Hello. I love you.

I was fortunate to receive my swap potholders shortly after the organizers divvied them up, and I’m beyond thrilled with the beauties I got in exchange for the potholders I made!

Of course I immediately had to note the creators of these little nuggets of art. I am actually a little surprised at myself – I didn’t think I would care as much about who made the potholders, and instead would spend all my time looking at the stitches, patterns, colors, etc. But, no, I was genuinely interested and curious about the crocheters!

  • From Maritza, a vibrant roqua square! Leave it to Maritza to choose the most lip-puckering juicy colors in the crayon box. Her square is gorgeous, including the off-white backing.
  • From Pam, something a little frilly! Remember, I myself tried a frilly square way back when (and loved it!). Pam’s square reminds me a lot of the potholders I myself crocheted – similar size, density, and feel. Naturally, it’s a winner in my book!
  • From Reve, the most delicate, intricate, miniature crocheting I’ve ever seen! Wow! I think she must have used the equivalent of laceweight yarn for this. The purple petals are three-dimensional, and the border joining the potholder’s front and back is single-ply, so it recedes ever so slightly. Amazing!
  • From Beverly, a textural sensation! The scallops of this potholder are squishy morsels of squeezable goodness, like plump ear lobes! I can’t stop pinching it between my fingers. Pinch!
  • And last, but certainly not least, from Maryse, a colorful delight! This one is definitely my favorite as far as color is concerned. The pattern is wonderfully vintage, and the crocheting is perfect, of course. There’s a reason Maryse is my crocheting guru :). I’m very happy to have one of her creations in my potholder collection.

I would report on potholder performance in the kitchen, except I have no plans whatsoever of actually using them as intended. I’m sensing five little hooks and a colorful potholder display instead :).

Huge thanks again to Adrian and Maritza, the organizers. I loved the way this swap was orchestrated, and I loved receiving five different things from five different people! You really hooked me up in this one!

P.S. If you received one of my potholders, I’d love to know! I know the orange/red/teal one ended up with Beverly, but what about the other four?!?


28 thoughts on “Hello. I love you.

  1. Judi

    I only make useful potholders and would be sad if someone didn’t use them. Maybe that’s why I don’t put hanging loops on them (that and a small fire involving a potholder hanging too close to the stove in my mother’s kitchen). If you want a really really perfectly useful potholder, crochet worsted weight cotton (szG or H hook maybe) thusly: Make a chain as long as the diagonal measurement of the desired square potholder. Chain two more stitches. Single crochet into one loop of each stitch in the chain starting in the second stitch. When you get to the end, do NOT add any extra stitches, just continue to single crochet in the single loops on the other side of the beginning chain. Just keep going around and around without increasing any stitches, at all, ever. Eventually you will have an envelope shaped pocket. fold the ends into the center (so the original chain is on the diagonal of the square), sew the opening closed with a darning needle. Presto! A very thick but flexible potholder that will not let your hands burn. Small ones work for pot lids, extra large ones work as trivets.

  2. lauren

    oh my gosh the waiting is killing me!! I was so disappointed when the mail came today with no potholders. But it is only Tuesday. Maybe tomorrow!!

  3. Jennifer

    Won’t you tell me your name? (OK – that song is now going to be in my head all day – which is a good thing since I love it)

    Love the potholders. They’re all so beautiful and colorful. What a fun exchange.

  4. maryse

    aww thanks. actually i think i should have taken my own advice and gone down a hook size when i made mine. but whatever. lesson learned.

    i’m glad you liked your batch.

    also, mine aren’t getting used either.

  5. marie in florida

    Judi’s suggestion for potholder making is sometimes call a ‘magic potholder” and made with a veaigated yarn is never the same twice . i love them and i’ve very much loved seeing the beautiful work on these potholders.

  6. Debbie

    I didn’t participate in the swap, but I followed the development of everyone’s creations. They’re all so lovely! It was nice of you to publish information about the creators of the potholders. That’s the most important part!

  7. reve

    wow! you got one of my potholders. is it weird to say I’m honored? but i am. we’re right down the street from one another (sort of, I’m in somerville) and i’ve been a fan of your blog writting and knitting for a few years now. just thought i’d say hello.

  8. Nicole

    I like the red one best! It’s a shame though that you’ll never use them… at least that’s how I would feel if I had made it.

  9. blogless grace

    These are great! I have collected potholders for years. A wall in the studio has them from the ceiling down–at one count over 40 but I weeded out duplicates so I think the wall has only 25. A straight pin is a great hanger for them. When pounded in at a downward slant it holds the potholder tight against the wall so no curling happens.

  10. Hookie, UK

    Wow what a stunning collection. Who ever thought that a seemingly simple potholder swap would turn out to produce such stunning works of art. I am not surprised you dont want to use those to hold pots.. it would be like using the Mona Lisa as a bath towel, lol.

  11. Chris

    After looking at some of the other’s potholders made for the swap, I’m proud of you for making yours all different in shape as well as color. You could have just used the same pattern and varied the colors, but that wouldn’t be our Grumperina!

  12. Chris

    Chris here again! And my face is somewhat red. Isn’t it funny how I thought each of your potholders was a different shape. I just went back and looked at your finished ones and yep, they are all the same pattern! Just goes to show you how the color can take your mind off shapes. Like when your butt is big but then you wear black, and you don’t notice it 🙂

  13. Terri

    These are all so beautiful! Watching this swap has made me interested in crochet again… something I never thought would happen. Thanks for sharing the journey!

  14. Carla

    I really love this, Kathy. I know you are a knitter first but crochet is a wonderful art of its own and sometimes I think it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. I do both crafts and love it when I see knitters and crocheters excited about each other’s amazing work. Your potholders (both the ones you sent and the ones you received) are gorgeous! Congratulations to everyone who participated in what was obviously a fun project!

  15. Seanna Lea

    So pretty! It’s nice seeing the potholders in the wild as it were.

    Mine arrived last night, but I’ve hardly had the time to do anything with them!

  16. nova

    Nice batch! I think they did such a good job putting the swap packages together! I think your kitchen will be very colorfully decorated!

  17. Basia

    The one you got from Reve is similar to one I’ve had in my kitchen for many years. It’s a red rose (in relief) on a white background with green and red accents. It’s from the 40’s – at least. Hung in my Aunt’s kitchen. I recall it from the time I was a little girl – and I’m 57 now.

    And it has never been “used”. It’s kitchen art, as are the tiny, 3D dress and pants/romper suit which were also crocheted as potholders. They hang together in my kitchen, just as they did in Aunt Mary’s.

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