    Hmm, not sure if I’ve left 5 comments – but I’ve surely read your blog enough! I have your “cabling without a cable needle” instructions printed and stored in my knitting bag. Thanks so much for sharing that with the world. I also read your old post about “picking up stitches the pretty way” (on a sock heel flap) long ago and have been doing it your way ever since. I totally concur that this is the best way. One thing that is on my list of things to try is the barberpole sock striping technique. Maybe in honor of your 5th knitaversary, I’ll try that one next! Thanks for a fun blog and I’ll keep reading!

  226. SallyA

    I’m pretty sure I’ve left 5 or more comments but then I’ve also emailed you separately so maybe I’m mistaken. I hope not! I’d love to win something. Happy Anniversary and thanks for holding this great give-away.

  227. Carolyn

    Well, I think I may have left 5, but I’m a hard core lurker, so who knows! But I do want to wish you happy Knitaversary! And may you have many more years of knitting happiness.


  228. Samantha

    Happy Fifth Knitaversary! My third is coming up in October–prior to that it was just crochet. I love them both, though, and your blog gave me great motivation when I started, and continues to give me great inspiration. I also appreciate how helpful you’ve been about various non-knitting related questions like where you bought your curtains and how you take your pictures. Thanks, Kathy!

  229. Amy

    I have no idea if I have left 5 comments, but I’m okay with not winning a prize!

    I just wanted to tell you what an AWESOME post! I read the entire post and as I went through, I loved it more and more!!

  230. kyla

    Happy Blogaversary! Five years is impressive. I wish I remembered when I started reading you. It was around the vintage pink cardigan, I think. Ah, thanks for keeping this blog and letting us follow your journey!

  231. Liz

    I’m sure I haven’t left the 5 – just a faithful reader! But here’s to many, many more knitaversaries with your great techniques and talent!

  232. Bonnie J

    Sorry I can’t be in the drawing. I am a VERY loyal reader just not a loyal commenter.

    But Happy Knitiversary anyway!

  233. Amber

    I’d love to be entered 🙂

    Honestly, I have no idea if I’ve posted five times or not…I tend to lurk…but since it sounds like you’ll be checking, I wanted to comment just in case 🙂

    Happy knitaversary!

  234. Marion

    Dear Grumperina, I don’t think I’ve left five comments – maybe three, and probably with a different e-mail address. Still, I salute you and send best wishes. Your information is always so helpful, and your artistry is always so inspiring! Mazal tov and THANK YOU!

  235. Chris

    OK, with these incentives, how can I NOT enter your contest. Are we supposed to say something else nice 🙂 Thank goodness the drawing is random!

  236. Louise

    I believe I’ve left 5 comments over the years 🙂

    This is the go-to blog for techniques, no doubt about it – THE best kntting posts I’ve read anywhere – comprehensive, interesting AND funny.

  237. Jenni

    Although I do not think I’ve left 5 comments over the years, I still wanted to say congratulations on 5 years of stellar blogging, outstanding knits and fantastic tutorials. Here’s to 5^5 more years (well, you get the idea)!

  238. kelli

    I have been reading your blog for many many years (since the MagKnits days), and there were many times I WANTED to leave comments, but probably chickened out. I don’t know if I have left 5 comments or not, but this time I did not chicken out because I do want you to know that your blog not only introduced me to so many cool techniques, and yarns (like Lornas Laces and Crown Mountain Sock hop!),but the books! I cannot even begin to list the books that you have brought to light for me! Oh and your beautiful projects! Okay, seriously, because of you, I recently picked up the 144 Crochet Motifs, (and I ALMOST bought that crochet hook set from JoAnn too!) and started crocheting again! You made it all look beautiful again (and not 60’s scary!). Thank you for doing what you do, and writing what you write!

  239. Haley

    Very cool way to celebrate your blogiversary. I always love the things you knit. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  240. Melanie

    Happy Knitaversary! Found your blog only recently (as I started knitting only recently…) and love reading it. And I’m currently knitting your beautiful Jaywalker socks. Yeah! 🙂

  241. Beth in Seattle

    I’m certain that I have not left 5 comments in the past 5 years. However, I want to wish you a happy knitaversary. I do enjoy reading your blog and have knit a pair of jaywalkers or two.

  242. Heather

    I’m pretty sure I’ve left more than five comments… here’s one more. The anemone mittens were/are one of my favorite projects of yours. Even though you ripped it out. Even though they aren’t (or weren’t last I checked) done. They are just so lovely!

    Congratulations on your five year knitiversary!!

  243. Kat

    Congratulations! I doubt I can enter (I rarely leave comments) but I have appreciated reading your posts for the last 2 years.

  244. kelli

    Longtime reader, sometime commenter (not sure if it’s been 5 times). Congratulations — I’ve been enjoying your posts for a long time. I was happy to finally hear your voice in an interview on a podcast recently. The internet is a fun place!

  245. Anita

    I’ve no idea if I’ve left 5 comments over the last few years, but regardless, I wanted to congratulate you. I’m always inspired when I see what you’re making, and how you continue to challenge yourself. I’ve been knitting for 2.5 years now, and if I can achieve half of what you have by the time I hit 5 years, I’ll be so proud! Happy Knitaversary!

  246. gigi

    Happy Knitiversary!

    What wonderful prizes

    What a wonderful blog

    Thanks for all the inspiriation and for all sharing so much of your experience

  247. Kathy

    Happy Knitaversary. I have no idea how many comments I left. I admire your knitting. I find it hard to believe that you have only been knitting for 5 years.

  248. laurel

    happy blogiversary! i hope a blogiversary involved some cake too. i just recently started up my own blog, i’d love if you came by for a look!

  249. Heide

    Happy knitaversary! You must have been a knitter in a former life because you display enough talent for a having fulfilled a lifetime of knitting. The Fair Isle socks are amazing.

  250. Trista

    I’m pretty sure I have not left 5 comments over the years. I’m not writing to try to be in the contest, but because this contest made me realize that you really like comments and I often hold back from writing them when there are a lot of them from others. I don’t have a blog either so it is kind of like you can’t get to know me or my knitting, but I did finally start up on Ravelry, so I am trista23 if anyone wants to see. I know this is a bit rambling, so what I most want to convey is that I really enjoy reading your blog. It is one of my check everyday blogs because even when you don’t update everyday, I enjoy seeing your great pictures again, I love your color & project combinations and your writing is so true. I really am glad you share so much with your fellow knitters, and I am even getting inspired to crochet due to your blog- I bought the set from Joanne’s (thanks for the coupon code!). Thanks Grumperina and I plan on leaving a comment more often to let you know how appreciated this blog is!

  251. Robin Fremer

    Happy anniversary. I love to read your blog and have laughed and learned with you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  252. Domina

    Thank you for inspiring all of us to keep learning and improving our knitting skills. Just look at all you’ve accomplished in 5 yrs! Way to go! I’m not sure if I’ve left 5 comments, but I do want to encourage you to keep posting b/c many people are reading and learning along with you! Thanks!

  253. Sally Hillman

    I love your posts, you ALMOST have me interested enough to start crocheting. Happy 5th Knitaversary!

  254. Teisha Priest

    I’ve been reading a while, but I’m doubting that I’ve left a total of five comments. Ah well! Happy Blogaversary anyway! (You know, July 6th would have also been my parent’s 30th anniversary. Mom died on March 3rd, so they didn’t quite make it to 30.) Still, the day has a special place in my heart. Wonderful day to start a blog! Here’s to five more years of blogging!

  255. Teyani

    Congratulations of 5 knitaversary years 😉

    Your choices of favorite yarns is an inspiration to try a few of those!

  256. Kate

    While the odds that I’ve made five comments all with the same email address are pretty slim, have a very happy knitiversary! I’ve been enjoying your blog for at least several years now.

  257. Marie

    Your blog has always been inspirational. Happy Knitaversary! I wish you many more….may your love affair with yarn never end….just like Mr. Sweetness.

  258. Jen L

    I have no idea if I’ve commented five times, but I had to say Happy Knitaversary to you! I think I’ve been reading your blog since day one. It was one of the first I found when I started. And one of the few from “back in the day” that I still read! Congrats!

  259. michel

    I have read your blog since you first began, and although I am not eligible for a prize, Happy Knitaversary anyway! I have learned so much from you and have enjoyed every entry!

  260. Kassia

    Uh oh, I don’t think I’ve left 5 comments, although I’ve been reading your blog for at least 2 years. I’m happy to congratulate you on 5 years knitting!! Can you imagine your life without knitting in it? I have been knitting for around 4 years, and I have no clue what I’d be doing if I wasn’t knitting. Anyways, Happy Knitaversary!! 🙂

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